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Gym Management Software: Functions, Benefits and Cost

Software used in managing gym members thereby providing increase efficient services is known as “gym management software.” This tool has become widely popular for gym operators, big or small because it enabled them to focus more on activities that actually matter.

What a Gym Management Software Can Do to Your Business

There are a lot of features that are being integrated with gym management software and these features will help you in putting ease in your operations. Some popular features that gym management software have are the following:

  • The gym management software will enable you to manage member records a lot easier
  • The gym management software will enable you to automate the billing process of your business
  • The gym management software will enable you to automate gym schedule for your members
  • The gym management software will provide you the necessary tools for marketing and promotions in order to boost member signups for your business

Albeit the technological advancements, there are still a number of gyms that have not yet migrated to the automated way of doing business especially in terms of managing their database, there are also some who are just using basic software programs like Google Drive or Microsoft Excel.

This basic software is fine especially when you only have a small number of members. Sticking to the manual method of database management can be impractical and time-consuming especially if you are already handling a lot of transactions as your business grows day by day.

The internet hosts a lot of gym management software that might serve as a potential solution for your own business needs.

There are a lot of people right now who have become more and more conscious about their health, and this can result in an increase in gym members, thus making you think about having to expand the services that you offer.

With gym management software, you can surely do tasks more efficiently and improve your gym business operations.

Gym Management Software Functions That You Can Use

Here are some gym management software functions that you can integrate into your business:

  • It has functions designed to manage gym membership

This gym management software feature will let you store and revise the records of your gym members. This will also enable you to search members (existing or past) in your database which will allow you to either upgrade, downgrade, or renew memberships.

  • It allows you to create and/or customize schedules

This gym management software feature will let your gym member and your staff either search, book, or reschedule their gym classes and appointments. There is gym management software that also allows your gym members to share their schedules on the social media platform.

  • It is equipped with marketing and promotion functionalities

This feature will enable you to put in place a point and credit system as a loyalty program, thereby letting you attract more potential gym members, and have your existing gym members another reason to not leave your gym.

This will allow you to offer gift cards and member discounts and have them sent either by email, text messages or even through social media notifications.

  • The gym management software can be integrated with a payment processing facility

By integrating a payment processing facility into your gym business, you will allow your members with other payment options that will be convenient for them such as cash, credit cards, online forms, wire transfers, or direct debit.

  • The gym management software is equipped with its own reporting function

By having gym management software in place, you will be able to generate reports in order for you to track business trends, what your monthly sales level is, how much inventory you have with you, how much is your member retention, and how many members are actively attending their gym classes.

Benefits When Integrating a Gym Management Software

By integrating a gym management software in their business, a lot of gym owners will soon realize that there are a number of benefits that gym management software can bring to their businesses, some of which is as follows:

  • A gym management software will enable you to open more opportunities thereby infusing growth to your revenue stream and your business as a whole.

The marketing and promotion capabilities are one of the features that gym management software can offer to your business. With these functions available, you will be able to put your gym in a much better position and attract new gym members at the same time. This functionality will also enable you to give incentives to existing and loyal gym members thereby making them choose your gym over and over again.

  • With gym management software in place, mundane and redundant tasks will be minimized if not eliminated

With the integration of gym management software, your transactions will now be automated therefore giving your employees more time to focus on value-adding activities and less time on repetitive and mundane tasks.

  • With gym management software in place, your data security will improve

With every day that passes by, the data that your business will gather will also gradually increase. These data can range from customer information, credit card accounts, contact numbers, and many more.

These data are highly sensitive, so leaving these in paper records will make them vulnerable to theft or loss, and might end up in the wrong hands.

So, with gym management software in place, you will now be able to protect these data through encryption and limit access to those who only have the authority to such.

How Much Will A Gym Management Software Integration Cost?

Right now, there is already a lot of gym management software for you to choose from, and each of that gym management software has its own pricing. There are two pricing schemes when it comes to considering what gym management software you should get.

There are some that offer a flat rate with no limits on the number of users and members, while there are also those that will charge you on the number of users that will use the software.

With this, it is important that the benefits and use of the gym management software should equate if not surpass the price that you are going to shell out for its integration.


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