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10 Important Things To Know About Gastric Bypass In The UK

There is no other bariatric surgery more sought after than gastric bypass in the UK. Google searches, GPs, and NHS listings, everything shows this tendency. So, let us look at this life-changing phenomenon a little closer.

1. Gastric bypass in the UK on NHS

With exact terms varying across the UK, contact your GP and start there to find out the exact qualifications. They will also put you in contact with any further specialists. 

2. Price range in the private clinics

So, how much does gastric bypass cost across the UK? Correct answer – anything between £9500-15 000, which might not be all-inclusive. Some clinics do offer installment payments, though. 

3. Why the NHS waiting lists are as long as they are

  • There is a huge need for gastric bypass in the UK
  • Lack of funds
  • List of NHS priorities pushing bariatric surgery further down

4. Why NHS does not love gastric band very much

Gastric band surgery cost in the UK, when provided via NHS, is zero to the patient, but over £2588 for NHS. Although over a half cheaper than gastric bypass, the band needs several adjustments after being placed and is usually done to prepare for another, more permanent bariatric surgery.

5. Gastric bypass –  the most sought-after weight loss surgery in the UK

As we said in the beginning – gastric bypass is the most popular choice in the UK, both on NHS and in private clinics. The main reasons for this are its efficiency/success rate, easier and cheaper surgery than with sleeve, and also its permanency with little to no procedural aftercare needed. 

6. NHS might compensate for bariatric surgery abroad, with the right circumstances

NHS might just pay for your gastric bypass in Latvia or some other country, provided that it is medically necessary, you manage to meet all the NHS criteria and the destination country belongs to EEA (European Economic Area). The chances are slim, though.

7. NICE is fighting to provide more bariatric surgeries

Gastric bypass in the UK is on the rise, with NICE fighting to provide Type 2 diabetes patients with more gastric band and bypass operations. They logically assure that this will not just improve people’s health but also save money in the long run. 

8. Bilo-pancreatic diversion

This less-known surgery is similar to gastric bypass except that a much larger section of the small intestine is bypassed (there is also a higher risk of complications). Bilo-pancreatic diversion is performed only when rapid weight loss is required to prevent a serious health condition from getting worse. 

9. Going abroad for gastric bypass is a very popular option

While Turkey still holds 1st place in popularity, the distance and risks draw more people into European options, setting Latvia with its professional private clinic and affordable prices into the limelight. 

In comparison to the prices of gastric bypass in the UK, in Weight Loss Riga, the all-inclusive gastric bypass package costs £4323. 

10. Gastric bypass is no miracle cure on its own

It takes a lifestyle change and constant effort, but also provides means to achieve your goals. It can, with no exaggeration, save your life!

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