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Nate Silver Twitter Quotes and Sayings

Here’s a list of Nate Silver Twitter quotes and sayings.

These sayings have been grouped on one page to save you time and energy needed to find them on his Twitter account and other social media pages.

But who is Nate Silver?

Nate Silver is an American statistician and writer who was born on January 13, 1978, in East Lansing, Michigan

Silver can be closely liked to FiveThirtyEight given that he is the founder and editor-in-chief of this website.

What’s more, this writer is a Special Correspondent for ABC News.

And if you’re wondering, “what is Nate Silver famous for?”

It can be tied to his development of PECOTA, a system that forecasts the performance and career development of Major League Baseball players.

Now that’s out of the way, let’s show you some of his quotes.

Top Nate Silver Twitter Quotes and Sayings

Some of the best Nate Silver Twitter quotes and sayings to take closer look at include:

“Not sure why the Bucks are wearing blue unis when everyone knows deer are green.”

“Recently there’s been the emergence of a small but distinct group of dudes (mostly) on here whom you might call anti-contrarians.”

“One thing some of y’all don’t seem to get is that if a very high percentage of people in a certain group are vaccinated, then a fairly high percentage of infections may be among vaccinated people, even if the vaccines are incredibly effective.”

“Hard to find a taxicab in New York City these days.”

“I also wonder if there are some tipping points. Institutions like academia have strong traditions of open debate, which helps them to be self-critical. But if you go from e.g. 80% of members preferring one political party to 95%, those traditions may get swamped by partisanship.”

“Nobody stays in their lane, which is fine—overall I’m in favor of less lane-staying. But when you have groups of experts and (in some fields) 95%+ of them are liberal Democrats, you’ll often wind up with a messy amalgam of actual expertise and partisan political preferences.”

“My theory here is COVID taught people how much they value everyday activities that they had to give up during the worst phases of the pandemic, and it will probably be harder to get people to give those up in the future if new waves/future pandemics hit.”

“Late night poker hot take is that they should bring the Tiger back (as described in James McManus’s “Cowboys Full”).”

“One consistent lesson from COVID is you should trust the experts’ evidence (e.g. studies that show mRNA boosters really boost protection in people who got the AZ vaccine) more than their proscriptive advice (e.g. “I wouldn’t get a booster) when the two are in conflict.”

“Another question: Given that Garcia barely edged out Wiley in the penultimate round before nearly catching Adams, does that mean Wiley has a path *too* once absentees are added? My guess is Wiley has a path, but it’s pretty unlikely one (see next tweet).”

“It sure seems very likely that people who got one dose of J&J would benefit from getting a booster of Pfizer or Moderna. Maybe another case where waiting for some incredibly high standard of “proof” before changing policy is harmful on balance.”

“You really wonder what the long term effects are when every donor pitch is like “contribute in the next 22 minutes or DEMOCRACY IS TOAST”.”


Your quest to find some of the best Nate Silver Twitter quotes has been met with the sayings provided above.

Now it’s left for you to put these words to great use or simply meditate on them.


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