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Benefits Of Black Seed Oil For Skin, Hair and Health: It Side Effects

These seeds have often been referred to as black cumin seeds. It has a distinct texture that allows it to be unique and easily identifiable. It is an extraction of an oily substance produced through squeezing of black seeds.

These seeds have been used for several centuries for healing properties. They are also used for cooking and adding flavours to bread, curries, and pickles. These seeds have a bitter taste, and more closely compared to cumin or oregano.

In this article, we are going to tell you the over 70+ health benefits of black seed oil. Don’t be in a haste. You can always use the table of content below to go to any section of your choice.

Different Names of Black Seeds:

  • Black cumin
  • Black caraway
  • Black sesame
  • Onion seed
  • Roman coriander

Here is the List of Black Seed Oil Uses:

1. Cancer

Black seed oil can help to treat several health concerns including cancer, like skin cancer. It contains anti-inflammatory and bacterial properties that can treat cancer. These seeds can boost the immune system and kill cancer cells.

2. Diabetes

Black seed oil has the ability to lower blood pressure. Its extracts can help to boost glucose absorption levels in your intestines and also glucose tolerance.

3. Liver

Black seeds oil can promote liver health, increase function and immunity. It contains a low toxic degree and its properties do not promote negative impact on liver health.

4. Weight Loss

Black seed oil can aid in losing weight. Several studies have proven that it is one of the most effective natural remedies for obesity.

5. Hair Care

Black seed oil is commonly used for treating hair problems. Its natural oils can allow making hair follicles strong and promote hair growth. Using this oil can keep your hair moisturized and improve its quality.

6. Skin

Black seed oil can help to keep skin hydrated and slow down ageing process. It can also help to combat acne. You can incorporate this natural oil in your diet to help you give a soft, natural looking skin.

7. Asthma

Black seed oil can offer treatment to asthmatic patients and prevent asthma attacks. It can boost your immune system and fight off any virus with its anti-bacterial properties.

8. Digestion

Black seed oil is an effective remedy for stimulating body’s digestion and aiding in gas expulsion. It can also help to relieve you from stomach stress.

9. Hay Fever

People suffering from hay fever can benefit from using black seed oil. Its anti-inflammatory properties can prevent swelling, eye redness, running nose, sneezing, and burning sensation due to pollen allergies.

10. Epilepsy

Black seed oil is an effective treatment for seizures that cause epilepsy. It is anti-convulsant and therefore causes no side effects.

11. Tonsil Inflammation

Black seeds can help to relive throat pain that is caused by inflamed tonsils. It reduces the dependence of pain killers. You can reduce throat pain or sore throats in the most natural way.

12. Eczema

Eczema is a skin inflammation and causes unpleasant red itchy rashes. In most cases, it can cause severe swelling throughout the body. Using black seed oil can help to treat eczema because of its anti-inflammatory properties.

13. Psoriasis

Psoriasis is a skin condition which is accompanied by scaly pink plaques. These plaques are itchy, and make one uncomfortable. Black seed oil is often prescribed to treat psoriasis because it exhibits anti-psoriasis properties.

14. Insect Stings

Black seed oil is one of the most effective remedies for insect bites. If you have been bitten by a mosquito or a bee, you can apply the black seed oil for immediate effect.

15. Chest Congestion

Common cold often comes with chest congestion. It deprives one from sleeping peacefully. To clear up congestion, one can make use of black seed oil.

16. Facial Paralysis

Facial paralysis causes damage to the facial nerve and causes sudden numbness in one side of the face. It can be treated using a natural remedy like black seed oil.

17. Earaches

Earaches occur due to an inflammation in the outer ear, inner ear and middle ear ultimately leading to an infection. You can treat earaches by making use of black seed oil.

18. Toothache

Black seed oil is a great painkiller and relieves one from toothache. Its analgesic properties are effective to relieve one from toothache.

19. Remove Gallstones

Gallstones can cause severe abdominal pain. The properties present in black seed oil can suppress gallstones. Its potent anti-oxidant properties make it a natural remedy to treat gallstones.

20. Haemorrhoids

Haemorrhoids are clumps of swollen veins that occur within the lowest part of anus and rectum. Using black seed oil can offer immediate relief, and prevent the spread of haemorrhoids.

21. Headache and Migraine

Black seed oil can help to treat migraines and headaches. You can use around areas of your eyes, nose and forehead. It can provide immediate relief from any kind of throbbing pain.

22. Anaemia

Anemia is a serious health concern and puts you at risk for blood deficiency. It is a condition in which the body experiences deficiency of red blood cells. Making use of black seed oils can help to treat anemia effectively.

23. Promote Urine Production

Black seed oil has the potential to stimulate urine production. For several years, prostate and bladder problems have been treated with the help of this oil. Using this herb can show drastic improvement in prostrate health.

24. Improve Physical Health

It is very important to keep your physical health in check for overall quality of life. For boosting physical health, there is nothing more effective than black seed oil.

25. Bronchitis

When one suffers from bronchitis, they can suffer from shortness of breath and thickened mucus. Treatments include soothing remedies to help with the coughing. One of the remedies include taking black seed oil.

26. Arthritis

Body pain and stiffness can worsen with age. Its symptoms can include joint pain, reduced range of motion, and inflammation. Medication and therapy can help ease arthritic pain. Another remedy also includes black seed oil.

27. MSRA Infections

Methicillin resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MSRA) is often caused due to bacteria which becomes immune to the intake of several antibiotics. This type of bacteria can be treated with the help of black seed oil.

28. Insomnia

Insomnia is a serious condition of sleep disorder that affects many people worldwide. It has been widely proven that sleep disorders can be prevented with the use of black seed oil.

29. Dry Mouth

Dry mouth is a condition where the salivary glands in your mouth cannot produce enough saliva in your mouth. To treat dry mouth, you can rinse your mouth using a black seed oil mixture.

30. Breast Feeding and Lactation

During lactation period, the breast milk production can increase. One of the natural remedies to help during breastfeeding period is through black seed oil. It can keep your nipples protected when applied before breastfeeding.

31. Improve Eye Vision

Taking black seed oil can help to improve eyesight and vision. It can help in the treatment of pink eye infection.

32. Treats Hepatitis C Virus

Hepatitis C virus can be caused due to an inflammation of the liver. Black seed oil contains compound thymoquinone which can relieve the symptoms that comes with HCV. It can reduce the symptoms of HCV such as fatigue, jaundice, and emotional instability.

33. Unclogs Pores

Clogged pores can be a resultant of a poor immune system which ultimately leads to buildup of excessive sebum. It can clog up pores and make you appear old and tired. You can use black seed oil to see immediate results.

34. Improving Schizophrenia Cases

Black seed oil extracts contain thymoquinone. These compounds contain anti-inflammatory properties for reducing inflammation and treating schizophrenia.

35. Treating Surgical Scars

Black seed oil is an effective remedy for clearing surgical scars. It can help to remove and heal scars naturally. This is great because a lot of remedies are not effective in removing surgical scars fully.

36. Improve Cognitive Function

Black seed oil has proven to balance mood, and improve cognitive function. The oil exerts anti-anxiety agents and is an essential choice for treatment.

37. Soften Lips

Dry cracked lips can happen due to a lack of moisture. Applying black seed oil on lips can encourage better moisture retention making lips soft.

38. Gum Infections

Black seed oil is one of the essential natural remedies for healing gum infections. Its anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant agents can help clear the gums from bacteria and relieve one from pain.

39. Soothes Burns

Black seed oil is a popular ingredient found in most skin creams. It is commonly used for soothing burns. At the same time, it can help to keep the skin moisturized.

40. Regulate Periods

Black seed oil is helpful for treating a lot of menstrual disorders. It can help to regulate and stimulate your menstrual cycle.

41. Ease Anxiety or Panic Attacks

Black seed oil can stabilize your mood and lower your anxiety levels after daily use for one month. This anti-inflammatory treatment can help to ease off anxiety or panic attacks.

42. Acts as anti- depressant

Black seed oil has anti-depressant properties which is helpful for the treatment of depression. It is widely used in the treatment of depression.

43. Prevent Dizziness and Lightheadedness

Living an unhealthy lifestyle can treat and prevent dizziness. Black seed oil is an efficacious remedy against dizziness. It can cure dizziness and will prevent the causes and symptoms.

44. Cleanse Parasites

Black seed extracts contain anti-parasitic properties which can help to cleanse body from parasites. It can intoxicate the parasites and make it simpler for the body to intoxicate and destroy it.

45. Brain Damage

Black seed extract contains thymoquinone and protects brain neurons against synaptic toxicity. The TQ present in black seed oil can boost cell death in glioblastoma cells, and relieve from brain damage.

46. Treats Lymphoma

Lymphoma is a common type of lymphatic cancer that affects many people. There are several studies which reveal how black seed extract help in removal of lymphatic cancer cells.

47. Cures Carbuncles

Black seed is a great remedy to find quick relief from a cluster of boils or carbuncle during early stage. This oil can help to make the boils disappear in a short period of time because of its anti-bacterial properties.

48. Treats Diarrhea

Diarrhea is a viral infection and common amongst children. One remedy for this type of infection is black seeds. It can balance your digestive system through its anti-inflammatory properties.

49. Reduces High Blood Pressure

Black seed oil is commonly used for treating high blood pressure. Many patients can feel a significant drop in blood pressure when consuming black seed oil. It is one of the most effective forms of natural therapy.

50. Prevents Spasms

Black seed oil contains natural anti-spasmodic properties useful for easing muscle cramps or spasms. Applying the oil on affected area can bring instant relief.

51. Prevent Breast Cancer

Continuous use of black seed oil can suppress reproduction of breast cancer cells. A larger dose of the oil can result in an even more powerful suppression. The oil can deactivate breast cancer cells and prevent inflammation after chemotherapy and radiation sessions.

52. Relieve Inflamed Tonsils

Black seeds are a great remedy to relieve those suffering from throat pain related to inflamed tonsils. It is one of the most natural forms of remedies for throat pain.

53. Treat Opiate Addiction

Regular usage of black seed oil can help recover from opiate addiction. It can rapidly improve the symptoms of serious opiate drawbacks. It can also prevent moments of relapse in a person.

54. Heart burn

A natural remedy for treating heartburn can be black seed oil. For several centuries, this oil has been used for treating heartburn condition successively.

55. Ulcers

Black seeds are natural herbs that can treat ulcers effectively. It can help to treat all types of ulcers.

56. Alzheimer’s

Black seed oil acts as a natural supplement for slowing down the progression of Alzheimer’s disease. It can help to prevent the condition when taken in daily doses.

57. Meningitis

Meningitis is caused through viral and bacterial infections. It can lead to brain inflammation and ultimately lead to an infection. The potency of black seeds is important in the treatment for meningitis.

58. Increase Bone Marrow cell

Black seed extracts can boost the cell growth of bone marrow by an astonishing 150%. It can inhibit the growth of all tumors by 50% to the least.

59. Boost Memory

Several studies have indicated that the consumption of black seeds can enhance your memory, attention, and cognitive abilities. It can help to increase your sharpness of mind, and improve ability to remember things or events.

60. Rheumatic Pains

Rheumatism usually occurs at old age where there is inflammation and pain in the joints. One good remedy to relieve rheumatic pain can be black seed oil. The potent anti-inflammatory properties found in black seeds make it effective for such pain.

61. Fights Histamine Intolerance

Black seeds oil has anti-histamine activity. Its thymoquinone compounds can slow down the release of histamine from mast cells.

62. Liver Cancer

Black seed oil is an effective remedy for treating liver cancer. It can also be useful for treating cancer that is caused due to chemicals present in liver cancer.

63. Protects Kidneys

Black seeds oil has long been used for the treatment of kidney stones. It contains potent anti-kidney stone properties useful for protecting your kidney.

64. Radio Protective

Black seed oil is an effective radioactive agent and fights against immunosuppressive and oxidative effects caused by ionizing radiation.

65. Candida and Fungus Growth

Black seed oil has presence of compounds like thymohydroquinone or thymoquinone which helps decrease fungal activity. Black seed oil contains methanolic extracts which effectively works against candida.

66. Anti-Inflammatory

Black seed oil contains anti-inflammatory properties that are helpful for treating the presence of Th1 and Th2. It controls the production of nitric acid caused through macrophages.

67. Anti-oxidant

Black seed oil contains antioxidant properties that can help to inhibit reactive oxygen species. It can help to restore the activity of red cells antioxidant enzymes.

68. Kill Leukemia Cells

Black seed oil contains anti-proliferative effects of human myeloblastic leukemia HL-60 cells. It is effective in reducing the risk of several types of cancer, including leukemia cells.

69. Prevent Brain Cancer Cells

Black seed oil is effective for suppressing cancer cells and brain tumors. It is has been indicated that black seed oil is a natural remedy helpful in the treatment for brain cancer and tumors.

70. Treat dry knees, feet, and elbow

Regular usage of black seed oil can help improve dry knees, feet, hands, and elbow. Its antioxidant, moisturizing, and anti-inflammatory agents help in skin regeneration.

71. Improve Sexual Weakness

There are a lot of factors that leads to sexual difficulties. There can be both psychological and physical aspects involved. One natural remedy to treat sexual weakness problem can be black seeds.

72. Treat Vaginal White Discharge

Most women experience a clear, white, or yellowish vaginal discharge. This discharge usually comes right after or before monthly menstrual cycle. To treat this vaginal infection naturally, make use of black seed oil remedy.

73. Remove Uterus Stone

Urinary tract stones can form in your kidneys and enlarge in your bladder. It can lead to excruciating pain. One of the natural remedies to get rid of uterus stone is black seed oil.

74. Maternity Weakness

It is natural for women to go through a lot of pain and weakness during maternity stage. After delivery, a woman can experience physical and mental weakness and tiredness easily. One of the natural remedies to ease these tensions can be black seed oil.

75. Swollen Vital Organs

Wounds or injuries on body parts can lead to swelling and heaviness. It can be treated using black seeds.

Black Seed Oil Cures:

Black seed oil is used in the treatment of several diseases and complications. It is also known as nigella sativa. The ingredients present in the oil can act as natural remedies for almost everything. Here are few of its properties:

  • Anti-bacterial
  • Anti-oxidant
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Anti-cancer
  • Anti-histamine

Black Seed Side Effects:

There is not much evidence which can prove the side effect of black seed oil. The oil does not have any side effects when taken in small dosage. In fact, two to three tsp of the oil consumption is safe. However, consuming more than the given dosage can be harmful.

  1. Pregnant women should not consume black seed oil. The oil can slow down or stop the uterus contraction.
  1. Breastfeeding mothers should avoid using the oil because it can be unsafe for the baby.
  1. The oil can result in blood clot formation. Patients with blood disorder should avoid using this oil in any form.
  1. Black seed can lower blood pressure. It can be harmful for people with low blood pressure.
  1. People with diabetes should not consume too much of the oil as it can lower sugar levels to a dangerous point.

Black Seed Oil Tips:

  1. Do not use the oil before and after surgery.
  1. Babies and children might be allergic to the oil. Test first with one to two drops first, and see the results.
  1. Do not use the oil directly on skin and hair. Dilute it with olive oil or coconut oil.

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