Firefox Opens Multiple Tabs Uncontrollably

Whether you’re wondering, “why Firefox opens multiple tabs uncontrollably,” “how do I stop Firefox from opening new tabs automatically?” or “how do I stop unwanted websites from automatically opening in Firefox”, the bottom line is, you are tired of the automatic operation while you surf pages on the net.

The latter is undesirable and as such, it can affect your level of productivity while you work or enjoy content on the net.

Imagine having to spend over 30 minutes battling with replicated pages, not only does it become annoying, there’s your internet data to consider

So, is there a way to stop multiple tabs from opening uncontrollably?


In this post, we have outlined several measures that will restore the seamless performance of your web browser.


What Causes Multiple Windows Opening Uncontrollably on Firefox

Before a solution can be found to the problem of “Firefox opens multiple tabs uncontrollably”, the root cause has to be known and as such, the same is applicable here when it comes to the unusual behavior on your computer.

Several reasons can be attributed to tabs automatically opening in firefox and some of them have been outlined below:


1. Malware:

The first and major culprit to of Firefox opening random sites is as a result of a malware attack

An attack of this kind is capable of hijacking your browser and generally, computer. Its effect is then seen in the disturbing mode of operation.

Likewise, your computer can be infected as a result of visiting certain web pages which automatically download cookies and add-ons that may have a negative impact on your system

These kind are even more prevalent on free download or torrent websites.


2. Error in Settings:

On the other hand, your browser’s operation may be normal due to the default or modified settings.

One of such is the restore session option which ensures that previously accessed pages are automatically loaded on startup.

There are several other options you can tweak in order to get a desirable performance.


3. Browser Problems:

This is another culprit which can even open two tabs when a link is clicked and as such, an update to a newer version of the software may be required.

The one in use may be encountering several bugs which have affected its ability to give you seamless operation and has led to the duplicated pages.


How Do I Stop Unwanted Websites from Automatically Opening in Firefox?

Here’s the part where we show you how to prevent Firefox from opening tabs uncontrollably.

These are easy steps that will get your browser up and running in no time.

Thus, if you are an entrepreneur who prefers the user interface on Firefox to that of Chrome, Opera, Safari, and other browsers, you can restore the performance of your favorite browser.

Therefore, consider doing the following:

  • Clear cache and cookies
  • Start a new Firefox session
  • Restart Computer and Web Browser
  • Refresh Firefox or Restore to Default State
  • Check for Malware
  • Change Content Type
  • Reset Actions for all Content Type


1. Clear cache and cookies:

Getting rid of some malicious cookies can restore normalcy to your web browser.

In this case:

  • Click on the Menu Button
  • Click on ‘Options’

Firefox Opens Multiple Tabs Uncontrollably

  • Goto the section ‘Privacy and Security’
  • Scroll down to ‘Cookies and site data’ session
  • Finally, make a selection to clear your cookie and cache

Firefox Opens Multiple Tabs Uncontrollably

Keep in mind that doing this will also get rid of username and passwords that have been saved on the browser to aid easy login on web pages.


2. Start a new Firefox session:

You can also try to start a new session by accessing your computer’s Task Manager and ending the current task of the app.

Before then, you may have to :

  • Options menu
  • In the section ‘General’
  • Uncheck ‘Restore previous’ session in General Menu

This is to prevent the tabs from reloading automatically after killing the process in the taskbar and relaunching the internet browser.

Next, search your task manager and stop the apps processes for the time being.


3. Restart Computer and Web Browser:

The next thing you’re going to do to resolve this issue is to close the web browser entirely and then restart your computer.

This process is the simplest but it can go a long way to prevent the repeated launch of empty tabs on your web browser.

If the problems are fixed in this case, then you can attribute the issue to the error encountered by the browser during its operation.


4. Refresh Firefox or Restore to Default State:

This step is necessary especially if you have just downloaded third-party add-ons on the web browser which could be malicious.

A number of these widgets come with features whose processes run in the background and may tamper with the smooth operation of your browser.

However, there are cases where these add-ons were not manually installed by you, as is the case of Mysearch malware.

The latter hijacks your computer, changes the default search engine, displays pop up ads, and several other annoying features.

  • First, go to Menu
  • Click on ‘Options’
  • Scroll down to ‘Extensions & Themes’
  • Remove or disable any suspicious addon

In order to restore or reset Firefox,

  • Click on the ‘Help’ menu
  • Launch ‘Troubleshooting Information’

  • Click on ‘Refresh Firefox’ and the process will begin

The browser will relaunch on completion and you can go ahead to set your desired preferences in the ‘Options‘ Menu.


5. Check for Malware:

While you may have successfully removed the addon such as from your web browser, it may have infected your computer as well.

Thus, it’s only a matter of time before it tries to corrupt files on your computer and thus, a reloading web browser, in this case, maybe the least of your worries.

Therefore, the use of an Antivirus scanner will be useful in this aspect and you can resort to a scanner such as the HitManPro.

HitManPro offers a free trial period of 30 days after registering an account. The application scans every file on your system using its latest updated database.

That being the case, it does a better job than some antivirus.

To also prevent this from happening in the near future, download the free or premium version Malwarebytes and that ensures that any malicious URL is blocked.


6. Change Content-Type:

One more solution that is just as effective, is changing the action of the content type which the browser uses.

If you have already made changes to the default, then it can also load empty tabs on your browser.

To eliminate these operations,

  • Click on the hamburger menu button and select the ‘Options’
  • You may also want to access the Options page by Clicking on the ‘Settings’ gear icon
  • Navigating to ‘General’
  • Scroll down to the section ‘Applications’ where the message “Choose how Firefox handles the files you download from the web or the applications you use while browsing.” is displayed.

C:\Users\Visitor\Documents\Newsng\New folder\Firefox Opens Multiple Tabs Uncontrollably.jpg

From the drop-down menu, you can make changes to certain files and in this case, you should be on the lookout for files that have a negative behavior while your surf.

Three options are provided for each file, ‘Preview in Firefox’, ‘Always Ask, and ‘Save file’

  • Thus, For any content you are unsure of, select the option ‘Always ask’
  • For PDF files that are causing a problem when viewed on Firefox, select the option ‘Preview in Firefox’.
  • Finally, close the page and your settings will be saved automatically.


7. Reset Actions for all Content Types:

It is not usual to miss the particular file that may be causing the error, that it is why it may be needful to reset the actions for all content types.

To do this, access the profile folder, delete a particular file, close the application and then restart the Firefox.

Now follow these steps:

  • Click on the Hamburger menu button
  • Select ‘Help’ and then ‘Troubleshooting information’
  • Upon the about:support page’s launch, check the first section which is ‘Application Basics’ 
  • Click on the option ‘Open folder’ next to Profile Folder
  • Delete the file whose name is handlers.json on the popup page that opens.
  • Next, select the browser’s menu button
  • Click on ‘Exit’
  • Finally, restart Firefox.

Other profiles that may be responsible for the reloaded pages are sessionstore.js, and sessionstore.bak

If there are errors in such files, then they can cause an issue. Thus, you can also delete those two if the problem persists.

The same can be said for sessionstore-##.js where the ## represents the number in the code and deleting this as well will close all the tabs that have been loaded on the web browser.


Those are the simple steps that will enable you to stop Firefox multiple tabs uncontrollable behavior.

You no longer have to waste your data, memory space, and battery on tabs you don’t need just by following each of the steps detailed below.

Moreover, they may come in handy when you need to find your way out of this problem or even help out a friend or colleague.

Nonetheless, if you encountered any issue while trying out each of these steps, we’ll like to help you out.

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