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What to Gift a Friend From College

Birthdays are always a reason to celebrate. There is magic in searching for the perfect present. But sometimes, this search can turn out to be overwhelming.

And you may end up lost in a sea of options.

Depending on your budget, you can choose a luxury present for a friend from college. Or, you can buy something symbolic that will remind them of your friendship. 

Either way, choosing a present is often challenging. A principle to keep in mind when looking for present ideas is to buy something useful.

No one wants a present they will not use. So, if you are wondering what to gift a friend from college, here are some ideas you can inspire from. 

Professional education help for college students 

College years are challenging for many students. And some periods are really crowded. You have so many essays to write that are piling up.

This makes the entire moment stressful and overwhelming. Thankfully, some professionals can help any student overcome these difficult moments. Writing papers is not something all students love.

Getting an education also involves written tasks. There are college papers for sale you can buy and earn some time for your more challenging tasks. This can also be a nice gift idea for students who have a lot of tasks and little time to accomplish them all. 

Mini Espresso Maker 

Students live hectic lives. And finding gifts that match their lifestyle can sometimes be challenging.

So, here is the first idea of a nice gift for a friend from college. A mini espresso maker is exactly what someone with a busy schedule is looking after.

This one can be found on Amazon at a reasonable price. It is one of the nicest models because it allows you to make a coffee with capsules or grounded coffee. It is highly portable and light, so it fits the bag of every student.

Everything is manual, so it is very easy to use. And you also have your coffee with you when you need it the most. 

Hangry Kit 

Another nice idea is to buy a hangry kit for your college friend. Because students have hectic schedules, they sometimes adopt unhealthy eating and sleeping habits.

You often see a student studying during the night.

And there may come a moment when hunger strikes and you have nothing near you. Only, you can have a hangry kit.

It is up to you what foods you include in this kit, but try to keep it simple. Your friend will probably use it in busy times when they have little time for cooking.

But a fast-preparing meal could be what they are looking for. Or a delicious snack. 

Personalized T-shirt 

Maybe your friend has a specific phrase they use very often. Or maybe they are huge fans of Formula 1 or a video game.

Either way, a personalized T-shirt might help you capture something your friend will appreciate. Find something that describes them and look for T-shirts online.

Portable Speaker

All students love being outdoors. You can find them either hiking in the woods, taking a walk in the park, or spending some time on the campus.

And music cannot miss either of these settings.

So, they all want to have music with them. A portable speaker could be a nice gift idea. This market is constantly flourishing and for sure you will find some amazing models.

You can even find high-quality portable speakers at affordable prices. 

Handmade Gifts 

A really nice idea is to direct your attention to handmade gifts. You may not be very crafty and ingenious on this side.

But there are a lot of local businesses and shops where you can find really beautiful handmade gifts.

You can find cups or elements of decor. But you can also find nice accessories. On Instagram, you can also find many artists that can create a personalized illustration for your friend.

Handmade presents give a different feeling. So why not think about a nice handmade gift?



Every college student is different. But what is common to them all is the hectic schedules. So, if you are looking for nice gift ideas for friends from college, you should keep this in mind.

Depending on your budget, there are many options. A mini espresso maker, hangry kit, personalized t-shirt, or portable speaker are among the suggestions.

If you want something to hit them in the feels, you can give them a personalized illustration or handmade gift. 

Bio lines: James Collins is a blogger. He is passionate about psychology and social sciences. James always strives to buy presents his friends need, but would not buy themselves.


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