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3 Ways Women Are Benefiting From The Use Of CBD

The CBD market is being touted as the next goldmine. From medical applications to anti-ageing and mental health benefits, its uses seem to be endless. Across the globe, experts are raving about the perks of CBD edibles, oil, and other by-products.

Judging by the current response, there are no plans for the industry to slow down soon either: by 2026, the cannabidiol (CBD) market valuation should exceed $89 billion. Interestingly, 55 percent of CBD users are women.

As more women abandon traditional medication for the new alternative, here are some of the benefits women are enjoying by incorporating CBD in their daily lives.

CBD Oil Can Aid In Anxiety Relief

Women are twice as likely to experience anxiety as men, according to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America. With almost 20 percent of the adult population in the country dealing with anxiety, this means a significant portion of them are women.

One of the most revealing results of research into the benefits of CBD has been its ability to relieve anxiety and depression. In 2018, a study showed that the use of CBD can result in promising anti-stress benefits, which can reduce anxiety.

Another study published in Current Neuropharmacology in 2017 also showed that the use of CBD can help you manage panic attacks and social anxiety disorders: CBD is thought to bind to 5-HT1A – a key player in anxiety disorders.

With over $2.4 trillion spent on anxiety medication annually, CBD oil and other anxiety reduction products can also be a budget-friendly option to brand name medications.

The average price of cannabidiol concentrates can range between $0.05 and $0.20 per mg and is also determined by the concentration of CBD in the product you choose. For instance, full-spectrum CBD oil products are usually higher in CBD content, which can drive the price up.

The Beauty Industry Is Raving About CBD As The New Anti-Aging Remedy

Of all the industries being affected by CBD’s rise in popularity, the beauty industry has been at the forefront. From acne-fighting solutions to makeup,  CBD is used in beauty products across the industry.

Leading them are anti-ageing skincare products. The antioxidant properties of CBD can decrease the breakdown rate of collagen. This, in turn, results in fewer wrinkles and fine lines – an important concern for many women.

Around 42 percent of women aged 25-34 years old worry about combating the signs of ageing. Similarly, 54 percent of women aged 35-44 years old say they are perturbed about experiencing the sign of ageing.

CBD Products Can Provide Anti Inflammatory Benefits For Menstrual Cramps And Menopause

Lastly, women are tapping into the proven inflammatory benefits of CBD to cope with menstrual pain, hot flashes, and other painful female-specific conditions.

Cannabinoids can help the vascular muscles to relax and increase blood flow, reducing painful cramps. The use of CBD has also been shown to help with hot flashes and night sweats, which up to 75 percent of women in the United States experience.

From CBD capsules for mood swings and tension to CBD oil for menstrual pain and bloating, the market is awash with products promising women relief from their monthly pains and PMS symptoms.

However, be aware that research into the benefits of CBD is still in its early stages.

Also, while studies have shown its benefits to be quite promising, it should only be used in conjunction with healthy lifestyle habits to tackle these issues, such as adequate hydration and a healthy diet for managing acne.

When used as a part of a healthy routine, CBD can be a great addition to any woman’s health cupboard.


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