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Heartfelt Goodbye Messages For Boyfriend

In this article, we have put together the best goodbye message for boyfriend after a breakup, emotional goodbye letter to boyfriend, farewell message for boyfriend going abroad, how to make someone cry in a goodbye letter, goodbye message for an ex-boyfriend, saying goodbye to boyfriend long distance letter, etc

Goodbye Messages For Boyfriend

No matter where you go, no matter where you are – always remember that there is this girl who is waiting for you to come back and take her into your arms. Goodbye.

Your memories will keep me alive, and it is tough for me to say goodbye. Take care.

Someday you’ll realize the pain of distance, someday you’ll realize the worth of togetherness. Hope you do well in whatever path you choose ahead, that’s my blessing!! Goodbye.

Don’t feel sorry for me as you leave. My life will be just the same – dreaming about the day we can be together forever. I love you, goodbye.

It’s not easy for me to say goodbye. But I’ll always be there for you whenever you need me.

My words cannot express the pain inside me to say goodbye. I’ll forever cherish the memories of us.

I’ll forever keep you in the core of my heart. I hope the best for your future.

Never thought I’d have to face such a situation. It hurts, but there’s no other way. Goodbye!

I only thought it was a stage of life where things become confusing but won’t fail to be okay again. How wrong I was; I guess I didn’t know any better. Goodbye.

Slowly and steadily, we will bounce back to our individual definitions of happiness. It’s fine that we met in our lifetime. Goodbye, and do take care of yourself.

Just a goodbye, and the tears from my eyes are running down my cheeks uncontrollably. My nostrils aren’t left out in the cry from the heart broken. I don’t ever wish to go through this pain of leaving, again.

If parting ways will bring you immense joy and freedom, then it will be selfish of me to stay back. Sincerely, I wish you all the good things you desire out of life.

I may not know about the future, but I can say with all assurance, that I am presently in a miserable state. I don’t know why we have to choose goodbye over togetherness, but I think it will work out for the best.

Did you envision this day? Did you ever hope that a day will come, when we will record our last conversation as lovers? Are you unsurprised that it eventually came to be, that we will have to give up on each other?

Don’t worry about my well-being for I will be fine. Don’t ever feel burdened concerning the state of my heart, for I will get on ahead, gradually. It was my pleasure sharing time with you…once in my lifetime.

I wouldn’t want to get in the way of your peace of mind, neither would I want to be the reason why you lived an unfulfilled life. Someday, I will like to share in your joy. But for the meantime, goodbye.

There is a difference between living for a purpose, and settling for a reason. I am sure that both of us aren’t the best for living out purpose. As such, it will be nice if we went our separate ways.

I thought that dreams do come true to those who believe, because I had dreams of a bright future with you. But it seems that saying didn’t work out for me. Goodbye, dear friend.

Ideally, a happy life is a beautiful life. You don’t deserve anything less than a beautiful life powered by happiness. Our relationship is stripping you of that opportunity. Goodbye.

Forgive me for wronging you beyond description. Forgive me for letting you down when I shouldn’t. If I could rewrite the impression of me on you, I would have done so. Goodbye; I didn’t mean to leave you broken hearted.

You’ll never be in my past. Every day I live, I will be reminded of one of the most loving hearts I was lucky to encounter. Goodbye, sweetest.

It is too daunting a task to start all over again. With the number of years committed in loving and caring for you, it is almost impossible to look forward to another relationship. I didn’t expect us to end. It’s all good though.

It’s too hard to deal with, but I will try. Given the moments we shared, couldn’t we have found any other way around our differences but separation? It is funny how I thought you were my last bus stop.

I cry, not because I am helpless on what to do with my life. I weep, not because I am the most broken among us. The reason I am inconsolable stems from the fact that my life can never be the same without you. I’ll miss you.

It takes patience and fortitude to work out a plan to tackle the future headlong. I am deeply surprised that you desire to move on in life without me; I am at a loss on what to do. However, I wish you good luck and preservation.

Though we will not be seeing each other regularly, I am counting on your calls and texts to be happy all over again. Goodbye for now.

The heart longs for affection and care when there’s an absence. How long will I keep at enduring the pangs of desire for you in my heart? I don’t want this separation to be longer than anticipated. Goodbye; hurry home as soon as possible.

Did we suddenly throw away the roadmap to our vision together? How did we end up becoming enemies of each other? I can’t stand the bickering and contempt between us. I guess it’s time to say goodbye.

I am often reminded of our first hello, our first date, and our first kiss. Things happened pretty quickly, and here we are, getting ready to bid each other farewell. I shed a tear for my dampened spirit.

I love you, but circumstances don’t let me be with you. I hope the best for you. Goodbye for now.

Being with you felt like a fairytale. I will forever cherish you, no matter how far you go.

It’s not easy for me not to see your smiling face. Hope to see you soon at any time. Goodbye!

Baby I thought we would be together forever and I was ready to spend the rest of my life with you. But it is painful that this will never be and we must go our separate ways now. I am so sorry.

This goodbye is not a sign of me departing from your life forever, instead, it’s a silent message of saying that you’ll be dearly missed and hope to see you soon again. Goodbye!

Boyfriend Goodbye Messages When Going Away/Abroad

I never thought of this situation that I might live without you. Wherever you go, my love and best wishes are always with you. I hope you achieve your goal.

It is said that absence makes the relationship stronger. Distance never mattered to our relationship, but it is hard for me not to see your sweet smile. Forever thinking of you.

Our bonding is so strong that even if you are going away, my heart will never forget you. I don’t want to say goodbye to you because you are never out of my mind.

You are my happiness, my love. I will wait for you every day to come back and hug me. Let’s consider this distance as a test for our bonding.

Even if we are apart, nothing is going to change between us. I want you to fulfill your dreams that you have always wanted. I can bear this distance for your happiness.

We will be thousands of miles apart but all I want you to remember is that I am not just your girlfriend – I am a girl whose only dream is that yours come true. Goodbye.

I know I can’t stop you from leaving, but I can’t stop myself from crying. But I won’t let you see my tears, because I don’t want you to stop smiling. Goodbye.

I will convince my heart that you are going to go away for some time. But who will convince my arms that they won’t get your hugs? Goodbye.

Your hug, your voice, your touch…all seems so real. It wakes me up and made me cry. Saying goodbye is so difficult when you’re too far away.

I know you will come back soon, but that moment seems as far as from here to the moon. You have no idea how much I am going to miss you, my whole world is going to be immersed in a sad hue. Goodbye.

Your absence will pierce my heart like a dagger. But don’t worry, it will still keep beating for you. Goodbye.

After Breakup Goodbye Messages for Him

Thank you for all those beautiful memories. Though it doesn’t matter anymore, you were always there for me. Now it’s time to say goodbye.

I think it’s better for us to let things go than to ruin the relationship between us. No matter what you did to me, I wish the best for you and to be happy in life.

You will never know what is going inside me. Time heals everything; this is the only hope for me now. Maybe we weren’t meant to be, so it’s better to move on and live our lives.

I always thought that you are the constant of my life, no matter what, we are going to be together. How things change with a simple goodbye! Take care and best of luck.

I’ve realized that I don’t feel the love between us. I don’t feel anything anymore. I cannot lie to you. I want to live alone right now. I hope you understand and respect the decision.

My heart is torn but I’m not broken. I want to cry but I can’t help but to laugh. I feel like giving up but I’m holding my head high. It definitely hurts but it’s time to say goodbye.

As you leave, you are taking with you a piece of my heart, a part of my soul, a chunk of my mind, and all of my happiness. Goodbye.

I’ve realized that I don’t love you anymore. I don’t want to lie to you, because you deserve to be treated with respect. I know you will find someone who will treat you better. But I just can’t do it. I’m sorry. Goodbye.

I wanted to love you, and I honestly was trying my best to love you as you love me. But I just can’t lie to myself anymore. We can’t be together, it just doesn’t seem right. You are a wonderful person, and I know you will eventually find someone who will be just right for you.

I’m so tired of our fights. I have a heart, and you broke it into a million little pieces. I’m not going to pretend like nothing is wrong. It’s goodbye.

I like spending time with you. But it’s not enough. You deserve to be with someone who loves and appreciates you. I just can’t give that to you. It’s time for us to say goodbye to each other and move on.

I’ve realized that there’s more to me than loving you. I got so used to being your other half, and I completely forgot that I need to be myself at the first place. I’m sorry, but we can’t see each other anymore.

We’ve had a great time. But I just don’t feel like we belong together. Love doesn’t live in these relationships anymore. It’s hard to admit that, but we need to say goodbye to each other to live happily ever after.

It is the hardest thing I’ve ever done. But sometimes you have to let someone you love go. I know it’s best for us. I know we’ve had enough. Maybe someday our roads will cross, but now we need to say goodbye to each other.

I’m losing my best friend. My lover, my protector. I can’t look at you slowly disappearing in your lovelessness. I wish you the best of all this world can give and hope that you will find someone who can make you happy. I’m sorry it’s not me.

Our love affair is dead and gone to its grave. I have little choice but to swallow this bitter pill and move on with the life I live.

Our relationship was heavenly but things have taken a turn for the worse. It’s time to say goodbye to each other I guess. I will never forget you.

As I bid farewell to you and our relationship for good, do know that deep within the cell of my soul, I shall always love you and carry treasured memories of you.

My walking away from you today doesn’t mean I don’t love you. I still love you and care so much about you.

Finally, distance has sadly succeeded in killing the beautiful relationship that we shared.

The tragedy of the demise of our relationship is one of the greatest tragedies of my life. Goodbye.

Our disloyalty to each other is to blame for our separation.

I might be broken today, but someday I will heal and smile again. Goodbye.

We love each other dearly. The only problem is we were not born to be soul mates. I think it is in both of our best interests to call it quits.

I wanted to share all my life with you and only you, but you weren’t ready to share yours with me. I leave your life today because I respect the decision you have taken. All the best.

I am setting you free today because I really love you. Goodbye, my dear.

I had you but you flew away and left me all alone. It hurts like hell but I can live with it. Goodbye.

I think it has gotten to the point where being alone gives me more peace than being in a relationship with you. I’m sorry, but I need to take a break from this relationship of ours.

We must go our separate ways, for what bound us together is gone. Goodbye.

Despite the fact that you broke my heart into a thousand pieces every day, I held on to you because I loved you. I guess now is the time to let go and say goodbye.

You brought my heart so much pain, but he came along and replaced all the pain with great joy. Owing to that, my heart naturally chose him over you. Goodbye.

There used to be a time when heaven was being with you. Today, being with you brings me the opposite of heaven. We both have to be strong and move on.

The demise of our romance goes to support the fact that nothing in this world can ever last forever.

Even though my heart will long for you for a long time to come, I think it’s best we get out of this toxic relationship.

If it is meant to be, there’s nothing on earth that can ever stop it from being. Our relationship was clearly not meant to last. Goodbye.

I’ve tried so hard to make you see that I’m running out of love for you. You just stopped noticing me. And I can’t spend my life with someone who doesn’t want to see me and listen to me. This is goodbye.

I still love you. And that makes it even harder. Although I still have so much love for you, I just don’t feel happy with you anymore. Let’s not look for someone to blame. This is the life. Wishing you the best of all.

They say if you love someone, set this person free. I love you, darling, and I want you to be truly happy with someone who’s better than me. I know that I made you suffer a lot and I want it to stop. Please, be happy without me.

We can’t save something that has already died. The only thing we can do is to let it go. Our love has died and it’s time to admit it and take another step. I want to be happy and I wish you to be happy too, but it will never happen as long as we are together. That’s why we should break up. I’m really sorry.

When you kiss me, I feel like I don’t want to kiss you back. When you hug me, I can’t roll my arms around you with the same tenderness that you have for me. When you say you love me, It’s so hard for me to say I love you too. I’m sorry, but I’m not the one you need.

I’m not sure what love is, but I know what it shouldn’t be like. You can call it whatever you want, but what we have is not love at all. I believe we have to break up and give each of us a chance to find true happiness.

I always appreciated the process and didn’t pay enough attention to the outcome. However it’s painful for me to say that our relationship is over, I believe the time we had together wasn’t wasted, because I enjoyed it a lot. Thank you for everything and goodbye.

We are too young to be tied down, which is why I am happy to see you fly away into the skies. Don’t look at me as you leave, I don’t want you to see the tears in my eyes. Goodbye.

This goodbye is forever, but I will forget you never. Will love you always the way I used to but will never cross you because I know it will hurt you. Goodbye, my love.

I think we were not made for each other and we should move our way. The life should move with a better objective and substantial plans.

Our love story has some really great moments. I want, our story should end at a point where we only have love-filled memories. So, I am moving out of this relationship with this Goodbye message.

I don’t know whether you will come back or not. I only know that my eyes will look for you waiting on my windows. Goodbye sweetheart.

Finally, the time has come to say goodbye. I am moving out of your life, to make your life easy. I hope you will understand, goodbye.

It is not easy for me to say Goodbye to you, but I have no other option. I cannot compromise with my self-respect to live with you. I am leaving you with a piece of advice, please respect the feeling of people who love you.

Today your words have hurt me so bad that I have decided to move, not only from your home but also from your life. And this time, I am going to come back never. Goodbye.

The day I accepted your proposal, I never imagined that you will turn this way one day. It is hard to live without you, but it is painful to live with you. Goodbye.

Just like I had no option at the time when I started loving you, I have no option at the time when I am leaving you. I will love you forever but living with you is not possible for me. Love you and Goodbye.

I gave you my heart without putting any terms and conditions. But you disrespected my love, it hurt me deeply. I beg you, please leave me alone. Right now I don’t wanna talk. Goodbye.

I am sorry, I am breaking your soft heart that doesn’t know how to express love. I strongly believe our love journey was to gain experience not to reach any destiny. Goodbye.

You are my love and you will always be my love. We are parting just physically our hearts will remain united. I am making a distance from you so that we both can accomplish our goals. We will be together soon. Goodbye for now.

We will be able to fight for our love only when we will accomplish our goals. For that, we have to separate. But, our love will keep us attached. Goodbye, my love for a few years.

I know your goal is important for you, I don’t want to become a hindrance in that. Concentrate on your exams, I will wait for you till my life’s end. Goodbye and love you.

The thought of walking away from this relationship scares me from within, but when you said, you want to move on for something more important for you than me, I will not stop you. Goodbye from my side.

Wherever you are now, I hope you’ll get to read my message. It pains my heart to see you go away; it feels like I’m dying inside. I’m sorry if I couldn’t keep my hurts and hold back my tears every time your memories flash back in my thoughts.

Our lives and our relationship will go on even though you are leaving. But every single step of the way will feel like walking on sharp pieces of glass. I will keep walking even though my feet bleed, until we are together again. Goodbye.

As we go separate ways to chase our dreams, I hope you achieve all your dreams of which I am a part of. Goodbye.

My heart is broken and heavy. Someone that is a big part of my life has to go away without saying goodbye and I really don’t know how to deal with it. How do I cope with what feels like such a big loss in my life?

Goodbye forever. Lose my number and all my contact details. It is better to be happy alone than to be miserable with a man like you.

Heartfelt Goodbye Messages For Boyfriend

Sorry to bust your bubble Bro. You’re being an emotional coward. But if it gives you a sense of peace, being that way, by all means, continue!

The time has come to say goodbye, even though it will make me cry. I never thought that it would come to this, but this is our last kiss.

The thought of you going away makes me think about all the times when I could have said how much I love you… but I didn’t. I will miss you, goodbye.

Over and over again I have begged you to change and treat me with respect and love, but things just keep getting worse. Much as I love you I have to let go because I know I deserve a man who will treat me well, it is unfortunate that it is just not you.

These are not just two words but state of my heart as it is broken into two pieces. With a heavy heart, I would like to big a sweet ‘goodbye’.

Breaking up with you is not my choice but I don’t have any other option – just like how loving me was a choice but you did it as if you had no other option.

You treated our relationship like a Facebook status update that you could conveniently change every day. I am sorry but I refuse to be treated this way. Goodbye.

The time has come when we need to depart. Bidding you farewell with a heavy heart. We’ll go on our separate ways now. With plans to meet and that’s a vow.

Every moment we have spent together will be a memory that I will hold close to my heart. But now is the time to move on and make a new start. We are breaking up but I don’t regret being girlfriend and boyfriend. We have always understood each other and I hope our friendship never ends.

It’s amazing how one person can hurt you so much but you still love them. It’s hard to say goodbye to someone when they are your best friend and the love of your life. It’s even harder to know that they may never forgive you and you may never forgive them. Why does love have to be so hard?

My love may be unconditional but there was an unspoken condition when I gave you my heart – it’s yours only as long as you love it. Goodbye.

Heartbreak is something that I never wanted to give to you. My decision to dump you is going to hurt me too. But I don’t expect you to understand any of this, you concern for our relationship has always been remiss.


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