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Reasons You Should Get Yourself a Cyclocross Bike

Choosing a bicycle is a big decision, not just because bikes are costly but also because they are your go-to mode of transportation for quick trips. You need to consider wheel sizes, riding styles, and axle standards. These factors combined will help you decide if you are spending your hard-earned money on a worthwhile resource.

Many cyclists suggest cyclocross bikes for everyday adventures because they provide better handling skills on any terrain.  

What is a cyclocross bike?

A cyclocross or CX bike is a drop-bar bike specifically designed to handle the popular racing discipline known as cyclocross. Their built-for-racing design allows them to race on courses that often travel through muddy fields, grass, and sand. 

These bikes have a geometry optimized for the technical courses they were designed to handle. Typically, their frame reach is shorter, the bottom bracket is higher, and the position is higher than a road bike. 

In muddy conditions, knobbly tires are recommended as well as traction at the frame and fork.

Why Should I buy a Cyclocross bike?

The versatility of cyclocross bikes makes them ideal for commuting, especially when you consider their ability to tackle a wide range of terrain.

You can switch to using the second set of wheels with narrower road tires and use the cyclocross bike as a road bike. 

Currently, cyclocross bikes are included as a dedicated model in the line-ups of most major bicycle manufacturers, far from being merely modified road bikes. 

To get yourself a cyclocross bike now, check out this awesome collection of cyclocross bikes at JensonUSA at affordable rates. Buying a cyclocross will allow you to take your adventure off the beaten path. 

Read on to learn more about this bicycle.

It Is The Best Bike To Ride In Winters.

Winter is a very unpredictable season. There are a lot of challenges roadies have to confront, from rain to snowy roads to gravel dumped from grittier trucks to black ice. 

The longer wheelbase of cyclocross bikes enhances stability under slick conditions. Compared with adventure and gravel bikes, which have a long wheelbase and a long top tube, the short top tube puts you in a better position if things get a bit squirrelly.

As an alternative to full-on CX knobbles, you can opt for slightly wider road tires, and the extra clearance the frameset provides will allow you to clear snow, ice, leaves and other debris.

Ride Anywhere With It And Have Fun.

The sport of cross-country cycling originated in the 1800s when professional riders in France sought a way to stay fit during the winter without riding for hours on the road. Races were held between towns along any route available, and soon a whole new sport emerged.

Though mountain bikes are better suited to hilly terrain and trails, they aren’t always easy to access. They are also noticeably more sedate and slower on flatter bridleways. However, if you switch to a cyclocross setup, you’ll be able to ride 33C like a boss. 

A road bike would make you feel terrified of potholes and unmade roads, but a cyclocross bike would handle it just fine. With the thrill of zipping through fields and along trails, stroking the branches of trees, the CX bike will offer an experience you will never forget. 

It Will Improve Your Riding Skills.

You will learn not to panic when the bike doesn’t behave as you expect by tearing around on the pavement, sizing up corners, fishtailing in mud, and skidding to a stop on gravel. Besides learning skills for off-roading, it will also instruct you on how you can position yourself for better traction when climbing, strengthen your braking power, and ride more efficiently.

One Of The Best For Racing.

Cyclocross racing is becoming increasingly popular and for a good reason: it makes you enjoy the adventure.

A criterium is a time limit rather than a set distance, and races typically last about an hour. However, unlike typical racecourses, many riders ride the course simultaneously and are spread out. Everyone can complete the race at their own pace, so it doesn’t matter if you’re a lap slower than the leader. 

Most of these bike races take place in suburban parks on closed courses, and they resemble an obstacle course for bicycles, in which riders must ride, run, jump, and sometimes even crawl under obstacles. Furthermore, the event does not feel like a race but rather like a fun group activity. 


There was a time when cyclocross bikes were thought to be only for winter fitness for hard-core racers, not the case anymore. They are also suitable for activities that don’t involve sandpits, start lines, or stairs. Its knobby tires are great for hitting trails, gravel, ice roads, or anything else. With their race-focused geometry, you can put on a set of slicks and blend right in with a group of riders without feeling out of place.


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