Thursday, April 18, 2024

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Skin Care Trends to add in your Regime this year

Thanks to the hand sanitizers and masks; our hands have given up on us and our skin is breaking out too often.

And to top it all off, stress and anxiety that surrounds us today, just makes it all the more worse. It is time to upgrade your skin care regime accordingly too.

There are some amazing skincare trends that can be added to your regime, to update it and make it incredible for your skin.

Brands like Synergie Skin are working hard to bring you efficient and effective skincare products that make your skin shine like glass and keep it glowing. 

  • Online dermatologists are trending:

This year and for the upcoming several months, online dermatologists are a trend and they will only rise.

In the UK, more than 650 dermatologists have been working during the pandemic, treating their patient’s skin issues. The process is easy to understand and manage.

From visual evidence to previous prescriptions and current medical considerations, your dermatologists can handle your skin dilemmas online too.

And this is a huge skincare trend that will only rise with the time. 

  • Rise in Injectables:

Along with online dermatology, there will be a rise in injectables as well. Many people will opt for this skincare trend this year and according to statistics, injectables will only keep growing.

Injectable skin therapy has bloomed over the passage of time and there is no way, it wouldn’t be rising more significantly. 

  • The Minimalist Approach:

The trend of “less is more” will be on the rise. The minimalist approach is the skincare truth now. Due to the pandemic, people are now avoiding investing more and more in skincare products.

The climate change and the economic fall down is bringing the skincare products down and the production might be lessened too.

Even if the products remain intact, people will cut down on their skincare products overall as everyone prefers to stay indoors these days. 

  • AHA, BHA and PHA is rising:

Due to the pandemic, people have dropped down their makeup and are paying more attention to invest in their skin.

They want it to look even toned and want to take care of their skin in a way that it doesn’t break down often.

During the past few months, people have been very intentional about their skin care investment and have started using AHA, BHA and PHA peels a lot.

These are meaningful products and thus, they are being approached more and more. 


Your skin deserves to be taken care of, no matter what the situation.

However, with being stuck indoors and ditching makeup, you can now take care of your skin more and more and enhance it. It is time to undo your skin mistakes and take care of it.

Be very intentional while investing in your skincare products and they will definitely do wonders for your skin in the long run.


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