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How Can You Assist an Alcoholic Who Refuses Help?

You may feel frustrated if your loved one or a friend is suffering from addiction and has refused help. Often, you might end up making things worse if you try to force this situation.

Change starts from within, and if the person has not accepted to get help, there is no way you will force them into rehab.

However, the good news is that if your loved one has accepted help, you can take them to luxury rehabs to get the best addiction treatment.

You can motivate an addict to get help willingly but if they refuse, understand that it is not your fault. Here is what you need to do to keep things positive.

  • Accept Change Has to Come from Them First

You want your loved one to get better, but they have refused help. You miss them when they were sober before they got addicted.

You can indeed do anything for them to get better, but if they do not want help, there is nothing much you can do.

You may beg and plead, but if the person has not decided to change, there is nothing else remaining to do. You have to wait for them to see the addiction as a problem to seek treatment.

  • Set Boundaries

It is understandable to show love and care to your addicted loved ones. Unfortunately, what you presume as love and support could be perpetuating their alcoholism.

The best way to help the person is by setting strict boundaries and sticking with them. For instance, let the person know that you will not make excuses for them if they miss work or school.

If you are a parent of the addict, let them know that they cannot live in your house when using drugs, or you will not pay their phone bills if they continue drinking alcohol.

  • Enlist People They Trust

Sometimes people dismiss the concerns of those close to them. They do not believe they have a problem. Sometimes, what it takes is the words from a professional or someone who has recovered from addiction.

If they don’t think they have an issue, take them to a reliable recovery center such as Nestled Recovery Center for regular checkups. The expert will examine their health and advise the loved one about the effects of drug abuse or alcoholism.

  • Don’t Blame or Shame Them

Blaming your addicted loved one or shaming them for their situation will only make things worse. Try using polite words since the person can interpret your words in the wrong way.

For instance, don’t tell them they are ruining your life with their addiction. Instead, tell them how sad you are when you see them that way and how happy you would be if they stop drinking.

  • Educate Yourself About Addiction

The best way you are going to get your loved one to rehab is by understanding what addiction is all about.

Therefore, educate yourself about alcoholism and try to understand what the person is going through. With enough knowledge, you can read the symptoms of addiction and evaluate the best treatment option.

Final Thoughts!

Luxury rehabs have helped many people go back to their life after alcoholism. They offer varieties of therapies and care to address the origin of the problem and help your loved one avoid relapse.

If your loved one who is addicted has refused help, relax and keep supporting them.

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