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4 Best Kratom Vendors: Top Places to Buy Kratom in 2021

Los Angeles, California – February 16th, 2020 – Mitragyna Speciosa, commonly known as Kratom, is an evergreen tree native to Southeast Asia, where the indigenous inhabitants have cultivated and indulged for centuries in the ethnobotanical herb and its properties.

Over the last few decades, Kratom has traveled across the world, spreading interest in the West, leaving many curious about the nature of the mysterious plant. The arrival of the promising herbal remedy opened new horizons for its enthusiasts and vendors across the United States.

Given Kratom’s unregulated legal status, the herb is often subjected to impure handling, posing a significant risk for consumers of the supplement’s adulterated forms.

Nonetheless, the increasing demand for the product results in a growing number of Kratom’s manufacturers of various origins. To ensure public safety and awareness,

MedicalWebTimes composed a list of the top most reputable Kratom sellers in 2021:

1. Authentic Kratom

At the top of the list lands Authentic Kratom, a U.S.-based vendor with years of experience within the Kratom industry. One of the biggest retailers on the market, Authentic Kratom has delivered premium quality and organic gifts of nature to thousands of happy customers in a safe and ethical manner.

Authentic Kratom continually utilizes accredited lab testing of their products to ensure the absolute purity levels have been met before the supplement reaches consumers and that the alkaloid profile remains intact during the processing.

With user safety as a top priority, Authentic Kratom places the utmost importance on the harvesting practices, growing conditions, transportation, herb storage, packaging, and handling methods, which all translate into the quality of a given product.

The company eliminates any predicaments via meticulous testing and ethical sourcing of Kratom from the world’s best manufacturers approved by the American Kratom Association.

Authentic Kratom is the largest online vendor, providing a vast assortment of strains for beginners and enthusiasts alike. The retailer’s expertise cultivates the herb’s cultural origins, delivering rare treasures of Southeast Asia in the form of unusual Kratom strains.

Sharing knowledge with the public and advocating for Kratom’s therapeutic benefits has become the company’s lifelong mission. Authentic Kratom sells unadulterated forms of products without additives, fillers, or harsh chemicals, providing exceptional consistency and quality for its consumers.

2. Buy Locally

Although buying Kratom locally has its set of drawbacks, such as the inability to research the product thoroughly before its purchase, it is also an excellent option for beginners to establish the correct dosage and obtain valuable information from the knowledgeable staff.

Find a reputable local retailer that specializes in herbal supplements.

Local solutions also promote an eco-friendly approach to the environment. Mass transportation causes more traffic on the roads, high fuel consumption, and mass production of carbon dioxide, smog, and other pollutants into the atmosphere.

It is also associated with employing a chain of intermediaries, storing and repackaging goods, and thus producing a large amount of waste.

3. Mitragaia

Mitragaia, a retailer based in Ireland, is one of the founders of the Western Kratom industry. The online Kratom vendor attracts consumers with high quality, lab-tested, and a wide assortment of strains.

Mitragaia runs a rewards program for its loyal members and provides discounts on a regular basis. They also practice a money-back guarantee upon the return of an unopened package.

The website provides resources to potential customers, such as their FAQ section, and offers effortless and convenient navigation. For those interested in becoming a vendor, Mitragaia grants an affiliation program under their supervision.

4. Kratom Capsules

Kratom Capsules is another online retailer with an unblemished reputation. Backed by positive user reviews, the website is a resourceful destination for all those who have a drive for knowledge about Kratom and its advocacy.

Their products are lab tested and cGMP certified – FDA regulation ensuring proper manufacturing practices, and provide substantial potency with an adequate alkaloid profile.

Offering a vast array of Kratom strains, Kratom Capsules provides a Bitcoin payment option as an alternative to tech-savvy and progressive consumers.

Besides the online shopping experience, the Florida-based company offers in-store purchasing for locals.

Final Words

When searching for the most reputable Kratom retailer, consumers need to pay attention to the range of different factors to establish whether the place is the right fit for their unique needs.

Kratom comes in a variety of colors, forms, or potencies, and understanding the individual properties is crucial for its responsible consumption. Sadly, not all vendors are created equal.

Due to Kratom’s unregulated status, it is the consumer’s duty to ensure that the supplement of choice comes from the companies that practice careful sourcing and obtaining their products through the most ethical and reliable harvesting methods.


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