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100+ Pregnancy Wishes for Friend – Messages & Quotes

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Best Pregnancy Wishes for Friend

Holy! A new life has started blooming inside you and you’re starting a miraculous nine months journey. Warm wishes for you and your husband.

The families getting bigger eh! Well, I am really excited to hear the news. Congratulations! Enjoy each of the moment to your fullest.

Right now, I wish I could see your happy smile on that face. Really! What a surprise! Well, at least I will get to see an amazing mother. Congratulations.

Waiting for the day your baby cries with all its might. Wow! Must feel like a miracle, right? Congratulations!

God bless you! What a piece of great news to start the day. Here’s a toast to the beautiful mother and her stork. Wishing for safe and memorable delivery. Congratulations!

Heard about your good news! It’s really going to be the best feelings of your life. I wish you the best health and happy pregnancy. And I am sure that you will be the best mom out there.

I came to know about the best news that you’re pregnant, Let’s through a party for all of our close friends and I will be the host of the party… Happy pregnancy!

The most beautiful scene in the world is “A baby hold his/her mother’s hand and walking on the road “. I can’t wait to see the wonderful scene. Congrats on your pregnancy.

The most beautiful journey in your life has begun. May your journey be smooth all the way from having a safe pregnancy, delivery, and raising the baby! Congratulations on your pregnancy my friend!

From now onwards you have embraced motherhood. Congratulations on your pregnancy

It is only for nine months that you are going to carry the little one in your belly, but for the rest of your life, you will carry the baby in your heart. Congratulations on your pregnancy.

Start learning the nursery rhymes and practicing the lullabies as sleepless nights are on the way! Congrats on becoming a Mom!

Congratulations to you my friend on your new bundle of joy. I wish you a safe pregnancy!

Dear friend, your life is about to change for the best. I wish you the best as you start a new journey. Congratulations on your pregnancy!

You will soon be receiving a bundle of joy in your home. Congrats to my best friend.

Funny Pregnancy Wishes for Friend

Say goodbye to parties, shopping, weekend outings, and your freedom. It’s the time of being fat, changing diapers and giving up your favorite fast food. Welcome to the unglamorous world of pregnancy.

This is not fair at all. First had to spend money on your wedding gift, now on with the baby kit! Anyway, congratulations. I’m really happy for you.

I was thinking about something! Your tummy is going to get bigger day by day! But you don’t want to be fat! Haha! Excited to meet you! Happy wishes.

Come to think of it. Your husband will now get a rival alright. Wonder how he feels right at this moment. Just kidding. Congratulations on your pregnancy.

Why not go on hibernating for nine months straight? I bet you will not get any sleep for the next four years. Congratulations and warm wishes on this development.

Well, at least you have something to blame your weight gain on. Now you need to eat meals for two at the same time. What a pity! Congratulations mate!

It’s not the matter that you’re pregnant. The matter is that I’m going to be a cool Aunty! let’s celebrate. Congratulation on getting pregnant.

Just take over the new job for which you already nominated. You can enroll your husband as a personal secretary 24/7 and also can enslave him. That’s the charm of being pregnant. Congrats!

Mom! Mom! Just celebrating days to come! Happy pregnancy!

Open your heart and hold out your hand with graciousness given to carry on with life’s plan. Your baby is here and is ready to live with all of the love you can possibly give! Congratulations on your pregnancy.

A child is a gift of love. Even more good news. You are loved enough to receive this amazing gift! Congratulations from the universe!

If you never knew how wonderful you are to so many, just look at you now. Your beautiful life has created another extraordinary life. together you’ll make this world even more wondrous. Congratulations on your pregnancy!

I wish I may, I wish I might, be the first to congratulate you on your pregnancy tonight!

Your pregnancy gives a whole new meaning to being beautiful inside and out. Congratulations, you are gorgeous!

Just when you thought you had it all, this bundle of joy had something to say! Congratulations on really having it all now!

Let your heart be gladdened by the miracle of life within you. You’re officially the best mom ever. Congratulations on being in a family way!

Kids say the darnedest things. So do ladies who just find out they are being pregnant! Congratulations, you’re the talk of the town!

If lullabies are for babies, then congratulations are for the moms who will sing every tune. There’s no better mom than you!

Oh happy day! A new baby’s on the way! Congratulations!

Whether a girl or a boy, there’s no greater a joy than the news of your being with child! Happy pregnancy!

Don’t worry, you’ll do fine. You and your baby will have a wonderful time! Congratulations for becoming an amazing mom without even using a manual!

It’s nice to share. Let’s share in the celebration of your pregnancy together! Congratulations!

Every pregnancy is different. Every one unique. You make pregnancy look so chic! Congratulations on the happy news!

It isn’t every day blessings like this arrive. But it’s blessings like this where new love truly thrives. Congratulations on becoming the best mom you can be!

See, you can cook! You had just the right ingredients to make the perfect love recipe – a beautiful baby! Congratulations to you on a silver platter!

Getting pregnant is the most wonderful, exciting and happy way to bring an adorable child into the world. In fact, it’s the only way! Congratulations on conquering the perfect family strategy!

There’s nothing like the awesome gift of pregnancy to get you the cutest baby in the world! Congratulations, you did it!

In God’s eyes, you’re the mom for me. Love, Baby

Inspirational Pregnancy Message for Friend

I’m sure you’re so scared about the upcoming days, Yes, it will be a little painful for your body but great joys for your mind. Good luck and congratulations.

Don’t be so nervous, alright? A new life is starting to grow inside you. Now you’re the seed, your baby is the tree. Congratulations, really happy for you.

Your baby is so lucky. Getting such a beautiful and lovely mother like you and also don’t forget to mention an aunt like me! Congratulations on your sweet moments.

I know for sure. You are loving and enjoying the moment right now. Try not to be tensed, Ok? You’ll do just fine the coming nine months. Congrats to you and your husband.

I believe your daughter will be like a doll. Amazing, beautiful and lovely, just like her mom. Can’t wait to meet her. Congratulations mate!

Best wishes to your womb creature. Take care of yourself and the life growing inside you. May God bless you. I wish you the best health and happy pregnancy.

I just cannot wait for your little man to raise havoc on the delivery day. But I know you’ll manage to cope up. Congratulations my dear friend.

The journey, you are going through is expensive for any women; your baby in your womb, but you can feel your little angel in your arms; you can talk to her and she is your best friend now on. Be happy always and keep smiling. Congratulation.

Eat well and sleep well to make your baby healthy; your smile and laugh make her happy; your baby within you and you can feel her touch; it is true the waiting is difficult, but enjoy your each moment of pregnancy to welcome your baby in love. Congrats.

The secret world welcomes you and be ready to unveil its mystery; being a mother is an expensive feeling and you are going to feel it; your baby is growing day by day within you and it is the experience that you ever have in your life. Congrats.

It is the only time that your growing weight cannot make you worried and your bigger tummy gives you the smile of your life. You feel the journey of being a mother and that cannot be explained by any words. Live your life and congratulations.

You are soon to be a mother, before that enjoy the life for the nine months to grow your baby in your womb. Eat healthy foods and drink enough, so that your baby would not feel uncomfortable there. Congratulation.

Prepare everything for your baby, but be happy first, because your baby knows only you and loves your smile. Though she is in you, but she starts understanding your touch. Love yourself and your baby. Congratulation.

Religious Pregnancy Message for Friend

Your pregnancy proves that God really loves you. Because you have been selected for one of the greatest roles on this entire universe and that is “Motherhood”. God bless you and your unborn.

God has so much to offer. He likes to send his blessings from above us. You are witnessing one of them. Congratulations.

God is entrusting you with a great and amazing gift. Wish he will guide you through this fantastic nine months journey. Congratulations and warm wishes.

Can you feel the God is smiling and angels dancing around you? Well, guess what? A piece of heaven just came down to you. Stay blessed always. Congratulations.

Now I believe God knows better. He sent you a baby just to prove that there is no other person better than you to become a mother. Congratulations.

It’s a blessing from the heavens. But a miracle for you in the world. Good is spreading his blessings on you. Best wishes to you and congratulations.

Congrats! I’m so much excited about your pregnancy news. I’m expecting that my careless friend will be the most caring mother. I pray to God to make sure the good health of the baby in your womb.


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