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180+ Religious Christian Wedding Anniversary Wishes

In this article, we have put together the best wedding anniversary blessing wishes, Christian wedding anniversary wishes for husband, wedding anniversary blessings and prayers, thanking god anniversary messages, bible verses for celebrating a wedding anniversary, Christian wedding anniversary quotes for husband, happy anniversary god bless you both, Christian wedding anniversary wishes to daughter and son in law, etc

Religious Christian Anniversary Messages

Our sweet Lord made you two as an example for the rest of us. I wish you live forever until we forget to count your anniversaries. Happy wedding anniversary dear!

Even after all these years, whenever I see you two, I can see the eternal rays of love God is sending from heaven. May this last forever! Happy anniversary!

Over the years we have become wiser and know the importance of marriage, I love you with all my heart and my prayer this day is that our love may even grow stronger to conquer all that we shall face.

Just the other day we witnessed you take you vows, you were young and jubilant. You have stuck together through all the challenges you faced and you have become triumphant to see a day when you will celebrate you wedding anniversary. God bless you as you look forward to this day.

Marriage is an institution where two different people come together and live together forever. It gives me joy to see how far you have come without much disagreement, may your union be blessed more as you celebrate your wedding anniversary.

I still have confidence that God exclusively selected you for me. We cannot claim that our marriage has been perfect but even in disagreements we have a way to forgive and move on. God has been our guide, happy wedding anniversary and cheers to many more

May God’s hand continue to guide and see us through, to help us celebrate more wedding anniversary

God has been faithful to bless with a happy union. He has been the strong third cord that has kept us together in times when it was difficult to do so. Happy wedding anniversary

Thank you for being a valued friend, lover, advisor, faithful partner and a true blessing from heaven. Every day I count you as most treasured gift in this world. Happy wedding anniversary

Years ago, two holy souls were bonded together in a holy Christian ritual. Today I’m wishing them a happy wedding anniversary. May God shower you with joy and love for the rest of your life.

You have passed the test of time, survived together all these years. Don’t stop here. Keep showing the world what wedding means for a devoted Christian. God bless you!

Happy wedding anniversary to the most beautiful Christian couple ever. Wish you many more years together. May God be with you for eternity!

You are the perfect Christian couple I have ever seen. On this special occasion, I want to wish both of you a happy forever together!

Only love in its truest form and the blessings of Lord Jesus can make a marriage so happy. I am honored to be around to see both of you together all these years. Happy wedding anniversary!

Today I made a special prayer for you: that the Lord will walk with you, carry the both of you in a situation when you are unable to walk in His footsteps. May the candle of love in your hearts continue to glow every day, Happy wedding anniversary

Happy wedding anniversary to you, surely the Lord has walked with you through the many years you have been together. To us, you are like a precious gem that guide us and show us the right path to follow. God bless you.

Looking at how the love in your hearts shines through your eyes is enough to sign that true love does exist. Your marriage has worked out of love and hard work. May God bless you and happy wedding anniversary

Today is the day when you say “I do”, And when one says “I love you”, you just say, “Me too”! Happy wedding!!!

Tender hearts are being blessed by God, May you live like the Lady and Lord!!! Happy wedding!!!

May there be showers of blessing upon you, When you commit to each other and say “I do”!! Happy wedding!!

May Good Lord place his hand on you, And bless the new beginning of you two!! Happy wedding!!

May your marriage be blessed by the Divine, When you celebrate with the wedding cake and wine!!! Happy wedding!!

A tender touch, a warm embrace, May your marriage be blessed by God’s grace!!! Happy wedding!!

Blessed by God is this bond, Of which you two are very fond!!! Happy wedding!!!

May, by God you always be blessed, And in your relationship you never feel stressed!!! Happy wedding!!!

May God gives you only one season in your relation, And that would be Spring in all situations!! Happy wedding!!!

May your marriage grow under His shelter, And be away from all the helter-skelter!!! Happy Wedding!!!

May God bless you with all your dreams, And your marriage becomes as good as a silver stream!! Happy wedding!!

May God send angels to always be there for you, This is how I would want to wish a Happy wedding to you!!!

May your marriage be as beautiful as The Garden Of Eden, And may God bless you there, and your relation gets strengthen!! Happy wedding!!

May your be gifted by God’s blessings, And may everything in your marriage have a happy ending!! Happy wedding!!!

May God’s blessings shield your marriage, From every outside thing which would cause roughage!!! Happy wedding!!!

Hearty congratulations to the newlywed, Hope, by God, your relation is blessed!!! Happy wedding!!

May God keep alive your love always, And keep both of you happy everyday!!! Happy wedding!!

May Divine’s grace always be there on you, Today when you say, “I do”! Happy wedding!!

May you have His blessing in abundance, With which you built a home with sweet fragrance!! Happy wedding!!

He is blessing both of you from above, So when you say, “I do”, to him you should bow!! Happy wedding!!

Our prayers have been constantly answered, we have had our fight but somehow we reconcile and are able to build a strong marriage. My prayers and wish in today’s wedding anniversary is that we grow old together and be happy as always.

Looking back today I now know the meaning of: he who finds a wife finds a good thing, your support has been great in my life, wish us a happy anniversary

The day I met you I knew my wishes to find that dream partner had been met, as we celebrate our wedding anniversary I take this chance to wish you a good life filled with good health and more smile, love you

Honey, the joy I feel in my heart is great; no word can describe the journey we have walked together. I only wish that we stand for each other, happy wedding anniversary to you.

You two are the most blessed man and wife on this earth. Keep this love alive for the rest of your life. Wish you all the best!

You are one of the best Christian couple I have ever known. Every true Christian deserves such kind of marriage in their life. Stay together forever. Wish you a blessed life together.

Two devoted Christians make the best couple. You are the best example of this. Keep inspiring us. May you two be together and God be with you for many more anniversaries to come!

Christian Anniversary Wishes for Husband/Wife

Finding a devoted husband like you is the best achievement in my life. I thank god everyday because he’s been so kind to me. Happy wedding anniversary dear!

For me, heaven is being you and hell is being without you. Only god knows how much I’m in love with you! Let us pray to lord for all that he has blessed us with all these years.

Firstly, I’m lucky to be born to Christian parents, Secondly I’m lucky to be married to a Christian husband, thirdly, I’m lucky that god kept you close to me all these years.

For me, you are the light that keeps guiding me towards salvation. I love you. Happy wedding anniversary!

I know heaven is going to be amazing—more amazing than I can imagine. But I think God has given me a taste of heaven here on earth by giving me you.

God bless you! Bless you for all those times you kept me on the right path. Bless you for the children we’ve had and for our future together. You are a blessing made just for me, a heavenly reward on earth. May we spend many more wonderful years together.

From the first moment we met until now, divine grace has paved our way. One day we’ll be buried next to each other. I hope we continue our lives together in Heaven when we are reunited.

Of all of God’s sacraments, I’d say marriage has some of the best perks. Here’s to another year of good times, sweetheart.

I don’t need 12 disciples to follow me around, and I don’t need to preach from a mountaintop. You are all the companionship I need, and your ear is the only one I need to hear my words. Here’s to another year together in marriage bliss!

I’m not afraid of anything as long as god keeps us close to each other. Happy wedding anniversary my love!

May god bless us for many more years so we can serve his holy purpose on this earth! It’s a pleasure to have a companion like you in this journey.

I loved god unconditionally and thought he was so unrewarding. Then he sent you for me and showed me his generosity has no limits.

You are a devoted Christian and a devoted wife. May god bless me the strength to keep you close and happy as long as I live! Happy wedding anniversary!

I am more than lucky to have a god loving companion like you. A Christian husband is the best thing any woman can ask for. Happy wedding anniversary dear husband!

Christian Anniversary Wishes for Mom/Dad

Whenever I look at you, I realize how much blessed I am. Stay together forever like this. Happy wedding anniversary dear mom and dad!

Firstly I am proud because I am a Christian. Secondly, I’m proud because I have a mom and dad like you. I want to see you two together till I close my eyes. Happy wedding anniversary!

Dear parents, you have loved each other all these years and raised us in a truly Christian family. We thank god every day and pray to him that he always keeps you together.

Happy wedding anniversary! May God bless us with many more years so we can wish more anniversaries like this!

I am still learning lessons from you guys. Your marriage is just one example of how you teach me to love others the way our Lord loves us.

I am glad that you two have stayed married all this time. God has given me a great example of a Christian marriage.

May God bless you two as much as I’ve been blessed through both of you.

With God’s help and your diligence, you were able to survive raising me. Now you get to rest and relax together, and God will help you do that too! Happy Anniversary!

True love isn’t hard to find. You just have to look into the couple who truly loves our Lord. They are the one that never leaves each other.

Happy marriages are hard to find. Whoever said that wasn’t surely raised by a true Christian couple. Luckily, I was! Happy anniversary!

You were together when I was born, together when I was a little child and still together when I’m all grown up. I pray to god that you stay together till I close my eyes.

Thanks to that holy Christian ritual called a wedding. I have been born and brought up by two amazing people like you. I wish you an eternity together.

Christian Wedding Anniversary Wishes for a Friend

God loves you more than you know. Maybe this is the reason why you have such a happy and wonderful marriage life. Happy wedding anniversary!

Your love for God has been awarded an everlasting happy marriage. May you always be happy for the rest of your life!

Happy wedding anniversary to the most amazing and god loving person I have ever known. God is always with you. May your marriage life become more wonderful!

May the Lord bless you and keep you for many more years to come.

Through the years, you guys have been more than just an example of what it means to follow a virtuous path. You have been great friends to us. May God bless your marriage with many more years of health, prosperity, and bliss.

Do you know what I like about communion wafers? They taste better than your wedding cake did. Happy anniversary guys!

Your marriage was a tree gifted to you by God. Every anniversary is like one sweet fruit of it. May we live long to have more fruits from that tree!

I’m lucky to have seen such a wonderful and devoted couple in my life. Wish you all the happiness on this special occasion.

Only true Christians can have a successful marriage like yours. God bless us all just like you. Happy wedding anniversary!

I knew you would have a happy married life. Because our Lord never disappoints his devoted pupils. Happy wedding anniversary!

I want to wish you a million wedding anniversaries. Stay close to your partner forever. Pray to god and thank him for what he has given to you.

Christian Anniversary Wishes for Couple

The relation of husband and wife is the most wonderful relation decided by God himself. This bondage is even more beautiful when two beautiful souls like you come together. Happy wedding anniversary!

God has been so much kind to both of you as he blessed two of you with the company of each other for life.

If it wasn’t for you two, I would never realize the holy purpose of a man and wife sharing their rest of the life together, under one roof. Happy wedding anniversary dear!

On this very special day, I want you to thank god for he has given you the perfect partners. Stay close to god just like you’ve stayed close to each other all these years.

I am honored to be a witness on the day you exchanged your vows to each other. Seeing the exceeding blessings of the Lord in your lives causes me to be thankful to Him on your behalf. Happy wedding anniversary, darlings. Your marriage will succeed.

If the Lord hasn’t been on your side, enemies would have consumed you. Glory be to God for keeping you together as husband and wife in His peace and love. Happy wedding anniversary.

I am convinced that neither principality nor power nor tribulations nor hunger nor nakedness can separate you from the love of God in Christ Jesus. Your marriage is already a success. Happy wedding anniversary.

Happy wedding anniversary to my favorite couple. Your marriage has lifted so many lives and has restored hope to the hopeless. You may not know all that you do, but I am sure posterity shall call you blessed.

Every relation has ups and downs. But remember always, if God Almighty wants to keep you close to each other, nothing can make you leave each other. Happy wedding anniversary!

May your love for each other exist for eternity! Happy wedding anniversary! God bless both of you.

Let God’s love brighten your life of a husband and wife in the years yet to come, just like he did all these years.

Love that exists between a husband and a wife comes directly from heaven. You two have always made me realize this truth. Happy wedding anniversary!

Bible Verses for Celebrating a Wedding Anniversary

Using a Bible verse in a card is a classy way to include a Christian message. Write any anniversary message and then include one of these Bible verses.

“So they are no longer two, but one flesh: Therefore what God has joined together, let no one separate.” —Matthew 19:6

“There are three things that are too amazing for me, four that I do not understand: the way of an eagle in the sky, the way of a snake on a rock, the way of a ship on the high seas, and the way of a man with a maiden.” —Proverbs 30:18-19

“For this reason, a man will leave his father and mother and be united to his wife, and they will become one flesh.” —Genesis 2:24

“However, each one of you also must love his wife as he loves himself, and the wife must respect her husband.” —Ephesians 5:23


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