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How Stress And Anxiety Forces Entrepreneurs To Seek Drugs And Addiction

Entrepreneurs are the ones who refuse to follow the usual path and become a part of the rat race. They chose and built their own path.

Entrepreneurs are those people who choose to go in the opposite direction and do something really big.

Setting up a business and doing something totally different is not an easy task. They fail; they rise.

Also, they are those people who are judged or, in most cases, misjudged by others the most. They often face emotional difficulties and deal with stress. 

However, it is best to take assistance from a psychiatrist to be emotionally stable during the tough time.

If you are finding the proper solution, you can opt for Infinite Recovery: the best assistance for your mental health. 

Often the entrepreneurs choose substance abuse and develop addiction instead of taking the help. Here we will discuss that. 

What Is Anxiety?

Before starting with the main topic, let’s get the basic knowledge and understanding about anxiety.

It is a natural human reaction, which plays the role of an alarm system in order to keep us safe from any perceived threats or dangers. 

Whenever an individual feels threatened or stressed, the body starts to feel the physical sensation of anxiety. That sensation includes the following things. 

  • Tensed muscles.
  • Rapid breathing.
  • Quickened breathing.
  • Trembling legs or hands.
  • Queasy stomach.
  • Sweaty palms. 

When the perceived threats which are responsible for the sensations dissipate, the sensations also fade away. 

On the other hand, anxiety disorder is the excessive, intense fear and worry which never goes away.

Along with interfering with all the daily activities, all the emotions that are triggered from the anxiety disorder are really difficult to control. 

That is why taking medical help from an experienced professional is the best thing you should do.  

How Stress And Anxiety Forces Entrepreneurs To Seek Drugs And Addiction

Addiction and substance abuse can have several types of reasons. For different people, the reasons are different. However, studies have shown that, in most cases, the entrepreneurs end up with drugs or any other type of substance abuse. 

Behind developing addiction towards any kind of substance, stress and anxiety play a huge role. Here we will discuss how anxiety and stress can lead entrepreneurs to the path of addiction and substance abuse. 

  • Urge Of Escaping From the Reality

The life of entrepreneurs is not that smooth. They are required to handle really tough situations regarding their work and ventures. Often when things do not work out in their favor, they search for a way to take a gap from reality. 

In this challenging situation, drugs offer them the chance or opportunity to take a break from reality. However, this method should not be preferable at all. 

  • A Sense of Relief

Just as we have mentioned, the life of an entrepreneur is too full of work and a lot of decision-making. When they develop an addiction to a substance, they get some time off from their hectic schedule. 

Plus, no matter what is going on in their life, substance abuse offers them relief. They think they are flushing out all the stress by doing addiction. 

  • A Quick Escape From Everything

Reality is hard. The business venture does not work the same way for everyone. Apart from that, the business includes both good days and bad days, both profit and loss. Most entrepreneurs can not follow the proper path to success.

They get judged, or we should say misjudged by the people. So they always search for a way of escaping from everything bad that is happening in their life. 

  • In The Sake Of Emotional Anguish

Emotion anguish is the most common reason why most people opt for substance abuse.

Every one of us is going through some hard emotional turmoil at some point in our lives. When it comes to the entrepreneurs, they are actually handling a lot all by themselves. 

Sometimes it becomes really hard to carry all that emotional baggage. Instead of taking the necessary help from the professional, they end up taking drugs and alcohol

  • Some Drugs Are Addictive

Having a lot of stress and anxiety is common for most entrepreneurs. Their life is full of challenges and hard times. In order to deal with the stress and anxiety, they might take some medications after consulting a doctor. 

Without even knowing, they start becoming dependent on those drugs. However, the doctor might have told the proper dosage they start to take on their own and become addicted to that particular medicine. 

  • Self Medication Of Their Psychological Distress

Some people do not even think about going to a psychiatrist and taking the necessary medications.

They think society will think them crazy. As entrepreneurs often are in the limelight, things become really difficult for them. 

In this scenario, they opt for self-medication; without even knowing the side effects of those medicines, they often choose the wrong medicine or those medicines which can be addictive. 

  • The High Feeling

In all cases, the high feeling that using some particular substances offer can be worth the addiction. This is what people say. It affects the CNS or central nervous system along with the reward system of the brain. 

These things offer a relaxing feeling and also help you to forget all those bad memories and experiences of one’s life. 

  • The Drowsiness

Continuous usage of substances makes you drowsy. You will always feel drowsy. At some point, they do not get anything that is happening around them. They always continue to be in their own world. 

This is what some entrepreneurs want when they are going through a really tough time. They do not want to face reality. With this escaping mentality, they want to stay with the addiction always. 

  • Complete Relaxation

Substance abuse acts on your central nervous system and CNS. It also affects the functionality of the brain. When you take all those addictive substances, you feel the feeling of complete relaxation. 

Your brain stops thinking, and that blank space is really addictive. After trying for once, people get the desire to have more of that feeling. 

It Is Not The Solution

Substance abuse or addiction can not be the solution to anything. Going through some emotionally tough time is completely normal and as you are facing problems or issues regarding your mental health, taking help is the best option.


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