How to Transfer Videos from Computer to iPhone

Outlined in this post, is how to transfer videos from computer to without iTunes.

Whether you are using the iPhone 6, 7, or 8 as well a Windows 10 laptop, then you can transfer videos between either device with or without resorting to the use of iTunes.

That being the case, the TV shows, Movies, Songs, and other files that are stored on your PC can be a part of your phone which holds a promise of enhancing your level of entertainment while on the go.

While all these sound good, it does not take the shape of just copying files from a computer to phones.

In the case of the latter, all that is needed is a USB cord, Bluetooth, or File transfer application in order to pair both.

So, why is different when it comes to the iPhone?

It is because the smartphone is selective of video formats where only MP4, M4V, and MOV are supported whereas MKV or AVI are not supported.

That means not all videos on your PC will be compatible on the phone.

But with our tutorial today, that is bound to change and you’ll be able to sync videos from computer to iPhone.


Why You Should Know How to Transfer Movies from PC to iPhone

Are there any reasons why you should attempt to make a copy of the videos you have purchased from iTunes, a part of your smartphone?


Here are some reasons why you should be geared with this knowledge:


1. Remove restrictions:

As earlier mention, iPhone has a limited file format which it can play and this brings a lot of limitations.

On a computer, you can easily find an application that provides the compatibility of formats which the hardware maker does not support.

Now, the same cannot be said about the iPhone.

If you intend moving those videos to a phone, then this tutorial becomes needful.


2. Enhance your level of entertainment:

Unarguably, you will not always have your laptop or computer with you. But it’s a different ball game with your phone since you can take it just about anywhere.

Therefore, your level of entertainment at school, work, or while traveling can be enhanced.


How to Transfer Videos from iPhone to iCloud

Now that you know how to receive multimedia files stored on your computer on the iPhone, you may want to move these files from your smartphone to Apple’s iCloud.

iCloud is a cloud storage service which allocates certain free memory storage to users of iPhone, iPad, , Mac and other devices launched by Apple.

Thus, you can have a saved copy of these files which will be accessible in any other Apple device you have access to.

If prior to this time you have already synced iTunes photos to iPhone, you will get the display message ‘Photos and Videos Synced from iTunes will be Removed.’

That will mean that photos and videos which are synced from your computer will remain on PC and be removed from your smartphone.

On the other hand, this will not be the case if iCloud is turned on your iOS devices.

To begin, ensure that you have the latest version of the iCloud stored on your device. In the case of a Windows PC, you can download the iCloud for Windows.

Next, you will need to set up iCloud on all your devices.

To do this,

  • Access
  • Log in using your Apple ID and password
  • Turn on the Wifi connection on your device and connect to a source
  • On your iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch, then Navigate to ‘Settings’
  • Goto ‘iCloud’
  • Click on ‘Photos’
  • Select ‘iCloud Photos’


How to Transfer Videos from PC to iPhone with iTunes

In this part, we will be focusing on how to transfer videos from computer to iPhone using iTunes which is Apple’s official media player.

It allows for multimedia files to be managed on the iPhone, iPod touch and even the iPad. Moreover, the transfer process is fast.

Thus, to do this,

  • Connect your smartphone to the computer using a USB cable
  • On connection, iTunes will be automatically launched and if it doesn’t, open it manually
  • Next click on ‘File’
  • Select ‘Add Files to Library’

  • Click on all the videos on your computer which you want to copy to phone
  • Add these videos to the iTunes Library
  • Select the iPhone icon on iTunes, and select ‘Movies Library’
  • Proceed to sync the movies and select the option ‘Apply’

This begins copying the files on PC to iPhone and they will be accessible on any of your devices.

However, videos which you hadn’t selected to be copied may be permanently deleted.


How to Transfer Movies from PC to iPhone Without iTunes

In this part, you will be able to move those videos from iTunes on your computer to your smartphone and we’ll be employing a third party application.

  • First Download the app iMazing on your Mac or PC
  • Launch the app and connect your iPhone to a computer
  • In the application sidebar select the option ‘iOS device’ 
  • Next, click on ‘Apps’
  • Navigate to the file sharing section on iTunes
  • Link to the app which you want to use in sending the files
  • Select ‘Add’ and click on ‘File’
  • Select the option ‘Add’ again
  • Any videos you copy can be found on the ‘Documents’ folder on the iMazing application.
  • From the folder, you can delete videos which you do not want again using the Delete toolbar on the application.

And that’s all it’ll take to move files between both devices. iMazing ensures that you can drag and drop videos from your computer to the iPhone.

You can also take advantage of Wifi Transfer to send files between both devices.

Keep in mind that while this application will enable you to play videos of any format thanks to the VLC player that has also been built into the app, there may still be some limitation.

However, all files will be copied even though the app is unable to specify which one can and can’t be played.



After following the steps on how to transfer videos to iPhone without iTunes free, you should be able to get the same level of entertainment on your computer on Phone.

Whether its cartoon, football, wrestling, TV songs, music videos, or your favorite Opera, each of these can be nearer to you thanks to the capability of your smartphone.

Thus, you get to lift off the limitation on the phone which prevents certain files from being played.

So, were you able to get the first set of files on your computer to iPhone? Let us know.

We’ll also like to help you out where you may have faced difficulties.

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