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3 Best Cars For a Family Road Trip

If you’re a parent who loves to take your kids on family road trips, it’s probably because you want to show them the beautiful wilderness and make some precious memories.

Australia is a beautifully green country, and you must have the best possible vehicle so that you and your family can enjoy it to the highest degree. A good family road trip car should be spacious to fit all your belongings.

It should also come with convenience, safety, and the loudest infotainment system so that you and your family can jam it out when the journey gets longer than anticipated.

No one buys a car simply for a family road trip. However, if you’re a family that makes family road trips, it’s wise for you to invest in your next car to take it on road trips. We have compiled a list of the best cars for a family road trip below.

 1. Audi e-tron SportBack

The electric car may serve you well if you want to save the environment while you’re out touring the country.  It has the size and space of an SUV, but it looks much sleeker and put together than your average SUV. You still get all the options regarding the safety technology and drive of an Audi but in an Audi car. 

The car comes with an option for off-roading which means you don’t have to worry about driving in the sandy plains of Australia or hilly regions and destroying your car.

You can give your children the full road trip experience simply because of the freedom you get from the Audi drive select system. This system automatically controls the drive train, steering, and suspensions to give you a smoother ride on rougher roads. 

2. Toyota Hilux

We immediately noticed that the interior of the Toyota Hilux is comfortable, which means your children won’t be annoyed constantly. Instead, they will feel taken care of and comfortable.

Additionally, the Toyota Hilux offers a smooth ride, so traveling for long periods won’t disturb you or your family. It can also toe a lot of equipment, and that’s why many tradies prefer it.

The towing capacity also comes to play during road trips, as you can easily apply a tow cart to the Hilux in case you’re going to be tripping for a while. 

You will have to buy a double cab for your children. Sadly, it doesn’t have more car seats. Hence, you can’t buy a Toyota Hilux for a family larger than 5. 

3. Lamborghini Urus

This model has the heart of a sports car but the specifications of an SUV. It has comfortable seating for a family of five and a massive cargo space so you can store everything you want.

It has a towing capacity of 7000 lbs which means you can travel around the country easily. You’ll look the best when you’re revving down the road in a Lamborghini SUV. It is flashy and extremely fast, but that’s not why you should opt for it.

Instead, it has multiple off-road modes, making it specific to different terrains. You can select snow, sand, or dirt depending on the season and place you’re traveling in and to.


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