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200+ Wedding Thank You Messages, Wording & Notes

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Wedding Thank You Messages

Thanks for coming all the way through. You’ve always been a wonderful friend of mine. We were really happy you showed up.

Everybody coming here from far away even after the busy schedule. Thanks, for making this day very special for us. Of course, as long as we live, we shall treasure the day.

Wow! I couldn’t believe you came! It was truly a surprise. Never hoped a day such as this will glitter my life and I am really happy that you were there! Keep us in your prayers.

If I had the power, I would have wished this day back. You have made this day so much worth for us that we will cherish it for the rest of our life. Thank you!

We cannot express how much grateful we are for you to come here and share the joy you have in store for us. Thanks for making the day worthwhile for us.

You really know well how to make one’s day brighter. I’m happy that our wedding day went through just fine. You helped me a lot. Now, wait for the new stork to arrive.

Your attendance and kind gesture say it all. You wish us to be happy and stay together for the rest of our lives. Thank you! Thanks for making us special.

Thank you for sharing this service with us. You have added to our joy by being with us on our wedding day.

To our friends and family…Thank you to all for sharing this incredible day with us. We feel blessed to have so many loyal friends in our lives. We would like to extend a special appreciation to all of our guests who traveled from out of town to be here with us today.

We can barely put into words how grateful and blessed we are to all our family and friends who have had a hand in planning this special day with us. We would like to thank each one of you for being here today to witness our union before God and to offer your support and well wishes.

We would like to express our gratitude to our parents for their love and guidance. We also would like to thank our relatives and friends for coming today to share our joy. We ask God’s blessing and your prayers upon our marriage.

Whether you’ve traveled near or far, we thank you for being here today. Please join us for a reception after the ceremony.

Thank you so much to our family and friends, and especially our parents, for sharing this important day with us and supporting us every step of the way!

We thank everyone who has made this day possible, including those of you who have traveled near and far to be here. We would also like to remember our loved ones who have passed on. We know they are looking down on us today.

We would like to thank all our friends and family who are joining us today to share in this special celebration. Without the love, guidance and support you all have shown us throughout our lives and with the planning leading up to this day, none of this would be possible. Thank You.

Thank you to our family and friends for choosing to celebrate this day with us: Thank you for honoring us with your presence and love!

We are the ones who are honored to have standing next to us these Christian brothers and sisters. Every one of them has been a necessary force in our lives, shaping us, challenging us, and most of all, caring for us. It is our honor to call them friends.

Thank you for joining us in worshop and celebration on this special day. We appreciate your encourgement and prayers in the past, and hope you will remember us in the future as we begin our lives together.

We would like to thank our family and friends for making this special day even greater by sharing it with us. This is a day we will always treasures.

We would also like to express our gratitude to the many others who have freely given of their ideas, support and labor to make this day possible.

Thank You! Whether you’ve traveled near or far, we thank you for being here today. Please join us for a reception after the ceremony.

We are honored you can share these sacred and joyous moments with us today. May God bless each one of you.

Wedding Thank You Cards Messages

The love we have got from you will inspire us to move on for the rest of our life. Yes, a new story has started its way. Wish for the better. Thanks for wishing us. We are glad.

We both cherish our love with one another and we shall hold onto them till the very end. Thanks for making the day so special for us.

Wow! That was very nice of you. Yes, we are enjoying every moment here and will enjoy all the moments to come in the near future together. Thanks for coming!

We are really happy that all of you guys came here and made our day so special for us. This day will always stay golden in our memories.

A very special thank you for those who came here to share their joy and blessings. You guys did a lot for us. I am really happy today. May Lord bless us from the heavens.

Yes, it’s hard to stay by the side of one another. But we believe we can cross the hurdle. Thanks for believing and shower your blessings upon us.

Time will go by. But Your wishes will stay as long as we live. Thanks for being there for us and made our wedding celebration into a great one.

First we would like to give thanks to God for blessing us with each other. Thank you to our parents who have taught us the true meaning of love and commitment. We are who we are today because of you. You are appreciated more than you will ever know, and we love you very much. Thank you to our family and friends. We are so happy we could share this special day with you, and we are truly blessed to be surrounded with so much love and support.

Thank you all for being here and for taking part in making today an unforgettable occasion. To our parents, we cannot thank you enough for all you have taught us and for the constant support you have always provide us. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you all so much.

To our parents…Thank you for your unconditional love and support throughout our lives. Thank you for raising us to be strong, independent, and loving people. We look forward to sharing the values you’ve taught us with generations to come.

We are truly honored that so many of our friends and family are joining us on such a special day for us. Thank you all for the love, support, and generosity you have all shown in making today finally happen.

We want to thank everyone for coming and for those who have helped us on this special day. We especially want to thank our family who have worked so hard to bring this day together.

We would like to offer a special thank you to our parents. To our friends and family members who are here today, thank you so much for making this an unforgettable day. We love you!

With heartfelt gratitude… Thank you all for celebrating with us today as we begin our life together as husband and wife. We feel truly blessed to have our family and friends here with us on this, the most exciting day of our lives. We are especially grateful to our families, whose love, guidance, and generosity have given us constant support throughout our lives.

To all our friends and family here today, thank you for being a part of such a special and joyous moment of our lives.

We are so blessed to celebrate our special day with each of you! Thank you for your love, prayers and support.

There are so many people who have helped make today a dream come true for us. Without the love, support, generosity, and time that so many of our caring friends and family have provided and dedicated, this day would not have been possible. To all of our friends, family, and guests joining us to celebrate, thank you for being a part of this memorable day.

Wedding Thank You Messages for Gift

We were overwhelmed having the wonderful gift you bought for us. Whenever we use this for the household, we will remember you always. Thanks for surprising us.

Can not wait to open up all the gift boxes. We are excited really. Our home will feel more like a home with your gift. Thank you so much.

This was really a surprise. We are eagerly waiting to see them all. We know it will be something great. Thanks, everybody for giving us your blessings.

All the gifts look so beautiful. We don’t know which one to start from. What a wonderful surprise! Thanks, everybody, we are really glad you came for us.

Gifts are always the symbol for saying that you are a part of our lives too. Whenever we will see your gifts, we will always remember you. Thanks for staying there for us.

We are inexperienced with the way a family starts to grow. But we believe your gift will always guide us to lead life and enjoy every ounce of it. Thanks for sharing your blessings.

The gifts are so beautiful that we will even hesitate to open up the rappers. They are gorgeous! Thanks for making the event so exciting for us.

Thank you for making it to our wedding. The wedding gifts were simply wonderful.

I had a great time celebrating the most important day of my life with my friends and family. Your beautiful gift added to the celebration. Thank you so much for everything.

Thank you for attending our wedding despite your nagging health problems. Your presence means a lot to me. It was indeed thoughtful of you to give us gift certificates. Thank you so much.

Thank you for the gift cheque. My better half has already decided to pay the store a visit for interior decoration ideas.

Thank you so much for the gift coupons. We had decided to redecorate the living room and your gift provided the perfect start. Well, as they say, well begun is half done. Thanks once again.

I don’t want to be too formal and thank you for the gifts. All I can say is that your efforts to make me and my husband happy make my eyes moist. There can be nobody like you.

Thanks a ton for the lovely gifts. When you get married girl I’m going to make your wedding be just as special and perfect as you made mine. Thanks for being my best friend.

Thank you for joining us on our most important day and the lovely gifts and good wishes.

I remember reading somewhere that the fragrance remains in the hand that gives the rose. My sincere thanks for the generosity extended by you is my way of expressing my joy at not just your gifts but also your good wishes.

We appreciate your sparing your valuable time for our wedding and the lovely gift.

With marriage, my fondest dream has come true. And with your gift, my fondest memory has come true. I used to love (the gift) as a child and still do. Always wanted one. Thank you so much.

Past is history, future is mystery but present is a gift. Thank you for the wonderful gift that enriches our lives every day. Thank you.

Wedding Thank You Messages for Host

When we were busy enjoying the day, you were trying your heart and soul to make the day outright. Cannot but be grateful to you. You did a lot for us. Thank you.

The day has passed and still we can’t forget the effort you gave for completing the event successfully. Thank you! Really, we had the best day of our life with your love and support.

It is always hard to arrange such a great event like this one. The hosts deserve a big clap for them. Thank you, guys! You are the best.

We had a wonderful day alright. But it would have not been possible without our hosts. They were always thinking about making the event exciting. Thank you!

Mom, dad, thanks for celebrating the best day of our life. We are really grateful for that. Wish us the best of luck on our trip together.

We cannot express how much grateful we are to you, mom and dad. You guys helped us a lot. But we couldn’t help you that much. Thanks for being there for us.

All the credits go to the hosts. They really tried their best to make all the things right. Thank you, guys!


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