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How Much Does a Hair Transplant Cost in Turkey?

Turkey is one of the countries that demonstrates that the process of hair transplantation yields results of the highest possible quality anywhere in the world.

There is not one set price for this treatment because there are different factors that affect the cost of hair transplantation most especially here in Turkey. The cost can vary depending on the method, the type of hair being used, the material being used, the number of grafts, and their quality.

When the total area that needs to be transplanted is greater, there will be an accompanying increase in cost. A reduced cost will be incurred for areas that are relatively small and sparse.

Also, the approach that was employed is also a very crucial one. Certain approaches are not utilized while working with huge areas.

How much does hair transplant cost in Turkey?

In comparison to the costs in other countries, hair transplantation in Turkey is significantly more affordable without compromising on the level of care provided.

Depending on the clinic or physician selected, the cost of hair transplantation in Turkey might range anywhere from $1,600 to $5,000. This cost includes hotel and transfer expenses.

In Turkey, the all-inclusive hair transplant package has a minimum cost of $ 1,600 and a maximum cost of $ 6,000. The average cost of the package is $ 2,300, which is
much higher than the minimum cost.

The cost is almost two-and-a-half times less expensive than the average price of a package in other European countries.

A hair transplant is estimated to cost roughly $ 6,500 in the United Kingdom, $ 5,950 in Spain, $5,700 in Germany and $ 5,300 in Poland.

Type of hair
Range of price
in Turkey
Range of price
in the US
Range of price
in the UK
Range of price in
other parts of
DHI Hair
€ 3990 – € 5000 $ 13800 – $
£ 11600 – £
€ 6550 – € 41190
FUE Hair
€ 1600 – € 2700 $ 12400 – $
£ 7690 – £
€ 4450 – € 5850
Sapphire Fue
€ 3390 – € 4990 $ 14900 – $
£ 20750 – £
€ 5700– 7300 €
Manuel Fue
€ 4490 – € 5990 $ 12900 – $
£ 40750 – £
€ 3700– 42390 €

What are the factors affecting hair transplant cost in Turkey?

A hair transplant procedure in Turkey can cost anywhere from $1,600 to $5,000, with the usual price falling somewhere in the region of $2,000 to $4,000. However, the procedure can be performed for as little as $1,600.

We will give you a concise but detailed estimate of the cost of getting a hair transplant in turkey based on the information that we have and our experience as a clinic that actively performs hair transplants. Consider the following examples of the factors that determine the price of hair transplants in Turkey:

  • Experience of the physician: There are numerous doctors and clinics in Turkey who do hair transplants. The pricing differences between these clinics are vast. The prise list is topped by the most sought-after and skilled doctors such as those found in Capilclinic which is one of the best hair transplant clinics in Turkey. Prior to making a decision, it would be in your best interest to examine doctors’ and clinics’ ratings and histories.
  • Hotel: All-inclusive packages include accommodations at a 5-star or 4-star hotel of your choosing. You may choose a 4-star hotel to save money, or you may go for a 5-star hotel for its superior amenities.
  • Technique: Many techniques are utilized for hair restoration. Some of them are high-tech and made using specialized materials, which incur additional expenses. The price may fluctuate slightly based on the employed method and supplies.
  • Number of Grafts: While the majority of clinics offer all-inclusive packages, others charge per graft. It will be prudent to know the maximum number of grafts in order to estimate how much you will be charged.

How much does it cost to get 2000 grafts in Turkey?

When it comes to hair transplantation, 2000 grafts are roughly equivalent to 5000 individual hair strands. The price range for 2,000 grafts is from $1,600 to $ 4,600.

On the other hand, the cost of a hair transplant in Turkey with 2,000 grafts won’t be all that different from the cost of 4,000 grafts or 3,000 hair grafts because the majority of hair transplant clinics in Turkey offer all-inclusive packages for the transplantation of the maximum number of grafts possible.

How much does it cost to get 3000 grafts in Turkey?

On average, 3000 grafts are processed during hair transplantation, which is roughly equivalent to 7500 hair strands.

Even if generally possible, hair transplantation institutes that offer hair transplantation prices based on the number of grafts in hair transplantation perform 3000 grafts of hair transplantation and charge between $1,600 and $4,600 for these 3000 grafts of hair transplantation.

People with complete hair loss may require two or more hair transplantation sessions, as 3000 grafts will not be sufficient.

How much does it cost to get 4000 hair grafts in Turkey?

Approximately 10,000 hair strands correspond to 4000 grafts in hair transplantation. Between $1,600 and $4,600 is required for 4000 grafts.

The average package price in Germany is $ 5,700, while in the UK it is $ 6,500, in Spain, it is $ 5,950, and in Poland it is $ 5,700.

Some European and American clinics charge each graft; in such situations, a 4000 graft hair transplant may cost between $ 6,000 and $ 14,000.

How much does it cost to get 5000 grafts in Turkey?

A patient who travels to Turkey may decide that they would rather pay for their transplant according to the amount of grafts they receive rather than the package price preference.

In Turkey, the cost of performing a hair transplant with 5000 grafts typically ranges between $2,000 and $3,000. This cost could go up or down depending on the number of people in attendance.

Why is Hair Transplant so cheap in Turkey?

Turkey is well-known for executing hair transplants at lower costs than other countries like the United Kingdom and the United States. It should not be assumed that Turkey’s Hair Transplant Clinics are of inferior quality due to their lower prices.

In Istanbul, the capital of hair transplantation, high-quality clinics and highly experienced and well-trained hair transplant doctors are available.

The lower cost of rent, materials, and products, as well as the huge exchange rate difference between the Turkish lira and the EURO and the USD, are the primary reasons why hair transplantation is less expensive in Turkey.

As a result, hair transplant clinics in Turkey can offer procedures with comparable or even superior quality at a reduced price.

Does Low Cost Means Low Quality?

The low cost of hair transplantation in Turkey may make some individuals hesitant, as they may believe that a low price also indicates low quality.

Due to the parity between the Turkish lira and the British pound, the Euro, and the United States dollar, hair transplant Turkey prices and other treatments are so inexpensive.

In the past two decades, the number of Turkish surgeons working in the field of hair transplantation has increased dramatically, resulting in greater rivalry.

As a result, clinics cut their prices as a marketing technique. Turkish physicians and hospitals are renowned for their surgical expertise and their ability to successfully perform complex operations. For many years, Turkey has been one of the leading locations for dentistry, eye, cancer, and plastic surgery.

In fact, before Turkey became the most popular destination for hair restoration, people from the United Kingdom and other nations had been traveling to Turkey with their friends for eye laser surgery and dental procedures after a wonderful holiday.

Additionally, the Turkish Health Ministry must accredit hair transplant centers and carries out routine visits to ensure clinics meet the highest standards of excellence.

Why Capilclinic?

Since it first opened its doors to patients in 2015, CapilClinic Turkey has become the largest private hospital organization in Istanbul.

Their area of expertise is hair transplantation, and they not only have cutting-edge technology that is up to international standards, but they also have a medical staff that is very well qualified in the process itself.

Since patient care is their primary focus, they have attracted referrals from a wide variety of countries. The surgical staff at the clinic is comprised of individuals who have been assessed, who are reliable, and who have years of expertise.

Also, the area of the city where the hair transplantation clinic is situated is quite convenient to reach. They are a model for the rest of the hair transplantation clinics in Turkey since
CAPILCLINIC is outfitted with the greatest and most up-to-date equipment that is accessible elsewhere in the world.

The clinic has received accreditation from Joint Commission International (JCI), which is a globally recognized credential that guarantees the highest possible levels of clinical performance.


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