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5 Signs To Expect From Your Date.

Lovers are people that are more than just friends and inarguably, they all have signs to show as evidence.

The reason why he or she is now treating you less as a friend is because he/she is starting to see you more as a potential mate.

Hence, below are 5 Signs to detect that your date wants you to be more than just a friend.

1. He/She no longer talks about other Guys in front of You.

If he or she suddenly stops talking about other guys in front of you it means there’s a good chance keeping herself or himself available for you.

2. He or She makes excuses to hang out alone with You.

If a man or woman is interested in you, making an effort to have time alone with you will always be seen. He or she will ask you to hang out and will isolate both of you from other people. For example, if you are at a party, she may suggest sitting out front where there are less people around.

3. She starts wearing more makeup and dresses better around You (women)

If you come over to watch a movie and you notice that her appearance is getting sexier by the minute and you’re wondering what’s the occasion, the truth is she wants you to take notice of her beauty and see her in a different light.

4. He/She would often be jealous of other People you talk to.

If you are dating other women, most of the time she is cool with it, but suddenly she is being critical of them and sees them as some type of competition. So if you notice her getting an upset look on her face or steaming just because you’re joking around with other women (applicable to men too in vice versa), you can be sure that he or she wants to become more than a friend .

5. She hangs on your every word (Women).

No matter what you are talking about, she’ll be sitting at the edge of her seat, looking into your eyes longer and will be interested in what you have to say, even if it is about a topic she has no interest in. If she hangs on your every word that’s a good indication she wants more attention from you and to give you more.

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