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Do Not Just Wash Your Face but Do It the Right Way

You might think that washing your face is a pretty straightforward thing to do, so why even have a guide for it? Washing the face may indeed be a no-brainer, but properly doing it is another story.

You might be surprised that you have been doing some of the steps wrong or may even miss some of them. Cleaning your face thoroughly and right is essential to eliminate dirt while staying gentle to your skin. Here are things to remember in cleaning the face correctly

Remove Your Makeup

Before you dive into washing your face with water, remove your makeup first if wearing any. If using makeup remover, make sure to check the ingredients. Choose a product that is gentle on the skin and doesn’t have harsh substances.

Natural oils like sunflower, castor, and coconut oil are also excellent makeup removers. Put some on the cotton and gently use it to wipe makeup off your face. 

Go for Lukewarm Water

Many people believe that the pores open with hot water and close with cold. It is not true. Plus, exposing your face to extreme temperatures can lead to irritation. So be sure to use lukewarm water when washing your face. 

Use Toner, and Don’t Skip On The Moisturizer

After washing, there might still be dirt left on your face. Use a toner to remove dirt thoroughly. Moisturizing is vital to keep your skin soft and smooth. A CBD day cream can potentially give you that radiant skin you are after, as it could boost collagen production and fight free radicals. 

Use Soap or Cleanser Made For the Face

If you use body soap in cleaning your face, you’re doing it wrong. The skin in your face is more delicate than the other parts of the body, so a regular soap may be too harsh for it. Instead, use soap made for the face, and again, see to it that it doesn’t have any harmful or potent ingredients. There are also face cleansers that you can use instead of bar soaps. 

Don’t Use Washcloth or Face Scrub Pads

Scrubbing the face with washcloth or scrub pads is commonly done by many people. However, this too could irritate the skin, especially if you go too heavy on the scrubbing. So instead, use your fingertips to massage your face gently. If you want to exfoliate, use exfoliation products and leave for about a minute to remove dead skin effectively. 

Use a Soft Towel To Pat The Face Dry

Do not be harsh in drying your face. Gently pat with a soft and clean towel to dry. Some people don’t use a towel but leave the face to air dry. It’s not a good practice because it can cause the skin to dry due to water evaporation. 

Do Not Use Too Much of Your Cleaning Products

There is a recommended amount of facial products to use. Always check the labels to ensure that you use the right amount to get the benefits.

Remember these tips the next time you wash your face. Also, avoid over-washing as it can strip the natural oil and protection of your skin. Instead, washing twice a day is recommended.


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