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How To Get Dimples: A Comprehensive Guide

How To Get Dimples: A Comprehensive Guide:

Are you wondering if it is possible to get dimples or you want to know how to get dimples naturally, either with a pen, ice, spoon, in one day, with a bottle cap or how to get dimples permanently with surgery, etc,

If any of the above is what you want, then relax and read on because we would give you clarity on it and even go ahead to answer some frequently asked questions on this.

What Are Dimples?

Dimples are little overlays or spaces in the plump piece of the cheek. They are the consequence of a minor muscle disfigurement which makes the skin of the cheek draw firmly as it moves, making outer divots.

This lovable facial feature is normally a hereditarily acquired characteristic. In any case, individuals conceived without normal dimples can effectively imitate their appearance through an assortment of strategies running from the basic which is makeup and facial exercises to the exceptional which is surgery.1

How Are These Dimples Form?

Dimples are here and there brought about by an adjustment in a facial muscle called the zygomaticus major. This muscle is associated with outward appearance. The one assists with raising the sides of your mouth when you grin.

In individuals without dimples, the zygomaticus significant muscle, for the most part, starts at a bone in your cheek called the zygomatic bone. It at that point runs descending, associating with the edge of your mouth.

In individuals with dimples, the zygomaticus major may partition into two separate groups of muscle on its way down to the mouth. One pack interfaces at the side of the mouth. The other group interfaces underneath the side of the mouth and is additionally fastened to the skin above it.

This split in the muscle can be alluded to as a twofold or bifid zygomaticus significant muscle. Development of the skin over the twofold zygomaticus significant muscle when you grin makes the dimple structure.

Since cheek dimples can result from a solid variety that happens during the fetal turn of events, they’re once in a while erroneously alluded to as a birth imperfection.

It’s imperative to recall that not exclusively are cheek dimples rather normal, however, they additionally don’t have any negative wellbeing impacts.

Why You Need Dimples

If something doesn’t have any benefit, people would not go for it. So in this case, what are the benefits of having a dimple?

  • Dimples make people look more youthful or approachable.
  • Dimples are indeed associated with beauty and even good luck in some cultures.
  • According to this study, men preferred women with facial traits similar to their own, including eye colour, hair colour, and chin dimples.
  • Dimples may also help us communicate with others. A study on human facial features suggests that the presence of features such as a dimple may make an expression or smile more noticeable, or may convey more information about the intensity of a person’s expression.

Other facial feature such as high cheekbones also makes you look attractive and youthful, check this guide on how to get high cheekbones.

How To Get Dimples

There are several methods to get dimples naturally and safely ranging from facial exercises to the surgery. Some of these methods include:

  1. Facial exercise
  2. Makeup
  3. Piercing
  4. Surgery

We are going to guide you through these above-listed methods of getting dimples.

1. Facial Exercise

Pout or pucker your lips and suck your cheeks in partially. Your lips need to be closed, but keep in mind that you are not supposed to clench your teeth together. So when you suck in your cheeks, a natural indent will be formed on your cheeks between your top and bottom teeth.

When you figure out that the indentation rests between the upper and lower set of teeth, press and hold the spot where the indentations are formed. You can gently hold the spot either with both your index fingers or anything with a rounded tip like a makeup brush or pencil.


Smile and then again stick your fingers on the same spot, try to have a wide grin and then reposition your fingers, this is the spot where the dimples occur naturally. Now that you have figured out the exact spot, continue pressing this spot every day for 30 minutes.

This way you will train your cheeks to form the indentations or dimples! Repeat daily and you will get your pretty little dimple! Though you have to know that this is simply a folk remedy, there is no guarantee or scientific proof that this technique works.

2. Makeup

You can achieve the cutest looking dimple with the help of a pencil. Use an eyebrow pencil draw the impression of a real dimple on your cheek.

Using the above-mentioned technique you can easily identify the correct spot of the indentation, so now using a brown coloured eyebrow pencil start drawing the dimple. Start with a dot from where you will draw a crescent of the dimple.

Now smudge the crescent and then adjust your makeup accordingly to make it look natural. Make sure that you use a brown coloured pencil to suit your skin tone, otherwise using a black eyebrow pencil will make it look unnatural.

3. Piercing

Just like the Daith piercing for headaches(which cures headache), you can pierce your cheeks to get dimples! But make sure that you get the piercing done from a professional piercer and do not attempt to try it on your own.

Consult with a professional and get your cheeks pierced in a safe way.  There are many professionals who discourage piercing your cheeks because it is risky. Dimple piercings can result in nerve damage since it can cut through muscle, unlike ear and nose piercings that only cut through skin and cartilage.

So do it at your own risk. Once you pierce your cheek, wait for two to three months before your remove the piercing, once you remove it you will see that both your cheeks will have indentation similar to the natural dimples.2

4. How To Get Dimples Permanently With Surgery

Do you want to get dimples permanently with surgery? There’s now a type of plastic surgery available that creates cheek dimples. It’s called a dimpleplasty.

During dimpleplasty, a small incision is made at the site where the dimple will be. Then, a small amount of tissue is carefully removed. A small stitch, called a sling, is passed through the skin and muscle on either side of the area. This brings the skin and muscle together and creates the dimple.

If you’re interested in this procedure, set up an appointment with a plastic surgeon to talk about the benefits and risks.

If not properly done, some of the complication and risk involved include:

  • bleeding at the site of surgery.
  • facial nerve damage.
  • redness and swelling.
  • infection.
  • scarring.


Here are some frequently asked questions on how to get dimples.

Do dimple piercings give you dimples?

Just as every other piercing practices, there’s no scientific proof that it works. so you should always get an advice from a professional.

How much does it cost to get dimples?

The cost of dimpleplasty varies, and it isn’t covered by medical insurance. On average, people spend about $1,500 on this procedure.

Can you develop dimples?

It’s regularly said that cheek dimples are an acquired predominant attribute. In any case, next to no exploration has really been done into the real hereditary qualities of cheek dimples. Somebody with dimples as a child might not have them as a grown-up. Furthermore, a child conceived without dimples may develop them later as they grow up.

How do you get natural dimples?

Mope or pucker your lips and suck your cheeks in incompletely. Your lips should be shut, yet remember that you are not supposed to hold your teeth together. So when you suck in your cheeks, a normal indent will be shaped on your cheeks between your top and base teeth


Dimples aren’t the only facial feature that makes you look attractive and youthful, you can also make your face attractive by losing some face fat, by making your lips smaller and also by getting high cheekbones, etc.

However, no one is ugly, everyone is beautiful in their own way.  If you have any question please comment below and don’t forget to share this article with your friends.

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