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Some Natural Foods That Could Help Reduce Mouth Odour

Mouth odour is never a good thing, it can chase even your friends away from you and you won’t blame them, no one would love to continually perceive an odour that would leave them frustrated.

If you expect your spouse to still tolerate you even if you have a bad mouth odour, you are wrong. Bad breath is quite offensive and it can stop your man or your lady from kissing you. You really shouldn’t let your breath ruin your relationship.

It’s the responsibility of every mature person to take care of their body, and so many people take this for granted.

One interesting fact to note is that the bacteria in food causes bad breath and also there are some foods that can just help reduce that odour that just won’t go away.

I bring you 7 natural foods that can help you improve the way your mouth smells.


Interestingly, water can help make your mouth fresh. A dry mouth is a breeding ground for bacteria and this is where the power of water comes in. Clean water just helps keep the mouth fresh for a period of time; so one with bad breath ought to continuously drink water. Water helps flushes away bits of food that bacteria feed on, so drinking water regularly is just a plus for a fresher breath.


Consumption of yoghurt can help reduce odour-causing bacteria hydrogen sulphide. Active cultures in yoghurt can help fight bacteria, and yoghurts with probiotics would also help fight bacteria. Do I see someone rushing to a shop to get one? Lol


Apples and other fibre rich foods like carrots help fights halitosis (a condition of severe bad breath). Foods like this help generate saliva and saliva is a natural mouth cleansing agent. You really need to get some apples and carrots handy.


Eating fruits rich in vitamin C would help make the mouth a dangerous place for bacteria. Vitamin C would help keep the mouth in check as well as fight gum diseases and gingivitis which is a major cause of halitosis.


Lettuce is extremely useful when it comes to fighting bad breath. Methyl mercaptan is a gas that causes bad odour in the mouth just as the food is digested. Lettuce is useful here because it helps keeps this in check.


Green tea is very useful for health purposes and it’s also extremely useful in fighting bad breath. Green tea contains polyphenols which is a type of antioxidant that helps fight against the growth of bacteria. Green tea is useful so that bacteria don’t have a hiding place in the mouth.


Drinking milk can help combat bad odour in the mouth, however, it would be less effective when it’s taken immediately after a meal. There is an interesting fact about milk; the fat in milk neutralizes sulphur while the water in milk can act as a rinsing agent. Milk really is one effective food.

Now you know these foods, do not give bad odour a chance in your mouth. Don’t chase that man or that lady that likes you because you have bad breath.


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