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3 Ways to Make Long-Distance Relationships More Exciting

Many couples are forced to move away from each other due to jobs or education, and long-distance relationships can be quite hard to maintain.

The distance makes it difficult to communicate properly and to plan out your day as a couple.

The distance can complicate a lot of relationships, but it does not have to be impossible to endure. 

Sometimes you simply get opportunities that are too good not to accept, which forces you and your girlfriend or boyfriend from each other.

Often, however, these conditions never last. It’s often about enduring through the tough times and then you can be reunited once again.

Try New Things

Trying out new things is a really good way to avoid accidentally friend-zoning each other and the relationship becoming too casual.

It can be anything, as long as you do it together. If you both are curious and open to trying new things in the bedroom, you could try out things like a remote control vibrator.

This can be a very strong tool in spicing up the relationship. 

You can also try other sexual things that make your next meeting even better. Sending each other cute texts or presents is a good way to increase the excitement. 

Improve Your Communication

Communication becomes much more important when you are speaking to each other on the internet.

When we communicate physically, we have all the available cues that we need to understand each other.

When speaking online, we only have one angle of the person we are talking to, or we might have no visual at all.

Additionally, there could be sound problems like bad microphones or bad reception. 

As such, it is very important to be tolerant towards your partner and try not to misunderstand them.

Perhaps they didn’t mean it the way you understood it.

Ask them to repeat, or explain, and make sure to articulate your thoughts as clear as you can.

Remember The Romance

Many couples forget to be romantic. Both couples that are distant, but also couples that have been together many times can forget it.

That is a shame, as romance and dating keep the relationship dynamic and exciting.

It might feel unnatural for you both to be sexual and remote at the same time. Especially if you are used to being close and intimate when you lived together.

There are however many ways that you can keep the romance alive when separated.

Many other couples have tried long-distance relationships before you, so you can learn from their mistakes before you make them yourself. 

The key to romance in a long-distance relationship is also found in good communication skills.

Have a good talk together find out what you both would like to explore and remember to respect each other’s boundaries when trying new things.

At the same time, it’s a good thing to be open to trying new stuff, as it can be a fun and exciting experience for you both, that your relationship can grow from.

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