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The Cost of Owning a Rabbit: Budgeting for Your New Pet

Taking care of a rabbit is not as costly as it looks, However, proper budgeting should be in place so that you won’t spend all your money on a pet.

The adoption of rabbits as pets is increasing. You should be aware that rabbits are not like other pets such as cats or dogs.

They need more care,  and the costs of raising them are quite different and a bit higher than that of other pets.

If you are intending to adopt a new pet, you should make sure you have enough finance to take care of them.

Rabbits are expensive pets, they need a well-built hutch as well as other care materials.

This article is focused on helping you know the total cost of owning a rabbit, if you are thinking about rabbit adoption, you are reading the right writing.

Before adopting your new furry friend, make sure you have funds at hand that will cover the basic expenses.

Adopting a New Rabbit: One-Time Costs.

When you decide to adopt a bunny, you will be spending money on the basic needs of your rabbit and also on its long-term needs. 

You will have to provide a hutch, food bowls, and other equipment Necessary.

These things can carry depending on what you want to buy.

Below are the basic short-term needs of your rabbit and their cost.

Free Rabbit 

At times you can adopt a rabbit for free, these rabbits are usually from caretakers who did not spay or neuter their rabbit and it ends up with an accidental pregnancy.

Even if you adopted the rabbit for free, you will provide an enclosure and care for your rabbit.

Before adopting a free rabbit, make sure to take your time and study the living conditions and diets of the parents’ rabbits.

And also don’t forget to spay or neuter your rabbits because this will help them live a quality life.

Adopting a Rabbit From a Breeder 

If you decide to adopt or purchase a rabbit from a breeder, the price can vary depending on the breed you want to purchase.

Some of the common breeds are sold for $50 or even lower.

Rare rabbit breeds may cost as much as $100.

Why rabbits are not all that expensive like other pets is that they breed quickly, for instance, some dogs only breed once a year, while rabbits breed several times a year so they are enough rabbits to be sold at a cheaper rate.

Show rabbits can cost way higher than all other rabbit breeds.

Type of Breed  Cost of the Breed
American Rabbit $20 – $50
Dutch Rabbit $20 – $40
Flemish Giant Rabbit $50 – $100
Harlequin Rabbit $50 – $100

Supplies Cost

After buying your preferred rabbits, the expenses didn’t stop, there are still other supplies that you need to make available for your rabbits. 

You will need to build a hutch or cage where you will keep your rabbit.

You can purchase a wire bottom cage or hutch because, from a sanitary viewpoint, it’s better than the wooden bottom hutch.

A thick PVC-coated wire is also ideal for your rabbit floor. 

Your hutch should have enough space for your rabbit to hop around.

Normally you will need to spend around $150 to $200 to make a decent enclosure for your rabbits.

Indoor enclosures are usually less expensive and should be costing $100.

Building the hutch yourself can help to save costs you.

Here is a List of Supplies and Cost

List Of Supplies Cost Of Supplies
Hutch/cage $150 – $200
Bowels  $10 – $15
Hey feeder  $55 – $75
Litter Box $10 – $13
Play Pen $70 – $75
Nail Clippers $25 – $30
Chew Toys $20 – $25

Yearly Expenses

There are other annual expenses that you also need to put into consideration, such expenses include food, medical care, grooming expenses, and other expenses that will arise during your rabbit training. 

Some breeds of rabbits need grooming more than others.

Health Check-ups

Maintaining rabbits’ health is easy as long as they are properly cared for. Rabbits easily get sick more than cats and dogs. Your rabbits will need a proper check-up every year.

You can take them to your veterinarian for a check-up. It will cost $20 – $50 for the check-up. 


There are yet to be any licensed rabbit vaccines Available in the USA. 

However, in Countries like the UK, Australia, and New Zealand, there are a good number of vaccines that can protect your rabbit from Myxomatosis and Rabbit viral Haemorrhagic Disease (RVHD). 

Those two diseases are deadly however, cases of those diseases are uncommon in the USA.

Dental Care

Your Rabbits need proper dental care,  this is because rabbits have teeth that grow continuously and those teeth need to be groomed. 

However, this problem can be prevented by providing your rabbit with enough hay because constant chewing of the hay will help them to wear down their teeth. 

Some rabbits will eventually need constant tooth trimming because they lack a straight occlusion. 

The cost of trimming your rabbit teeth is between $60 – $300. Trimming is done with a clipper and Dremel.

Parasite Treatment

The annual cost of treating parasites on your rabbits ranges from $50 – $200 in most cases. Know that rabbits just like any other pets occasionally get bitten by parasites.

Those parasites at times may be expensive to remove at times. Although in most scenarios simple medication can get the job done.

The cost can be lower than we listed unless there is a complication from the parasite that requires more aggressive treatment.


Your rabbit’s annual food could cost between $300 – $600 in most cases. 

Remember this is a recurring expense, you have to provide your rabbit with veggies and hay.

The final cost may be dependent on the area you are located in and what you choose to pick for your rabbits.

To minimize the cost of food, you can try to grow most of the plants that rabbits can comfortably feed on.


As a new rabbit owner, you must ensure that you make an appropriate budget before adopting a rabbit.

Rabbits require intensive care more than other pets. You have to map out the budget with the estimates we have provided you with.

The cost of things might differ from what we have up there because geographical Locations also are a factor to be considered.

But overall ensure you have a pocket-friendly budget for your rabbit care.

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