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5 Reasons To Try Massage Therapy

The widespread availability of massages made them a popular service for pampering and wellness clinics. However, more recently, as its health advantages became apparent, massage therapy was adopted into the healthcare industry and was eventually recognized as its own practice.

This therapy uses press points to trigger internal reactions in the body and retains many of its cultural traditions from Ayurvedic medicine while integrating various forms of health disciplines. 

Due to this, massaging today can be a combination of therapeutics, physical therapy, and chiropractic, depending on the skills of the practitioner administering it. For individuals, this presents a chance to heal from mental and musculoskeletal conditions. 

If you’re wondering whether a clinic visit would be beneficial, consider what a massage can offer you. Further, here are five reasons to try massage therapy: 

  • Enjoy Lower Stress Levels 

One of the main reasons people try massage therapy in the first place is to reduce stress. Many adults and teens alike attest to constantly living in high-pressure environments such as school and work and living busy lifestyles. Over time, a heavy workload and long hours of studying can lead to elevated stress levels, fatigue and burnout, as well as affect sleep efficiency. 

Thus, massage therapy with Easy Allied Health and practices alike place you in calming surroundings that help you wind down and put you at ease. Whilst getting the massage itself lowers your heart rate and warms your body. This then induces physical and psychological relaxation when your body releases endorphins which can increase sleep quality. 

  • Helps In Chronic Pain Management 

Therapeutic massages are vital to assisting people who live with chronic pain to manage their symptoms for a prolonged time. 

Living with chronic pain can affect stress levels, fatigue that accompanies pain, and reduced mobility among many that impact health and daily activities. As such, pain management involves ways to help cope with long-term pain through a combination of lifestyle changes, medical treatments, and therapies of which massages are one of them. 

Chronic pain-specific massage therapy targets nerve points in your body because they contain receptors that prompt the brain to create pain signals during pain-stimulating experiences. Therefore, by carrying out these massages, they can disrupt the signal sent to the brain and decrease feelings of pain. This also works in the same principles as lowering stress levels and muscle tensions.  

  • To Reduce Muscle Strain And Soreness 

Professional athletes and everyday people who train for fitness, exercise and engage in physical activity often are prone to muscle strains and soreness. This is especially for people who regularly do intense workouts as it can lead to microtears in muscle fibers. Additionally, it can cause pain, delayed healing, and muscle fatigue after long-term strain. In this case, sports massage therapy can help with the recovery process. 

For instance, a deep tissue massage has the ability to reach soft muscle tissue membranes that allow organic matter and nutrients made by the body to permeate. This then also provides increased blood oxygen that speeds up healing and alleviates pain. 

Thus, massages play an important role in improving athletic performance, while reducing muscle stiffness and body function. In relation to this, massages can also benefit non-athletes who get muscle pain due to carrying heavy loads, injury, illness, or improper sleeping positions in the same way. 

  • Improved Blood Circulation 

Several studies show that you can expect an improvement in blood circulation when going for massages regularly. 

Poor blood circulation caused by both lifestyle factors and medical conditions can bring about symptoms such as cold limbs, muscle cramps, fatigue, and tingling and numb sensations. These are the result of a lactic acid buildup that’s unable to get naturally filtered out by the blood. 

Fortunately, massage therapy can help alleviate the situation by replenishing your muscles, cells, and tissue to regenerate and heal. This happens because the motion created by a massaging technique helps to push the blood along tight spots and stimulates the circulatory system to evenly supply blood throughout your body.  

Massages can also help boost the fluids responsible for transporting cells that fight illness and clean out organic waste. What could result is increased energy, lowered blood pressure, and less muscle discomfort felt over time.

  • Promotes Mental Wellness And Quality Of Living 

An often-overlooked reason to try massages is how beneficial it can be to improving and maintaining and how this can positively affect your quality of living. Many people only seek out massages to treat a specific problem and when they have a need for it. As essential as this is, the true potential of massage therapy is how you can incorporate it into your wellness planning and habits. 

Try going for an appointment without any underlying causes or immediate need. Regular massages such as aromatherapy as self-care can improve your mental health by stimulating your mind to produce ‘feel good’ hormones like endorphins, dopamine, and serotonin which regulate mood and lowers cortisol which is secreted during periods of stress and anxiety. 

Consequently, with an elevated mental wellbeing, you can expect an improved quality of life and a more robust mental fitness to better assist you in handling life stressors.

Massage Therapy


There are a whole plethora of reasons why you should try massage therapy, and most consist of the incredible personal and physical health gains you can get from it. The key points include reducing stress, pain, and mental health conditions while boosting calmness, and internal body healing. Finally, the most important reason to try this therapy can simply be for enjoyment and to take a leisurely break for relaxation.


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