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How To Help Your Child Become Creative

Kids are curious and will make something out of anything you provide. Their minds are open to all possibilities, making their lives magical and interesting. Avoid overloading the kids with schoolwork while they should be exercising their creativity.  Since the schoolwork has to be completed, your child may ask you “please help me with my homework”. Of course, you should help, but your help shouldn’t interfere with a child’s creativity and independence. Here some tips to boost creativity.

Creativity is important for the development of a child. It will make learning easier and enhance the potential of your child at a young as well as advanced age. Since creativity is natural, all you will be required to do is to guide the child through the creative processes. Here are a few tips on how to help the child to become more creative. 

  1. Do Not Micromanage The Child

Each person is endowed differently. As such, you cannot choose the area where your kid will exercise creativity. Some may want to sing while others draw or build toys. Avoid the temptation to micromanage the process of creativity. 

The role of a parent or guardian in the creative process is to support the kid. Provide the tools the kid needs to nurture creativity. If he or she feels like there is pressure to take a particular route and not the other, the likelihood of abandoning you will be higher. 

  1. Provide Space For Creativity

The curiosity exhibited by children has no boundaries. A kid will play with your gadgets, water, walls, your vehicle, and even the most precious possessions. The biggest mistake will be taking them away from the child without replacement.

Dedicate a wall with a board if you do not want the artist-kid to damage your wall. Buy toy cars to avoid the destruction of the real vehicle. Set a room where the kid can practice music or sing without interfering with other members of the family. Such support ensures that the kid feels that it is right to be creative. 

  1. Take The Child To New Places

Spending the entire day at the same place will stifle creativity. The best trick to make your child creative is to expose him or her to new and different places. It arouses creativity and opens new avenues for your child to try his or her creative instincts. The kids will also see new possibilities in an unfamiliar environment. 

  1. Provide The Props Required 

What does your child need to be creative? If you are bringing up a musician, you will need instruments and recording devices. If the kid wants to be a painter, you will need brushes, canvas, and paints. In the absence of such props, the child cannot exercise creativity. 

The props do not have to be expensive and professional varieties. Kids and amateurs can buy low cost yet effective props for experiential purposes. When it is time to take the talent to the next level, you can now invest in the professional props. 

  1. Do Not Intervene 

Creativity should come from within. It comes out of discovery, whereby the kid encounters difficulty and solves it through innovation. When you assist the kid to make an item, his or her creativity ends midway since you have intervened. Do not interfere with the process of creating. Instead, let the kid discover new ways of doing things. However, you can interfere to unlock an area that is causing the creativity of your kid to stall. 

  1. Allow Free Time

How much time is available to your child to engage in activities beyond the direction of a parent or guardian? Such time is important in determining the level of creativity. Do not overload the schedule with activities such that the kid lacks personal time. 

Free time should also come with the liberty to engage in whichever activity. Your presence or interference will defeat the purpose of having free time. Such free time must also be supported with appropriate props based on the area of creativity. It is a waste of time if the kid has free time without the necessary props. 

  1. Creativity Is Simple

Look at creativity in the simplest form. For instance, your kid does not have to sing like an angel or paint like Picasso. The doodling done by kids is enough to be termed as creativity. With time, such creativity will become an asset or a skill that is advanced through other channels. 

  1. Provide Rewards 

Appreciate the present level of creativity. The reward is meant to encourage the kid to advance his or her skills. The reward may come in the form of better props or more time to explore creative ideas. It sends the signal that the hours put into creative use and the effort will be rewarded. 

A creative child will find it easier to study in class. The potential of such a child is also discovered very early in life, enabling you to guide the kid appropriately. Allow the kid to choose his or her creative path to enhance his or her potential.


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