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8 Ways to Get Active Without a Gym

The World Health Organization recommends that all people aged 18 to 64 be active for at least 2.5 hours a week. It seems that this is not much, but most people do not even do this because of the lack of a developed habit, lack of time, or energy.

We do not think, but in fact, the lack of physical activity seriously affects our health. Problems may not appear immediately, however, when we find them, it will be too late to change something.

That is why it is important to exercise right now. If you don’t feel like going to the gym, here are 8 simple ways to increase your physical activity during the day.

Regardless of which type of physical activity you choose for yourself, it is important to note that in general, an active lifestyle is necessary for good health and longevity.

Physical activity helps reduce the risk of dangerous diseases, including heart and vascular problems, type 2 diabetes, and even such a dangerous disease as cancer. Therefore, any activity is better than its absence.

Which activities can replace going to the gym:

1. Morning exercises

It takes no more than 10 minutes, but it helps to cheer up and tune in to an active day. If you do not have time for a set of several exercises, you can do one exercise while lying in bed, and the second while you prepare breakfast.

If you have absolutely no time to exercise in the morning, then you can do some simple exercises in the evening, after work.

Some people combine business with pleasure and do exercises while watching their favorite TV shows or placing bets at 22Bet. On the Internet, you can now download various training videos for free, in which professional coaches and athletes show exercises of varying complexity.

You can choose them and practice from the video.

2. Walking instead of using public transport

Although walking burns fewer calories than running, and the cardiovascular system is less intense, this type of activity still has many health benefits:

  • reduces cravings for sweets;
  • improves immunity;
  • protects against diseases of the joints;
  • helps fight stress and uplifts mood.

It is not necessary to walk for a long time – it is enough to take a break during the working day and walk along the corridor or go outside for 15 minutes during your lunch break.

Also on weekends you can go for a walk in the park and spend a few hours there. Some people also get off the bus one stop early to walk.

3. Climbing the stairs

Taking the stairs instead of the elevator is another way to increase your physical activity during the day.

This simple exercise trains the heart strengthens the muscles of the legs and helps you burn more calories than regular walking.

Even going down the stairs, you spend an additional 5 kcal per minute, and the ascent requires twice as much – the body spends about 10 kcal per minute on this.

That is why, by giving up the elevator, you can increase your calorie expenditure without losing a lot of time.

4. Using a shopping basket instead of a shopping cart

If you do not need to buy food for a whole week, then you can take a basket instead of a cart.

This will allow you to burn more calories and is also a good upper shoulder workout option. If you walk to the store, it is better to take two bags to evenly distribute the load on both hands.

5. Parking your car further away

Most often, people try to park their car as close to their destination as possible. However, if our goal is to increase physical activity, then the best way to do this is to park the car a little further and walk.

Of course, it all depends on whether you have free time, as well as what the weather is like outside. It is clear that if you are late for work or it is raining heavily outside, then it is better to refuse this method.

6. Playing outdoor games

If you have children, then this type of activity is very suitable for you. Together with the children, you can play catch-up and race, play tennis or hide and seek.

There are a lot of options for children’s games. For children, this will be an interesting adventure, and for you – another way to increase your physical activity.

This advice is also suitable for those who have a dog. Your dog will surely be delighted that the owner actively plays with him, and not just sits on the bench and looks at the phone.

7. Setting Special Reminders

Some fitness bracelets have a reminder function – at a certain time every day, you will receive a signal that you need to take a break and stretch.

The same reminder can be set in the phone. Use this feature or just set an alarm every 30-60 minutes. During a break, look out the window or do a little warm-up right at the workplace.

8. Dancing

Very often people perceive training as some kind of violence against themselves. However, physical activity can be very enjoyable – it’s important to choose the type that suits you best.

Dancing is one of the best ways to increase your physical activity. In addition to helping you relax your muscles, dancing is also a great way to burn extra calories.

If you are embarrassed to enroll in a dance studio – you can dance at home to your favorite music. The main thing is to do it regularly so that the body constantly receives a cardio load.

It will also allow you to relieve excess stress and experience a large number of positive emotions.

Whatever type of physical activity you choose – remember that it must give you pleasure. There is no need to suffer in the pool if you do not like to swim or lift weights if you do not like strength training.

Any movement – even climbing stairs or walking – is already a good load for the body. Do not forget to regularly engage in physical activity – and then your health will always be normal.


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