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11 Essentials You Need To Live Your Hot Girl Summer Life

This summer, it is absolutely essential for you to be unapologetically yourself and have some fun owing to the previous months you spent locked up in your homes due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

It’s finally time that you get to live your Hot Girl Summer dream, treat yourself, and reclaim all the fun you lost due to the previous year. Listed below are some of the essentials you need to be at the top of your game, and live your Hot Girl Summer life:

You Need Summer Swimwear

Swimwear and beachwear are an absolute must for the summer. You need to look for affordable and on-trend options or women’s bathing suits that you wear on your trips to the beach. Whether you choose onesies or two pieces is completely up to you.

You could also choose to make a statement by wearing two pieces that are mismatched or in contrast with each other. Irrespective of what you choose, be sure to choose something that you are comfortable in and feel confident wearing. 

You Need The Coolest Possible Shades

Sunglasses and shades are so versatile that a single pair goes with multiple outfits. Not only is shade a practical and necessary accessory but are also pretty fashionable and can help you make a statement. Buy a mix of petite sunglasses inspired by Billie Eilish, and large colorful retro shades to have something that goes with every possible outfit.

You Need a Skincare Routine

In order to look your best this summer, you need a skincare routine that is both effective and easy to follow. The very basics that you need are sunscreen, a good quality moisturizer, and a hydrating serum.

Sunscreen is important because you’d probably be out in the sun a lot and hence your skin would be prone to UV damage.

Be sure to reapply sunscreen throughout the day for added protection. A moisturizer and a hydrating serum are important too in order to make sure your skin remains soft and supple during the day.

You Need Instagram-worthy Jewelry

Accessorizing should be at the top of your list this summer and the best way to make a statement is through unique jewelry pieces. Be sure to be mindful of local and small businesses which sell handmade and unique jewelry pieces.

You may opt for cute rings made out of clay or dainty necklaces and earrings that are made out of dried flowers and resin.

You Need a Beach Basket or Bag

You need a beach basket or a bag that holds all your beach essentials. Opt for either a tote made out of environmentally friendly material or a basket made out of wicker. The essentials you are likely to carry include towels, a hat, sunscreen, beach slippers, and a change of clothes.

You Need Athleisure Sets

You should invest in staple athleisure sets this summer to both looks and feel great about yourself. These are apt for absolutely everything whether it is a quick jog down the park or a run to the grocery store – even for a brunch out with your friends.

Opt for a set of matching separates that are comfortable and versatile, and can be worn with other components from your wardrobe too such as matching your athleisure leggings with an old crop top.

You Need a Pair of Sneakers

You need a pair of reliable and comfortable sneakers for your summer outings this season. While you could stick to the classic old white sneakers, it is recommended that you step out of your monochromatic comfort zone and opt for unique colorful options.

You could also paint your old white sneakers yourself to make something truly unique and personal to you. Stick to classic silhouettes such as the Nike Air Force or Vans.

You Need a Pair of Denim Shorts

A piece of clothing that is likely to be a summer staple – and probably already present in your wardrobe – are denim shorts. You may opt for light or dark denim that is either stretchable or non-stretch according to your preference.

You may also take it up a notch and customize your pair of denim shorts by adding little beads on them or fade it yourself to make them look distressed.

You Need a Sheer Dress

Sheer dresses are all the rage this season and you need to invest in a sheer dress that is likely to make a statement. It can be used as a simple dress, as a coverup for your swimsuit, or as a bodysuit depending on however you may wish to wear it.

Opt for a bold print or for a solid color that speaks to you and represents your style in the best way possible.

You Need a Haircut

If you are adding new elements into your life this summer, a haircut wouldn’t hurt at all. Opt for a short trending hairstyle such as a layered lob or a pixie cut that is easy to maintain and very fashionable right now. You may also opt for fringes or lowlights to change your overall look a little.

You Need a Playlist

Other than the above, you need a bopping playlist to tie in your hot girl summer vibe altogether. Create a playlist with all your favorite summer hits that will not only remind you to have fun but will also empower you to love yourself and to have a good time.

While pursuing a hot girl summer may feel superficial to some, it is actually an act of self-love and accepting yourself for who you are. Don’t be afraid to step out and have some fun this season as you deserve this more than ever due to being locked up the previous months owing to the pandemic.

The time we spent in constant fear and depression the previous few months needs to be forgotten by indulging ourselves in fun and nurturing activities and bringing out your hot girl summer is likely to help you get over that time by putting yourself first and having some fun.


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