How to Get Shudder on Apple TV

how to get shudder on Apple TV

There have been lots of request pertaining to how to get and some reasons can be attributed to it.

Given that this is a service that caters to movies which have lots of fans worldwide, then it does not come as a surprise.

On the other hand, there are services such as the Amazon Prime TV, Roku Streaming Stick, Samsung All cast Dongle, Netflix and several others which provide a device or app you can stream a variety of movies from.

However, Shudder does it differently since it has been tailored to lovers of some good old scary movie that is not only out to entertain, but give you a nightmare and make the hair of the back of your neck stand.

It is also worthy to note that you can watch Shudder a month on a number of devices ranging from 4th generation, Vizio TV, , iPad, HDTVs, and several other devices you wouldn’t have thought possible.

Unarguably, your major concern at this point is how to get, watch, download, or cancel shudder on Apple TV and in either case, we’ve got you covered.

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What is Shudder?

Shudder is a streaming service whose majority of movies are classified as horror and thriller movies as well as exclusive premieres.

That being the case, this is a U.S. based service owned by AMC networks and it has been specially designed for those who want something that can make their skin crawl during the day or at night.

If you’re one of those, then this is a service you might come to like and given the high number of searches it has gotten on Facebook, Reddit, and several other social bookmarking sites, we believe that you’re not entirely alone.

What exactly makes it exceptional?

This network service promises movies in the best quality ranging from TV series to Originals.

The same can be said about Vampire movies, 70’s and 80’s favorites, and so on.

There are also collections from reputable actors such as Kumail Nanjiani, Barbara Crampton, and Rob Zombie.

On the other hand, Shudder streaming service is not free since a monthly subscription has to be paid for its continued usage. The latter can be attributed to the fact that Shudder costs about $4.99/month or $49.99/year.

Now that you have all these in mind, how then can you get this service if you’re in Canada, the UK, and Ireland, or U.S. regions such as New Jersey, Washington, and the likes?

Read on to find out!


Advantages of Shudder and Other Streaming Services

Are there reasons why you should let go of the traditional cables you have running around your home to watch movies and go for streaming similar content on the internet?


The answer can be backed by the following advantages of choosing streaming via wireless connectivity over the use of cables:


1. Flexibility:

In 2019 and prior to this time, people have given up on the use of cables for streaming services which can be tailored to meet their own time and schedule.

Think about it this way, you do not have to miss what was shown on your favorite channel or append your time to meet theirs because you can still watch that series at your leisure time thanks to the innovation of the internet.

In the same vein, you can watch these movies from a range of devices including smartphones and tablets instead of being limited to your television.

The latter means that while on the go, traveling, in the office or hanging out with friends, you can tune out the world around you to get the best movie watching experience.


2. Large movie collections:

The large movie collection offered by these streaming services makes them a must-have.

Despite what is being shown on cable, occasionally, there will repetition and that may not really be what you want.

What happens if your service provider is showing a TV Series you’re not the least interested in, most likely you’ll be forced to watch it especially if you’ve got nothing else to do.

Alternatively, streaming services can come to the rescue because they give you the freedom to watch whatever you want and drop those you’ve lost interest in.

And the best part is, each of these services has a library which holds hundreds of movies in different genres and that can be said about Netflix.

Where does Shudder come in – in this case?

It serves you the time of scouting through these libraries to find horror movies given that most if not all movies you’ll find on the platform are of this type of genre.

Now that you know what you stand to benefit from these streaming services, let’s show you how to connect Shudder to your Apple TV.


How Much Content Does Shudder Offer?

Unarguably, before you dish out your hard-earned cash for a streaming service you’ve only heard about and probably never used, you may want to be informed of the content that you stand to benefit from a subscription.

On Shudder, popular movies such as Stillborn, psycho, Alien intruders, flesh-eating frenzy, a comedy of terrors and several others can be found.

There’s also the benefit of streaming for 24 hours every day of the week and as such, there are really no limitations to the level of experience you can gain from using this service.

Other than movies, there are also documentaries to look forward to and one of such which was recently added to the platform centers around why things which scare us tend to attract us the most.

Now if you’re intrigued to know that as well, here’s one more thing that may just make your day and help you think twice the next time it seems you’re something scary has captured your attention.


How to Get Shudder on PlaymoTV

First of all, you need to sign up for a playmoTV account if you are not already a user of this service. The registration can easily be done on Facebook.

Alternatively, you can also carry out the registration process of the Shudder website itself and once that is done, you can then link the Shudder to your TV.

In terms of the subscription, you will be unable to do that using a credit card, instead, you will have to rely on the US iTunes or Amazon Prime account either of which will get you started with the service.

For Amazon Prime, an addon has been provided to make the latter possible.


How to Get Shudder on Apple TV

To get Shudder on Apple TV, you will need to download the app for AppleTV.

The step simply involves searching for the app on the iTunes store and downloading it.

Once the app is downloaded, it can be logged into to watch movies if the user already has an account of the Shudder.

However, if an account has not been set up already, then a subscription on your AppleTV will have to be purchased by directly buying from Apple using your Apple ID.

Once the account has been set and you are able to sign up, you can then proceed to access your email to click on the confirmation message that was sent.

A new user password will have to be set and then access to the login page will be made available.

However, if your Apple TV has not been set up prior to this time, follow the steps below:

  • Turn on your Apple TV
  • Once it is on, navigate to ‘Settings’

how to get shudder on Apple TV

  • Click on ‘Network’

how to get shudder on Apple TV

  • Here, you can choose between Wi-Fi or Ethernet, make the selection Wi-Fi

  • Reselect the option WiFi network and make a selection
  • Then continue
  • You’ll be prompted with other internet connections, settle for the option ‘Configure DNS’

  • Confirm if  “Configure IP” has been set to ‘Automatic’, if not, make changes to it.
  • Return to the option ‘Configure DNS’, select the option ‘Manually’
  • Enter the following settings to configure the DNS
  • After submitting the Settings, you will be led to the WiFi Configuration screen.
  • Click on ‘Menu’ to return to the General part of Settings
  • Finally, click on the iTunes store and login if you have an account
  • In order to start streaming to your Apple TV, you also need to select a Location which will activate a US streaming app



These are the simple steps on how to download Shudder on Apple TV which will get you started with one of the best streaming services that have been made available in 2019.

The best part is, you can enhance your level of entertainment at work, school, or while hanging out with friends.

It is also exciting to know that you are looking at a service that is specific to the horror genre and as such, you do not have to spend hours scouring the net to find the most thrilling movie out there.

Moreover, its operation is similar to the Amazon TV and Samsung All share dongle, thus, if you’re used to the interface of the latter, you should be able to navigate around this one as well.

If that’s what you look forward to, then you can check out one of these apps that promise to make your day a less boring one.


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