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June 29 Zodiac Quotes and Sayings

Feeling very special and out to get the  June 29 Zodiac quotes and sayings? We’ve got some of the best here.

These are collections of zodiac cancer book quotes, zodiac sign compatibility quotes, zodiac sayings for today, and so much more for those born in late June and early July.

Given that there are several sayings to work with, you get to choose a daily quote for the day.

Your choice of which depends on how you’re feeling or how you want to be motivated.

Therefore, walk with us as we show you the best June 29 Zodiac quotes about love, life, family, friends, relationship, business, etc.

What is June 29 Zodiac?

The zodiac dates show that anyone born between June 22 and July 29 is Cancer, the fourth Zodiac sign.

That being said, we’ve handpicked the best zodiac cancer quotes and sayings.

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They are Cancerian compatibility quotes that will help you determine if you can have an ideal relationship with Libra, Leo, Virgo, or Scorpius.

Best June 29 zodiac Quotes and Sayings

The best June 29 zodiac quotes and sayings include:

C.a.n.c.e.r: Caring. Affectionate. Nurturing. Capable. Emotional. Reliable

Cancerian needs blanket and someone to cuddle for Netflix.

Cancer die inside when friends ask them to stay late but still say yes.

Cancer be like: Everything you can imagine is real.

“Your life isn’t yours if you always care about what others think.”
Cancer: “Do you have proof?”

Cancerian: Someone who overthinks, ovecares, and overloves.

I go to sleep early because I try to fall asleep before falling apart.

Cancerians shower their friends with parental care.

Cancers know they should put themselves first but still try to make sure everyone is happy.

Even when Cancer become mother and father, they are still children inside.

Cancers are motivated by people they love and hate.

Cancerians in two words: family people

Cancers can be very touch and go. One minute they want to tell you everything, and the next minute they just want to be alone.
– Linda Goodman

Cancerians are lie-detectors and can smell bullshit from a mile away.

Cancerians can be forgiving like a saint. But when they are done, they are done for good.

Cancers notice every tiny detail and can read you like an open book.

They may not say it, but they always know it.

Go above and beyond in picking gifts.

Cancer: always expect the same level of love they so freely give to others.

Cancer facing harsh criticism: “I need 100 years to heal from that.”

Don’t take the kindness of a Cancer for granted. You will never have that level of good again.

Don’t try to ghost on Cancers. They will hunt you down if they care about you enough.

The struggles of Cancer:
They ignore their needs
They are everyone’s therapist
They dwell in sad songs
They can’t let go of grudges
They blame themselves for someone else’s faults

Cancerians prefer to figure things out on their own.

“Stars impel but they don’t compel”
– Alb Imeri

“The signs of the zodiac are karmic patterns; the planets are the looms; the will is the weaver.”
– Edgar Cayce

“The Twelve Signs of the Zodiac represents the twelve lessons of human existence, the 12 qualities to be developed in the formation of the perfect man (and woman).”
– Vera Stanley Alder

“From Architecture down to the Zodiac, every science worthy of the name was imported by the Greeks”
– H. P. Blavatsky

“People like stories that are bigger than life, about characters with unusual powers. And when you get all the characters in the zodiac, it’s so colorful, and it’s so rich in different attitudes that the characters have.”
– Stan Lee

“In youth, we clothe ourselves with rainbows and go as brave as the zodiac.”
– Ralph Waldo Emerson

“The resemblance of the signs of the zodiac to the animals after which they are named… is as unimpressive as the predictions of astrologers.”
– Richard Dawkins

“Understanding created by the intellect cannot be acquired by means of the occult, only by the aid of the zodiac, bringing forth that small flame by whose light part of the future may be discerned.”
– Nostradamus

“The zodiac’s twelve signs are said to represent powerful archetypes that are universal in theme.”
– Bil Tierney

“We need not feel ashamed of flirting with the zodiac. The zodiac is well worth flirting with.”
– D.H. Lawrence

“Those who think only in straight lines cannot see around a curve.”
– Romina Russell

“Just because you can’t prove it doesn’t mean it isn’t true”
– Robert Graysmith

“Love is not a condition of the spirit but a sign of the zodiac.”
– Gabriel García Márquez

“Subtlety is one of the chief qualities of Cancer.”
– Liz Green

“Cancer knows all about conservation. Waste not, want not.”
– Liz Green

“Cancer: Just like the moon, you shine in times of darkness.”
– C.W.

“Cancers are Moonchildren; totally influenced by the waxing and waning cycles of the Moon. Asking them to remain in one feeling, one mood, or one state of mind is pure insanity.”
– Sherene Schostak

“Waiting for the day when cancer will remain just a zodiac sign.”
– Nitya Prakash

“Ah! There is nothing like staying at home for real comfort.”
– Jane Austen

“Home is not where you live, but where they understand you.”
– Christian Morgenstern

“I love being nurturing and caring because I love to see other people happy.”
– Jennifer Hudson

“Everybody needs a hug. It changes your metabolism.”
– Leo Buscaglia

“If you really want to make a friend, go to someone’s house and eat with him… the people who give you their food give you their heart.”
– Cesar Chavez

“There are good and bad times, but our mood changes more often than our fortune.”
– Thomas Carlyle

“The thing that’s important to know is that you never know. You’re always sort of feeling your way.”
– Diane Arbus

“Believe in yourself and what you feel. Your power will come from that.”
– Melissa Etheridge

“It’s a pleasure to share one’s memories. Everything remembered is dear, endearing, touching, precious. At least the past is safe — though we didn’t know it at the time. We know it now. Because it’s in the past; because we have survived.”
– Susan Sontag

“A people without the knowledge of their past history, origin and culture are like a tree without roots.”
– Marcus Garvey

Cancer Zodiac Quotes By Famous People

Famous people whose birthdays fall between June 22 to July 22 made the following quotes:

Live fast. Die young. Be wild. Have fun.
– Lana Del Ray

I have an appetite for the normal in my life, as well as the abnormal.
– Benedict Cumberbatch

I am fucking crazy. But I am free.
– Lana Del Ray

It’s hard for me to watch the underdog suffer.
– Kristen Bell

When someone’s hurting, be there. We could all use a little compassion.
– Ariana Grande

I love hard; I love who I love, and I don’t make any qualms about it.
– Khloe Kardashian

I don’t go by the rule book; I lead from the heart, not the head.
– Princess Diana

I live my life, and nothing is going to dictate how I feel unless I let it.
– Selena Gomez

Love motivates me in everything I do.
– Vin Diesel

When your happiness is someone else’s happiness, that is love.
– Lana Del Ray

Family is the most important thing in the world.
– Princess Diana

Everybody has something that chews them up and, for me, that thing was always loneliness.
– Tom Hanks

All the people who knock me down, only inspire me to do better.
– Selena Gomez

I wear my heart on my sleeve.
– Princess Diana

You can say you’re sorry 5,000 times, but that doesn’t mean you mean it.
– Khloe Kardashian

I’ve got a war in my mind.
– Lana Del Ray

Some people go to bed at night thinking, “That was a good day.” I am one of those who worries and asks, “How did I screw up today? “
– Tom Hanks

It takes getting everything you ever wanted and then losing it, to know what true freedom is.
– Lana Del Ray

“I do like the ocean wave, actually. I’m born under the sign of Cancer – the sign of the crab – so I like coastal areas and sunny beaches and such – although not the wide-open and deep seas.”
– Anjelica Huston

“I live with romance in my brain. I’m a true-blue Cancerian like that.”
– Priyanka Chopra

“Our prime purpose in life is to help others. And if you can’t help them, at least don’t hurt them.”
– Dalai Lama (about Cancer)

“Ooooof do cancers have the ability to do anything other than feeeeeeeeel feel feeeeeeeel feel feeeeeel feel”
– Ariana Grande

“I’m a Cancer…the little crab. Loves the home, her sanctuary, all the cozy things.”
– Gisele Bündchen

“I’m a Cancerian, the typical crab with the tough outer shell and the soft bit in the middle. I don’t think I’ll ever come to terms with people being unnecessarily nasty, but I can take it if someone doesn’t like my music – I’m not everyone’s cup of tea.”
– Katherine Jenkins

“I am Moody… and a Cancerian to the boot. Even a small thing can change the entire mood, but I’m working on that. Besides, I’m also loyal and possessive.”
– Katrina Kaif

“My sun and my moon signs are mostly Cancer – it’s really strong. We’re deeply intuitive and sentimental. I really like to take care of people, nurturing them. I’m very passionate about the things I do and like to see people I love to grow.”
– Kali Uchis

“Cancer is a sort of mental archaeologist, always digging for more fascinating facts.”
– Linda Goodman

“Cancerians are all mothers at heart, even the men.”
– Linda Goodman

“A camera molds memory into permanency for Cancerians, whose very minds are like sensitive film, recording every impression with vivid clarity.”
– Linda Goodman

“Most of the Cancerians you meet will be sober. In fact, they may be so sober you wish they would relax a little over a cocktail.”
– Linda Goodman

“Cancer seldom judges, however. He simply gathers, absorbs, reflects.”
– Linda Goodman

“Cancers can be very touch and go. One minute they want to tell you everything and the next minute they just want to be alone.”
– Linda Goodman

“Cancerians have more secrets than J. Edgar Hoover, James Bond and Sherlock Holmes combined.”
– Linda Goodman

“There’s a touch of Moon madness in every Cancerian. He knows a wild and secret place where two lilies and seven white roses grow among the iris.”
– Linda Goodman

“Cancer people seek retreat and solitude. Just like real crabs.”
– Linda Goodman

“Cancerians have such control of imagery, and their moods are so intense, they can make you feel them, too.”
– Linda Goodman

“Cancer’s vulnerability is carefully hidden, so the typical Cancerian reaction to hurt is to crawl inside the Crab shell and pout – or turn just plain crabby.”
– Linda Goodman

“Cancerians like to keep secrets. They’re not much for true confessions unless you’re the one doing the confessing.”
– Linda Goodman

“The typical Cancerian male is a devotee of the finer things in life.”
– Linda Goodman

“Extremely maternal towards friends and family, Cancerians are caring and protective of all those around them.”
– Linda Goodman

Cancer Zodiac funny and Savage Quotes

Looking for Cancer zodiac funny quotes? Check out these ones.

“A camera molds memory into permanency for Cancerians, whose very minds are like sensitive film, recording every impression with vivid clarity.”
– Linda Goodman, Linda Goodman’s Love Signs

“Do I perform sometimes in a manic style? Yes. Am I manic all the time? No. Do I get sad? Oh yeah. Does it hit me hard? Oh yeah.”
– Robin Williams, NPR

“A Cancer’s bite is always bigger than their bark. Never underestimate them!”
– Unknown

“A camera molds memory into permanency for Cancerians, whose very minds are like sensitive film, recording every impression with vivid clarity.”
– Linda Goodman, Linda Goodman’s Love Signs

“Do I perform sometimes in a manic style? Yes. Am I manic all the time? No. Do I get sad? Oh yeah. Does it hit me hard? Oh yeah.”
– Robin Williams, NPR

“A Cancer’s bite is always bigger than their bark. Never underestimate them!”
– Unknown


The June 29 zodiac quotes and sayings have been specifically selected for those with zodiac sign cancer.

You make a selection from these sayings whether it’s your birthday, wedding, party, etc.


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