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Alta Semper and Zachary Fond: A Story of One Successful Company Operating Throughout Africa

Alta Semper and Zachary Fond. You might have heard those two names being used together when talking about a successful example of private equity investments into healthcare and consumer companies in regions where such companies help improve the lives of millions.

Founded in 2015, Alta Semper Capital LLP is a private equity (PE) firm based in London, UK. It specializes in providing growth capital to businesses across emerging African markets, and Zachary Fond is the name of the man who oversees such transactions as Alta Semper’s Managing Director.

Before coming to Alta Semper Capital to fill the position of Vice President in 2016, Zachary Fond worked at UBS and Goldman Sachs’ investment banking divisions.

Here, he gained valuable advisory and managerial experience that would later let him move up the career ladder at Alta Semper.

Recent projects of Alta Semper Capital

The track record of this PE firm spans a broad scope of significant projects carried out throughout North Africa and Sub-Saharan Africa.

These include the 2017 investment in Macro Pharma – a leading Egyptian cosmeceutical brand, the 2018 partnership with ODM, Morocco’s renowned oncology, radiology, and diagnostics platform, and the widely publicized deal with HealthPlusNigeriaLagos – Nigeria’s biggest chain of pharmacies and health-screening stores that Alta Semper began subsidizing in 2018.

Below is a quick rundown of Alta Semper’s core roles and ultimate business mission:

  • Aggregating capital from individuals to create a private equity pooled investment fund that supports Africa-based companies and brands with strong growth potential.
  • Identifying attractive investment opportunities across the African continent and evaluating companies with a massive capacity for development and expansion. 
  • Providing expansion capital and managerial support to enterprises and acting as a go-to ally for driven, skilled, and -oriented businesspeople.

Unlike other private equity companies that seek an almost-immediate return on their investments, Alta Semper is keen on helping businesses that can have a useful and relevant impact on the lives of ordinary people fulfill their best potential through establishing a long-term and committed partnership.

Alta Semper & HealthPlusNigeria: a fruitful collaboration made to last

HealthPlusNigeria is the country’s pioneer integrative pharmacy and the most rapidly-growing drugstore chain in West Africa.

The company that offers healthcare and beauty products is said to be present in 11 out of 36 of the country’s states and owns just under 100 retail outlets in conveniently-positioned locations like residential districts, airports, and strip malls, providing for over 850 employees.

In 2018, HealthPlusNigeria also became one of the healthcare businesses that Alta Semper Capital chose to invest $18M+ in.

Under the agreement, the investment money was to go towards growing physical retail store locations, opening warehouses in downtown business districts around Nigeria, uncovering new wholesale distribution options, and supporting promising e-commerce initiatives.

Thanks to Alta Semper’s strong dedication to and years-long experience in supporting healthcare sector businesses around Africa, HealthPlusNigeria hopes to quickly achieve its key aim of delivering top-notch and affordably-priced health products and services for the people of Nigeria and beyond. 


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