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Tips to Help You Feel More Confident with Your Nose

Body confidence is something we hear a lot about. Feeling good about the skin you’re in, embracing it, and celebrating it are the messages that are put out there.

And while it’s true that body confidence is important, for many people it’s easier said than achieved. People often have a feature they feel self-conscious about and could use a little help embracing.

If you’ve always felt self-conscious about your nose, there are tips you can use that will boost your confidence. Let’s take a look.

Outside Factors May Be Affecting the Size and Shape

Did you know many outside factors can be affecting the size and shape of your nose? Some of these may even be in your control, which means you can change the look of your nose. 

Factors that can affect your nose include:

  • Weight gain or loss
  • Rosacea
  • Melanoma
  • Pregnancy
  • Alcohol consumption (frequent)

Makeup Can Help You to Sculpt and Re-Shape Your Nose

If you’re looking for a simple, non-surgical way to feel better about your nose, you can turn to makeup. Makeup is a tool that allows you to sculpt and re-shape your nose so that you feel more confident.

It is referred to as nose contouring and is meant to make your nose look slimmer and more defined.

To contour your nose, you’ll need a matte bronzer that is two shades darker than your natural skin tone and a matte highlighter. Use the bronzer to create a light line down both sides of your nose.

You can use a small eyeshadow brush for precision. Then use a matte highlighter that is one to two shades lighter than your skin tone down the middle (the bridge) of your nose.

Be sure there are no harsh lines and things are well diffused. You can use a beauty sponge to help blend out lines.

Fillers Can Be a Solution

The next tip is to consider fillers. They aren’t as simple as applying makeup, but it is still a non-surgical procedure if that’s what you prefer. Fillers can change the shape and angles on the nose creating something you feel happier with.

Is Rhinoplasty Right for You?

So, what happens if you’ve used these tips and still feel self-conscious about your nose? If that’s the case, it may be worth looking into rhinoplasty – better known as a nose job.

Rhinoplasty can address a variety of issues, including cosmetic ones. It can straighten your nose, fix any bumps you have on the bridge, create symmetry of the face, decrease the size of a bulbous tip, and more.

When searching for the best nose job surgeon in Tampa, or any place in the country, make sure you look into their credentials and patient reviews and set up a consultation so you can speak with the doctor before making a decision.

The doctor can decide whether you would make a good candidate for the surgery and then discuss what kind of results you could expect.

All of these tips are meant to give you a way to feel more confident in your skin and learn to love your nose.

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