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Can Rabbits Eat Paper?

Have you ever wondered if rabbits can eat paper, cardboard, or newspaper?

You’re just at the right place. Knowing what is safe and what is unsafe for your bunnies is very important if you want to rabbits to live long and healthy.

In this article, we will discuss the safety measures, potential risks, and preventative measures associated with rabbits eating paper.

Rabbit Dietary Needs

In their natural habitat, Rabbits primarily live on a diet rich in grasses and hay, supplemented by various leafy greens.

A healthy, balanced diet for a domestic rabbit should attempt to replicate this natural feeding habit.

Hay, which is high in fiber, should form most of their diet, supplemented with fresh vegetables and some specially formulated rabbit pellets.

Fruits, being high in sugar, should only be provided sparingly as treats.

Maintaining a rabbit’s diet closely aligned with its natural food intake is the key to ensuring its overall health and longevity.

Can Rabbits Eat Paper?

We do not recommend it as part of their diet.

Different papers, ranging from newspaper to cardboard, can potentially impact a rabbit’s health.

The paper itself might not be inherently dangerous, but the additional components present in it could pose a potential risk if ingested by rabbits.

We will further explain this in the subsequent sections.

The Composition and Safety of Paper

Paper, a seemingly innocuous material, is primarily composed of cellulose fibers derived from wood pulp.

However, several additives may be included during the manufacturing process to enhance the paper’s properties.

These additives range from harmless fillers to potentially harmful substances like certain inks or chemical coatings.

Consequently, while the paper itself might not be inherently dangerous, the additional components present in it could pose a potential risk if ingested by rabbits.

Why Do Rabbits Eat Paper?

Given their natural diet, one might wonder why rabbits are inclined to eat paper.

This behavior can be attributed to their inherent curiosity and instinctual drive to explore their environment.

Their primary means of exploring new objects is through their mouths, leading them to chew on things they encounter, including paper.

So, while it might seem like your rabbit is attempting to eat paper, they mostly indulge its instincts to chew and investigate its surroundings.

Potential Risks of Rabbits Eating Paper

Rabbits eating paper can lead to some potential risks.

The most significant concern is the potential for gastrointestinal blockage if they consume substantial amounts of paper.

Rabbits have a delicate digestive system, and a blockage could lead to serious health complications.

Also, ingesting toxic substances like certain inks or chemical additives in the paper can negatively impact your rabbit’s health.

Training Rabbits Not To Eat Paper

The good news is rabbits are somewhat trainable animals, and one can employ various tactics to discourage them from eating paper.

Positive reinforcement techniques can be pretty effective, such as treating them with fruit or vegetables when they avoid paper.

Similarly, providing appropriate alternatives to paper for them to chew on and directing them toward these alternatives can create a positive pattern of behavior.

Should Rabbits Be Allowed to Chew on Paper?

The question then arises, should rabbits be allowed to chew on paper?

Under supervision and ensuring the paper contains no harmful substances, rabbits may be allowed to chew on paper.

However, you should closely monitor this activity to prevent the rabbit from consuming the paper, as chewing might turn into eating if not carefully supervised.

Safe Chewing Materials for Rabbits

There’s a wide array of safe alternatives to paper for your rabbit to chew on.

Rabbit-safe toys made of untreated wood, hay-based products, and other approved materials can be excellent options.

These safe chewing materials provide a means for rabbits to satisfy their natural urge to chew and contribute to their dental health.

Regular health checks are essential for any pet, and rabbits are no exception, especially if exposed to potential hazards like paper.

Pay close attention to changes in behavior, eating habits, or waste production, as these could indicate health issues.

In case of any concerns, consult with a vet.

Rabbit Chewing Habits

Rabbits have a natural propensity to chew, an essential behavior for maintaining their dental health as their teeth continually grow throughout their lives.

Providing your rabbit with safe and suitable materials can satisfy their instinctual chewing needs while ensuring their safety and well-being.


Here are some frequently asked questions.

Do Rabbits Like Chewing On Paper?

Yes, rabbits often enjoy chewing on paper. It can provide a safe and fun outlet for their need to gnaw and shred materials.

Is Toilet Paper Safe For Rabbits?

Yes, toilet paper is safe for rabbits to chew on, but not to eat in large quantities. The toilet paper roll (the cardboard part) can also be a fun and safe chew toy.

Why Is My Rabbit Eating Plastic?

Your rabbit might be chewing on plastic out of boredom or because it likes the texture. However, plastic is not safe for rabbits to ingest.

If your rabbit is chewing on plastic, you should remove the plastic items from its area and replace them with safer chew toys.

Can Rabbits Eat Cardboard?

Rabbits can safely chew on cardboard, but it should not form a significant part of their diet. If they’re eating large amounts, limiting access and providing more appropriate chew items is better.

Can Rabbits Eat Brown Paper Bags?

Yes, rabbits can chew on brown paper bags.

As with cardboard, they shouldn’t ingest large amounts, but chewing and shredding these can provide good enrichment.

Can Rabbits Eat Paper Towels?

While it’s safe for rabbits to chew on paper towels, it’s not good for them to eat in large quantities.

If your rabbit is eating paper towels, try to limit their access to them and provide appropriate alternatives for chewing.

Rabbit Eating Paper Bedding

If your rabbit is eating its paper bedding, it might not have enough hay or other appropriate food and chew items.

While the paper isn’t toxic, eating large amounts isn’t suitable for a rabbit’s digestive system.

Ensure your rabbit has plenty of hay, which should make up most of its diet.

What Can I Give My Rabbit To Chew On?

Rabbits need to chew to keep their teeth healthy.

Give them hay, wooden chew toys, untreated willow or apple tree branches, cardboard tubes, or untreated wicker baskets.

Ensure the items are safe and untreated with any chemicals or paints.


Rabbits can eat paper, but we do not recommend it due to potential health risks.

Provide rabbits with a safe and nutritious diet closely aligned with their natural food intake, and satisfy their inherent need to chew safely.

Regular health checks and behavioral training ensure your rabbits avoid consuming harmful substances like paper.

We hope this article helped you know if rabbits can eat paper. If you have further questions, comment below, and we will answer them.

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