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How to Get Water Out of Your Ear

You’ve just had a shower, swim, or washed your hair, and you’re wondering how to get water out of your ear when nothing else works.

If that’s the case, let’s show you an easy way to go about it.

You’ll agree that there’s some level of discomfort you may experience with the water stuck in your ears.

And you may also tend to hear funny unless the water is taken out.

In line with that, you may be unable to shake off the feeling that you have water in there.

Risk of Having Water Lodged in the Ear

The risk of having water in your ear can be mild or severe.

For starters, if the water stays long in your ear, it could potentially lead to an infection.

Therefore, feeling uncomfortable or distressed is not top on the list.

The infection, on the other hand, can be tied to the presence of bacteria in the water.

Nonetheless, let’s how to get water out of your ear after swimming, a shower, or scuba diving.

1. Try a Trick:

This may work a good number of times, hence it is worth the try since it helps to remove the water naturally.

The trick to getting water out of your ear fast is to insert a finger into your ear while ensuring that the finger is tightly fitted.

You can hold the finger in for 5 to 6 seconds, before retracting the finger fast.

The short blockage of air into the ear and the movement of the finger will force the water out even if if it’s deep.

2. Lie On Your Side:

You already know the side of the ear that has water within it, and that’s the side of the body you should lie on.

If the water is in your right ear, then place a pillow beneath the ear and lie still on your right side.

You’ll be surprised that within some minutes, the water would’ve dislodged from your ear.

The same goes if the water is stuck in your left ear, and so you need to lie on your left side.

3. Jiggle the Ear Lobes:

You can shake the water out of your ear fast by jingling your ear lobes.

Therefore, turn the part of the eat where the water is downward and toward your shoulder, before giving the ear lobe a gentle tug.

4. Blow Dry:

Ever wondered how to get water out of your ear using a hairdryer?

Then you were thinking in the right direction.

A blow dryer will cause evaporation of the water lodged in your ear since it produces warm hair

However, this process must be done with great care and concern.

To that effect, use the lowest setting of the hairdryer and keep it at arm’s length from your ear.

You can now move the device from side to side so that it can get rid of the water.

5. Use Olive Oil:

Olive oil (and some essential oils) repel water and it can do the same with water in your ear.

This oil also keeps infection at bay.

That being said, warm the olive oil and use a dropper to place some of the oil into the ear water is in.

Next, place lie on the other side of the ear where there’s no water got 10 minutes, before tilting the ear downwards.

This will help to drain out the water.

6. Use Alcohol:

Like olive oil, alcohol can eliminate water lodged in your ear.

In this case, the water will be evaporated.

It is also worth noting that alcohol also helps to prevent infection, whereas vinegar can prove useful in removing the water if it is blocked by ear wax.

Therefore, mix the alcohol with vinegar and use a sterile dropper to apply the mixture into the ear.

You need around three drops and then you can wait for 30 seconds.

You can then turn your head sideways to take out the water.

Needless to say, this method is not recommended if you have an outer ear infection or an eardrum that has been perforated.

7. Insert an Ear Bud:

A clean dry earbud gently inserted into the ear can pick up the water stuck there.

Find one, and then insert it into your ear to get the water out.

How to Prevent Water from Entering Your Ear

As they say, it’s better to prevent a thing than to look for a solution for it.

Therefore, you can prevent water from entering your ear in the near future.

One way that can be made possible is to put on earplugs while swimming or taking a shower.

And if you’ve just had a bath, it might be useful to use a dry towel to clean your ears.

On the other hand, earplugs are useful given that even doctors recommend that individuals that play water-related sports used them.


These are the simple ways on how to get water out of your ear if it won’t come out easily and fast.

Whether the water was stuck in there as a result of a splash or accidentally during a shower, it’s possible to eliminate it.

And once you do, you won’t have the uncomfortable feel or drumming sounds in your ear.

If that’s what you’re out to get, then try the tips we have outlined above.

Some have even revealed that they were able to get rid of the water by jumping.

For what it’s worth, try it.




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