Some Habits That Can Expose You To The Risk Of Cancer

Ignorance, experts say it’s a disease, there are numerous habits and activities we get ourselves in which makes us stand a greater chance of cancer. Here’s a rundown of the common habits.

Night Duties and Shift

It’s obvious you will be get little or no sleep while on night duties, and lack of sleep can reduce or decrease body system immunity and low level inflammation.

With these as deficiency you are prone to the risk of cancer. Although more research is still ongoing to prove this claim one hundred percent.

Where possible and you have the opportunity to, it’s always advisable for you to choose the morning shifts, so you can have enough sleep at night.


Living a Sedentary Lifestyle

By being sedentary I mean living an inactive life, staying at a position or vicinity, sitting around, lazing about etc.

Although sicknesses can constituent to a sedentic lifestyle but if you’re all right and strong don’t be physically inactive.

Journal of the National Cancer Institute claims this inactivity can lead to obesity, cardiovascular disease and cancer.

Exercising is one of the major ways of doing away with sedentary lifestyle. Exercise aids the body systems and organs to carry out some of their activities with speed, it serves as a catalyst.

Living Overweight

This goes along with being sedentary and it is something you need to be aware of. According to the National Cancer Institute, obesity has been associated with increased risks of esophagus, pancreas, colon and rectum, breast, kidney, and thyroid cancer.

Having Oral Sex

While oral sex is awesome sex routine, it’s also has a great potential of exposing you to orapharyngeal cancer ie cancer in the neck and throat. This can be cause the human papillomavirus a sexual transmitted disease.

This virus causes abnormalities in cells and if not properly treated it can lead to cancer. The prevention or cure of an infection of this kind is not yet standard but using dental dams will lower the chances of passing or contracting the infection.

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