Why Football Is Considered The Most Popular Sport

It’s obvious and unarguable that football is the most popular game in the world of sports.
But what actually makes it outdid other sports?
We have highlighted some points below.


The passion surrounding the sport is something else, the crowd it pulls, the unity it brings, the ‘craziness’ it bestows on it fans etc cannot be compared to other sport.

I once read a story on how a cheating girlfriend decided to hide her secret lover in the wardrobe because her real boyfriend was in sight, when the boyfriend entered the room he decided to sit and watch a football match between his team and another, probably this was the reason he came back home soon.

As the match was on-playing, his team scored and he jumped up in celebration, then the guy – his girlfriend’s secret lover – that was hiding in the wardrobe came out to celebrate the goal too because he (the girlfriend’s secret lover) was also a big fan of the team who scored, they hug each other and sat together and continue watching the match. 😂

The story may be fictional, but that’s the passion I’m talking about.
It can bring different races or people of non equal backgrounds together, that’s unity.

We’ve also seen or heard a big fan of a club staking his car, house, etc because of football, others ‘declaring’ drinks for people to drink because his club won, some swimming in gutters as a celebration of his club’s victory.

That’s the passion and craziness I’m referring to.
No other game in the world of sports has this kind of passion, addiction and enthusiasm ( I stand to be corrected though).



The sport can be played by ‘everyone’.
Irrespective of your status, background, height, age, physique, etc you can play this game. It’s not like some sports that is highly selective when it comes to players.

Chess will talk about people with high intellect, Taekwondo will say you need to be very flexible, Basketball will tell you if you’re tall you have a greater advantage, boxing in the other hand will advise you to build up your body. etc
But football can be played by virtually everybody.


One trophy 🏆 won can change your life 😂,
It’s highly paying compare to sports, so it yields a lot cash to those who takes it as profession.
Among the most paid athletes in the world, footballers are on top of the list.


The beauty of the sport is exceptional, some countries known for some special tactics (eg Germany known for ball control, Brazil known for skill).

The passing, heading, free kicks, penalty, formation and dribbling(choi I can remember Okocha and Kanu of Nigeria when it comes to dribbling).

The back flip, cartwheels, dancing, sliding, etc during goal celebration is another beautiful thing.
Indeed this sport is a beautiful game.


The sport is need literally nothing to play it, on the streets of Nigeria you can see children playing cans or unripe orange as ball.
You can play it inside a room with your kid or pet, within the compound with neighbors etc.
It need no special equipment to get started.

The Sport is easy to understand and has a non dynamic and simple roles which is also easy to understand, apart from offside that maybe a little tricky. Personally I don’t even know when a ball is say to be offside 😂.

In Summary I will say we have only two sports in the world i.e Football and others. haha crazy right?

As I said earlier, I stand to be corrected.
Do you have any controversial opinion or you concur to this? Use the comments section below and let us know your take on this.

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