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Which Medical Samples Can Be Delivered By Post?

There are lots of different situations in which you will need to send medical samples. You might be sending a blood sample to your local hospital or a urine sample to the nearest medical center.

Medical specimen delivery is a very important process and it needs to be done right. Failure to properly deliver different sample types can lead to the loss of sample material and increases the risk of cross-contamination or the transmission of infectious material.

How Are Medical Samples Sent By Post?

Both medical personnel and the staff at expert courier companies, such as Florida Couriers, need to handle every sample properly. Different medical samples require different processing methods and storage environments.

Medical samples must be kept in the most optimal conditions during transit to prevent them from spoiling or becoming unusable. Biological matter often needs to be delivered within the hour or, at the very least, within a few hours to retain its quality.

To send medical samples to hospitals or medical labs, a variety of packaging options are available. The most commonly used packaging for sample collection and storage includes tubes, swabs, and vacutainers.

Depending on the type of sample, several layers of protective packaging may be used. Often, multiple layers of packaging, including primary, secondary, and tertiary layers, are used to provide ultimate security and safety.

Most medical samples are sent via a special courier whose staff are trained to handle biological matter properly. These couriers guarantee delivery within the appropriate times based on the types of samples they’re delivering and the requests of the doctors and nurses using their services.

Which Medical Samples Need to Be Sent By Post?

In the medical field, there is an endless number of different tests and tools that doctors and nurses can use to make accurate diagnoses. For many of these tests, biological samples are required.

With the rise of virtual medicine and telemedicine, more people are now sending their samples by post instead of physically going into doctor’s clinics and hospitals. This means that there has been a huge increase in the demand for medical delivery services.

The question is, which medical samples can be sent by post?

  1. Blood samples 
  2. Urine samples
  3. Vaginal swabs
  4. Cell and tissue samples
  5. Cervical smear test
  6. Semen samples
  7. Stool samples

Specific types of packaging are required for each type of biological matter to maintain sample integrity. Samples can be sent to doctors and hospitals by patients themselves, or they can be sent between medical practices.

If patients need to send their samples immediately after collection, they will be told by their doctors or nurses beforehand.

If they don’t manage to send their samples off in time, they might need to collect a second one. This can be traumatic for the patient and labor-intensive and time-consuming for medical staff.

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