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Ways To Avoid Being Used By Your Partner In a Relationship

Relationships are one of the most complex things about human existence. The same person who claimed to love and respect you can change their stance the next minute, and the worst part is you never expect that.

You can love and trust someone with your all, while all they think about is how to use and take advantage of it. It’s pretty sad, but perhaps it’s not as hopeless as it seems.

People are not the most difficult beings to read. If you are observant enough, you’ll probably pick up signs of a partner who wants to use you, and avoid it before it’s too bad.

We’re sharing some quick and realistic ways to keep track of a partner who wants to use you and avoid it before it deepens.


When something repeatedly happens (to you) from one source, it can’t be a mistake or error. It becomes a deliberately orchestrated event. Your man or woman keeps cheating, and you find out every time, then that’s a pattern, not a mistake.

They’re doing it because they want to, not because they had no choice. They’ll apologise to you, and try to fool you into taking them back, but you’d only do that at your own risk.


No matter how much potential a person has, if they’re not willing to get to work, and start putting their talent to good use, or earning a living somehow, then they’re not serious and you can’t entrust your life and future to them.

A person with potential, who wants to be successful will do all it takes. Do not be fooled by fake potentials that may never turn into anything positive for you.


There are always signs of a potential cheating partner; there are always signs of a woman beater or a violent woman.

There are always signs of a liar; but sometimes, we’d all rather ignore them. When they show early signs of a certain behaviour, you want to make sure you take it seriously, because that’s how you really know if it that’s the person you should be with or not.


If you do not understand your value and worth as a person, then you are likely to accept whatever anyone tells you as you self value.

You need to take charge and know that you’re beautiful and amazing, and you deserve nothing less. That way, you actually know when you’re getting less than you deserve.


What do you expect your ideal man or woman to be like? I don’t mean you should keep overly unrealistic standards, but you must have one.

When you have no standards, it means you can easily settle for less than you deserve. You must stick to those standards. Let your partner meet that standard, and not you lowering it for them.

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