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How Dermarolling can Rejuvenate and Brighten Your Skin

What is Dermarolling?

Dermarolling is a form of microneedling that helps to rejuvenate our body’s skin. It’s become especially popular in recent years, not only because it can be done from the comfort of your own home, but because it’s a far less invasive, and highly effective form of skincare rejuvenation compared to its alternatives.

Derma rolling is a cosmetic procedure carried out by both women and men worldwide. The procedure itself involves thousands of tiny needles being inserted into the surface of the skin, primarily through a rolling method as the term suggests.

The small, somewhat microscopic abrasions you’re adding to the skin help to increase both collagen and elastin production.

Collagen and elastin are both essential to the skin’s overall health, with collagen being the single most abundant protein found within our bodies. Collagen works to hold our body’s connective tissues together, primarily in our skin, muscles, tendons, and cartilage.

How Do I Know Dermarolling is Safe?

As mentioned previously, during the dermarolling process we’re creating small, microscopic abrasions to the skin. However, when we’re creating those microscopic abrasions using the dermarolling process, it’s what dermatologists consider to be a controlled skin injury. 

In other words, the injury itself isn’t causing any actual harm or damage to the skin, but instead is helping to break down the skin’s overall scar tissue.

That’s not to be misconstrued that you won’t experience minimal amounts of superficial bleeding or minor discomfort while carrying out the dermarolling process. However, those are both temporary discomforts you may experience.

CO2Lift is a company that specializes in dermarolling and other unique skincare treatments for at-home use. Alongside their Dermaroller System, which is a state-of-the-art microneedling kit, they also provide their customers with 3 CO2Lift masks that can help to enhance the body’s natural healing process.

The CO2Lift masks use carboxytherapy technology to help increase the overall blood flow to the derma rolled area, thus promoting quicker healing to the skin. Overall, you can rest assured knowing that your dermarolling treatment is entirely safe for you and your skin!

How Does Dermarolling Benefit Skin Appearance?

There are several unique benefits correlated with dermarolling, especially when it comes to its ability to improve overall skin appearance and skin health. Outlined below are a few of the many reasons clients seek out dermarolling and microneedling treatments today!

Dermarolling increases collagen and elastin production

As mentioned previously, dermarolling contributes significantly to an increase in both collagen and elastin production within our bodies. Both of these play an integral role in our skin’s overall appearance.

On one hand, an increase in collagen helps to improve our skin’s overall strength and firmness. On the other hand, elastin allows our skin to expand and stretch, but ultimately also give’s our skin structure and contributes to its tighter appearance.

When both collagen and elastin increase, they help the skin to have a more youthful and firm appearance overall.

Helps with the formation of blood vessels

Dermarolling is a form of microneedling, and microneedling helps to thicken our skin’s exterior. Over time, it also helps to stimulate angiogenesis which helps to create stronger blood vessel walls within our bodies.

Dermarolling also helps to improve our body’s overall blood flow, as it creates more connective tissue.

Stimulates regeneration

The microscopic punctures that dermarolling causes to the exterior of the skin are considered to be a “controlled skin injury”. This controlled injury helps to promote skin regeneration as well as the overall production of other anti-aging elements within our bodies, which can have a huge impact on the skin’s overall health and appearance.

Rejuvenates and brightens skin

When our collagen levels begin to increase, we can also expect our skin to gain a more youthful, brighter, and more rejuvenated appearance overall. Dermarolling also causes our skin cells to regenerate, which is a huge contributing factor to lightening dark spots for all skin types!

Not only can derma rolling help to reduce dark spots, fine lines, and wrinkles, but it also can help to improve acne scars, stretch marks, oily or sagging skin, and oversized pores, as well.

Overall, you’re bound to be impressed by the drastic changes that dermarolling can have on your skin’s appearance. Consider getting started today! Your skin will thank you later.


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