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Safety 1st Car Seat

Safety 1st car seat grow and go are basically what they imply, and that is to ensure the safety of your child.

These are car seats that have become a great choice for families looking for the well being on their infant and toddlers, in a bid to wade off dangers in unforeseen circumstances.

These benefits and many more can be attributed to the fact that they are safe for most children, and if you’re a parent, caregiver, or sibling looking out for the well being of a child, then here’s one way to go.

Safety 1st car seats have also been available in colors such as purple and blue all in a bid to make them cozy and meet the eye.

But what are the safety 1st car seat features that have made them quite popular of recent and helped them to garner so many reviews?

Let’s take a closer look.

Safety 1st Car Seat Features

Safety 1st Car Seat

The Safety 1st Complete Air convertible car seat was developed in collaboration with Kettering University’s Crash Safety Center.

The car seat has been tested for safety using a crash testing method that mimics a similar force a car vehicle would’ve been susceptible to from a side-impact crash.

The test was suggested to be the standard for the federal side-impact crash test.

However, the main features of the car seat are its Air-filled pillows located on either side of the baby’s head.

What it does, is to protect the head from crash forces that would’ve been directed towards it.

While the safety 1st car seat features may be similar among different brands, the specification for each varies.

That is why at the end, which you settle for should be determined by the features it can offer.

To that effect, the specification of the car seat of this nature usually includes the:

  • Rear-facing weight range
  • Rear-facing height range
  • Forward-facing weight range
  • Forward-facing height range
  • High back booster weight range
  • High back booster height range
  • Shell height
  • Lowest harness position
  • Lowest no-rethread harness position
  • Highest harness position
  • Highest booster guide position
  • Lower anchor weight limit
  • Expiration
  • No-rethread harness when not using the newborn setting

Removable Cover:

The Grow and Go, for instance, a brand of Safety 1st car seat also comes with a removable washable cover.

Thus, there is always room for an assembly after washing or to change the cover entirely if there is a need for a replacement.

It is also worthy to note that this cover can be removed without first having to remove the harness or uninstalling the seat altogether.

Buckle Holder:

Another feature you’ll find in a Safety first car seat is a buckle holder.

What this holder does, is to keep the harness webbing out of the way and prevent the parent from having to dig to remove the buckle beneath the child.

Benefits of the Safety 1st Car Seat

The safety 1st car seat features an Air Protect side-impact system that can ensure the safety of your child.

Thus, there are several benefits it can offer and some of these have been outlined below:

1. Encourages Rear-facing Sitting:

The safety 1st car seat is fairly tall and usually comes with a 40 lb rear-facing weight limit.

This design enables your child to sit in the car while facing the rear, which is known to be safer.

As a result, it helps your child to sit while facing the rear, and that can be as long as they are of the age two.

2. Ease of Installation:

Safety 1st Complete Air car seat comes with health benefits and the advantage of being installed with ease without the need for great expertise.

That being the case, you can install a car seat of this nature in the forward-facing position easily.

Also, you can access the forward-facing belt path.

There is also a car seat feature that allows the seat pad to be removed for easy spot cleaning.

3. Comfort:

The design of the safety 1st car seat ensures that you do not have to manually adjust the height by unthreading the harness.

However, if you choose to, it’s quite easy to twist the tabs at the top in a bid to adjust the height.

In the same vein, harness adjuster tail has been designed in a way that prevents it from getting trapped while rear-facing.

4. Rear LATCH:

There is also a rear-facing installation to look forward to with the use  LATCH system.

A latch ensures that the child’s car seat has been fitted into the vehicle correctly.

Let’s face it, it would be no use having the car seat in the first place if it has not been securely fitted into the car.

If the car moves from side to side, it could also tend to leave its placement which is not a good thought once you come to think about it.

However, a rear-facing installation with the LATCH system removes that unthinkable situation.

5. Rear belt:

Like the rear-facing installation with the LATCH system, there is also a rear-facing installation with the use of seat belts.

It has been tested in certain vehicles how the car seat can still sit securely and help to secure the child.


The health of your family is important and one way you can ensure that they are well-protected at all times is for every member to be given great care and attention.

One member of the household that deserves that level of care and attention is the baby.

Adolescents, teenagers, and adults may be able to withstand the impacts of a bumpy ride, but the same cannot be said for a baby.

That is why they need to be well-positioned in the car especially if you’re taking more than a trip to the store.

Noone wishes for something to go wrong, but we have no control over what can happen.

However, we can ensure that the right things have been put in place to wade off potential dangers.

It begins with using of the best Car 1st seat out there.


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