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A Guide to Airport Advertising

If you’ve ever spent time traveling by air, then you know that advertisements abound. Practically every surface is home to an ad of some kind or another.

Spectaculars on the concourse, high-visibility banners on the wall, ads inside the shuttle bus, and digital screens as far as the eye can see.

Airport advertising presents a perfect storm of advertising opportunities, with travelers already primed to notice ads. While every form of out-of-home media is present in airport advertising, the audience itself is unique in three distinct ways:

1) They’re Receptive

In addition to the fact that ads are simply everywhere in an airport, travelers are more likely to appreciate them. Brands that advertise at airports are viewed as more prestigious.

Many ads focus on local destinations for new arrivals, helping them feel like you’re there to help them rather than sell to them.

2) They’re Affluent

While not a guarantee, the odds are good that those who are choosing air travel are doing so because they can afford to. Luxury brands, in particular, can capitalize on this, while entertainment and music also see success in airport advertising.

Plus, travelers who are on vacation are more likely to be looking for feel-good ways to spend money. They may well be more likely to whip out their wallet for that reason alone.

3) They’re Captive

Most of the time people spend at airports is simply waiting. Sheer boredom may drive them to take an interest in ads that they wouldn’t normally pay attention to.

Unlike other forms of advertising, an airport ad doesn’t have to rush to get the idea across… Instead of just a tagline, you can tell a story. Travelers stuck at the airport don’t have much else to do, so give them something to look at.

With these ideas in mind, check out our six tips that will make your airport advertising take flight.

1) Brand Collaboration

Advertising at an airport is a form of brand collaboration by itself, so why not take it further? Airports are simply packed with potential strategic partnerships, and airport advertising stats support that brand collaborations are a win-win.

Food and beverage partnerships are great pairings, as are partnerships with airlines themselves. Sales and promotion opportunities abound, giving you the chance to attract new customers.

2) Content Marketing

Airports are the perfect place to focus on content marketing. Reading content is an ideal way for travelers to kill time and a great way to get your message into their heads.

Send travelers to your app for tips or to a landing page where you can talk up the sights on your travel blog. Once there, you’ll have nearly limitless ways to keep their attention and turn them into a customer.

3) Brand Management

If you’re looking to boost the visibility or reputation of your brand, airport advertising is a great way to do it. You can present your business in its most authentic way and create a genuine connection with travelers. 

4) Social Media

Social media is a great way to get travelers engaged and interact with your brand. You can run contests and campaigns to boost your following and advocate for your business.

It’s even better if they’re sharing user-generated content such as pictures or videos; then they’re doing your job for you and making your brand friendlier and more approachable.

5) Rewards and Discounts

The rewards and discounts you can offer through airport advertising can be a goldmine for your business. Travelers are always looking for good deals, and you can reach out to them with car rental and hotel coupons, for example.

And let’s not forget earning points that can be redeemed for additional goods and services. Airports stay on the cutting edge of working offers and discounts, so take advantage of them.

6) Empower Your Team

Your employees are the in-person faces and voices of your business. Travelers may be stressed out, so a friendly face and exceptional service can win you a customer for life.

Your team can make or break your brand. Make sure that they’re happy so they can do their best to make your customers happy, too.

Get Ready For Take-off

Like most forms of advertising, the cost of advertising at an airport largely depends on how many people will be seeing the ad. People are highly focused at baggage claim and may have little interest in your ad.

The same ad in the food court, however, could be a slam dunk. Large urban airports will be more costly than smaller rural ones. Expensive options in small airports may be a more worthwhile investment than cheaper locations at larger airports.

If your company is small, don’t try to compete with the big ones on budget. Look for opportunities for savings. Even a modest airport ad campaign could receive millions of views in a single month.

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