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What to do Before Planning a Wedding Dance

The wedding preparation period is hectic and requires a lot of planning. A wedding dance is essential in all weddings since it helps create lasting memories. This dance will entertain your guests, and you should look for the best choreographer to achieve that. 

However, you must consider some essential things before planning a wedding dance. First dance songs are essential for couples on their big day. Let us dive right into some tips. 

  • Pick a Song 

It is advisable to choose a wedding song before the first class. The song should be around three minutes or has a long section that can be used for dance.

It will also help to avoid songs beyond three minutes unless you are a professional dancer. This is because you might bore the audience. 

Long songs also make it hard to remember certain moves, especially if you are a beginner. Consider trimming the song if it is beyond five minutes to fit the audience style. Wedding guests can also join the dance two minutes to time. 

Kindly ask your instructor to recommend the best song to dance to suppose you are spoilt for choice. 

  • Pick a Dance 

Picking a dance is easy, and it should come right after picking a song. This is because the song determines what dance you will be doing. It will help to pick a song that is meaningful to your spouse suppose you are not sure of what to do. 

Remember that certain songs are compatible with many dance styles, and an example is a foxtrot. Foxtrot and swing have almost the exact timing but different looks. Some songs also require you to switch between tempos, meaning you can do many styles simultaneously. 

  • Choose a Dance Theme 

It is advisable to share your dance theme with your instructor to give them an idea of what you want. You can pick themes from YouTube or other online sites with ease.

It is possible not to like all parts, and you can start with the pieces you love most. Also, remember that you can find suitable dance styles from cultural weddings.

Visual examples will make the choreographer’s work easy, and he will guide you to creating lasting memories. Some couples want flashy dances while others want simple ones. Talking to the instructor is the best way to have your desired theme. 

The wedding should not be all about movement, but what you express love to your spouse. 

  • Carry Your Wedding Shoes 

It will help to bring your wedding shoes to the rehearsals to ensure you are comfortable with them on an actual day. This should apply to both men and women. Getting your wedding shoes will help you see whether they fit the day’s activities. 

Final Thoughts 

Planning a wedding is hectic, and many people forget the essential thing, a dance routine. Wedding dances entertain the guests and help you create memories. The above article has discussed tips you should consider before planning a wedding dance. 

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