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8 Best Practices For Improving Cognitive Function

The human brain works nonstop, every single day, even if you’re sleeping. Everything it does is called cognitive function (e.g., keeping memories, organizing ideas, and processing thoughts). And as people grow older, these functions start to slow down, become inefficient, and ultimately fail.

Nobody wants a brain with poor cognitive functions. Because of that, it becomes crucial for people to take care of their minds and improve their cognitive function. To know the best practices on how to do that, continue reading.

  • Solving Puzzles

At this point, you already know too well that puzzles exist to challenge people’s brains. A few things that puzzles are good at when stimulating the brain are making it complete sequences, finding patterns, and solving problems. Dealing with more puzzles can result in positive changes in your cognitive functions.

And when combined with smart drugs and brain supplements that aim to improve cognitive function, solving puzzles can become easier and make it more effective at improving your cognitive function, enabling you to work on puzzles without guides and solutions.

  • Learning A New Language

Studying a new language can help exercise your brain and improve mental agility. In addition, it also has neuroprotective effects, which are caused by new connections between neurons. This also results in better protection against mental diseases.

  • Traveling

Traveling improves cognitive function because it introduces humans to new sensory signals. When traveling, a person is often subjected to new sights, smells, tastes, and sounds. This also involves new and foreign experiences only traveling and new places can offer humans. 

These new things result in new connections between neurons as well. And they are called place cells in the brain’s memory circuits, often resulting in improved cognitive functions.

  • Engrossing Yourself In Different Cultures

Like traveling, different cultures can expose you to new experiences and sensations. Take foreign films, for example. Just like visiting a unique place in the world, a movie can take you to different places in one seating.

Of course, it won’t be able to deliver all the senses traveling can offer, but it can still help improve your brain’s cognitive functions.

Playing video games can also provide this kind of benefit to your cognitive function that experiencing different cultures and traveling can give.

  • Making, Playing, Or Listening To Music

One of the most exciting things about music is that a song can stimulate many parts of a human’s brain. A musical piece can activate places in the brain where movement, memory, and emotions are involved and processed.

Of course, different songs and music may have other effects and intensities. Nonetheless, if you want to ensure that you’re getting the most favorable results, you may want to start learning how to use one or two musical instruments.

  • Exercising

This might not be the first thing you would think of when thinking about improving your cognitive function, but it is legitimately one of the things you can do. After all, exercise can improve blood and oxygen flow to your brain, making it function better.

Also, exercising can prevent mind-altering and nasty sicknesses such as cardiovascular complications and diabetes. Even simply walking can count as exercise.

Aside from improved oxygen and blood flow to your brain, exercise can also increase beneficial hormones and chemicals in your body. It can also reduce the number of stress hormones your body produces and allow you to have more focus and brain power to do any of the mental tasks you’ll be facing.

  • Socializing With People

Conversing with other people can engage people’s brains. These talking sessions can improve your cognitive functions and even improve your mentality. Moreover, socializing with others can ward off depression and prevent social isolation that can cause depression and a decline in your mental abilities.

So, as much as possible, set some time to talk with your friends and family members. Even acquaintances can also help you in this department. Integrate these conversations into your daily life. Talk with a friend during your walk in the park. Talk with a stranger over coffee. And make sure to have a discussion with your family over the dinner table.

  • Sleeping Properly

Insomnia, which leads to chronic partial sleep restriction, has been a global problem for the past few decades. And one of the effects of sleep restriction is reduced cognitive abilities and potential. In addition, it can cause other issues such as high blood pressure and an increase in cortisol, a stress hormone, production.

Improving Cognitive Function In Children


Those are the ways you can improve your cognitive function. It’s best to incorporate these activities into your daily life. You can also enjoy some personal time off from your busy schedule to enjoy a quick trip to a different place or go to a party to meet friends and loved ones. 

Whatever you choose to do, know that all these activities are for the good of your cognitive function and can help your brain in the long run.

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