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8 Things To Know That She is Not A Good Type.

Some Women are just wonderful, they are capable of causing the downfall of men at their advantage. Some will encourage you to spend all your wealth on them yet when the wealth is past tense the reverse of love becomes the case.

Today, we are going to discuss on things via types of Women that you should know lest you become the next Prodigal Son.

Woman type 1: “My Friend said I should…”

We all need somebody to lean on, but we shouldn’t leech off of others thoughts and apply them to our own personal feelings. We ask to seek advice, not a solution. We listen to learn, not to know it all. Thus, when problems arise, it’s difficult to really reach out to someone who always reflects upon the decisions of the people around them.

Why not?: Don’t do that to yourself. Every time an argument occurs you’ll spend so much time hearing what everyone else thinks instead of what she has to say. The result is bitter frustration.

Woman type 2: “Sugar Daddy”

She’s got a great physique; great personality and her feet are pretty too! There’s only one problem though, she’s got a knack for Sugar Daddies aka Aristos. No matter how much you shower her with gifts and attention, she still goes bag to her old money bags.

Why not?: Any woman who constantly chases the old money bags is most certainly not content and would never be. Run while you can.

Woman type 3: “Liberal Spender”

Spend, spend, spend, but whatever happen to save, save, save? Everything is such a breeze and an enjoyable feat; great attitude to have, but when does reality ever kick in? Unless you have the thousands of dollars to backup that ferocious credit card debt, such liberal spending is a disaster, especially if you were to move in together.

Why not?: Just imagine moving in with this type of person. You would worry about the rent and utilities being paid too often. Too many priorities are based on looking fly, rather than keeping the A/C in the summer on high. Going after the things you want isn’t a crime, but neither is being cheap.

Woman type 4: “You should be more like Me”

She’ll try to make you feel small; like you need a ladder to pickup a dime. As long as you remain behind her, she can keep a close eye on you to make certain you don’t excel past her. That way, its much easier for her to take cheap shots at you.

Why not?: It might be quite annoying to have to deal with someone who can’t accept you for who you are. Everything is solely based on how well you matchup to their standards instead the originality of your very own.

Woman type 5: “You just met Her, and already She wants to go for a ride”

You know what I am talking about, and don’t act like this is new to you. There are some women out there who do this. There’s no time to get to know you for who you really are; there’s no care. Maybe afterwards, depending on how good you perform. You leave yourself open to many of things by pursuing women of this creed.

Woman type 6: You’re not good enough!

Anything you do is simply not good enough. Even when you try to be perfect, its still not good. If you were to drive 65 mph in a 55 mph zone, it’s too fast. If you reduced speed and drove 45mph in a 55mph zone, its too slow. Nothing seems to work unless they are done according to her standards. Despite if the situation seems irrelevant or not, if its off by the slightest decimal or centimeter she erupts.

Why not?: Because if you keep trying to impress or lead to her standards you’ll end up hurting your ownself by trying to be perfect. If we were all perfect we wouldn’t have erasers on pencils. Do not allow yourself to fall victim to avoiding mistakes in order to live a picture perfect life. The result is quite nasty, not to mention, it isn’t “you.”

Woman type 7: You should take Me for Shopping!

You should take her shopping, take her out, take her to the movies, take her to Las Vegas and maybe take her to hell if she keeps on. It’s ironic that many of us continue to fall for this flattering and mysterious type of woman. She’s never around or available until she needs a lift, needs some money or a good night because her boyfriend hurt her feelings. It’s a trap, man, stay away.

Why not?: You’ll probably end up depressed and strung out over a situation that really isn’t worth it. Why invest your time in someone who isn’t able to offer you some of the same courteous actions? She laughs behind your back every time and tells her girlfriends how “nice” you are, but just not to good enough to date.

Woman type 8: “Mysterious and Ominous”

She never seems sure of whom she is or she’s too guarded to disclose who she is. There’s nothing wrong with taking your time when getting to know a person, but there’s a difference between the ‘right’ time, and a lifetime.

Why not?: It’ll be the same as trying to saw a chain link in half with a saw; there’s a chance that it may happen, but no guarantee. You’ll spend an eternity in wonder. Also, this leaves you open to a lot of game play or as in boxing, ‘pot-shoting,’ where your opponent continuously picks you off with punches you seem too slow to respond to.

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