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How to buy a Natural-Looking Wig?

How can people around you know that you are wearing a wig? Typically, the hairline reveals the truth. But the expensive accessories are so natural-looking that you can stare at them at close range and be sure that the hair grows from the scalp.

That is the effect we want to have. And modern technology provides us with it. In addition, you can take measures to make a wig even more natural-looking.

4 points you should consider when you are opting for a wig online

A wig should match your face shape.

It is quite obvious that your haircut should go with your face shape. We hope that you have found the best solution for your own hair.

And right, in the same way, you should opt for the best style when you choose a wig. The mismatch will let your secret out, and everybody will think that you are probably wearing a wig. 

If you feel confused about the choice, we suggest you follow the simple rules which make your hairstyle very beautiful and natural-looking. So, if you have:

  • heart-shaped face, you‘d better buy a wig with a fringe as it narrows the forehead. Also, you can consider a bob and layers;
  • round face, pay your attention to a wig made from long hair styled with a side parting;
  • oval face, you will look better in a wig with curled or waved hair of the shoulder or chin-length which will make your face wider;
  • square face, wear Unice Human hair wigs which will make your face longer, narrowing the chicks.

Wear the Right Size

The size does matter because the well-matched wig is fixed reliably and makes itself feel comfortable. It will not be lost or pulled down, as well as it will not hurt your scalp with a too-tight hug. 

If you want to feel confident wearing a wig, measure your head. You should have an idea of the length of your hairline and the width of your head measured in two positions: from ear to ear, and from the hairline at the front to the back of the neck. Compare them with the sizes of wigs or consult with a seller to choose the right item.

Consider the hair quality

There are wigs made from synthetic and human hair. Both types can boast a range of advantages. That is why we cannot say that you are strictly recommended to opt for human hair. But still, such wigs look more natural and are more versatile.

At the same time, synthetic hair wigs are usually pre-styled, so you do not have to comb and style them too often. What else should be said about these two types of wigs?

  • It is true that you’ll hardly find a more natural-looking synthetic wig than a human hair one. Styling can be changed within a haircut just in the same way you can afford to do it with your own hair.
  • Synthetic wigs are quite nice and you can buy a perfect item that is the right decision if saving makes sense. You will succeed in finding a close analog to a natural hair wig, especially if you remove the shine specific to fake hair.

Choose the matching color of a wig

The color contributes a lot to your image. The color scheme requires a serious-minded approach to choosing the precise hue that will bring your virtues into focus.

If you do not want to experiment, you should opt for a couple of shades lighter or darker compared with the color of your own hair.

Though, if you go in for profound changes, you may forget about a safe choice and buy any accessory you like if it compliments your skin tone. This is a vital moment if you do not want to look too washed out or smuttily.

For instance, light skin should be supported by slightly lighter hair. The experts say this will provide you with a youthful look. Remember that contrast makes your traits thinner.

The color of the eyes can be considered too. If you have eyes of warm hues, the same tones of hair should be chosen. The golden-brown wig will match green or hazel eyes. While blue eyes will be a better look with black hair.

If it does not look so easy to cope with all those eye colors and skin tones, you may remember what hair color you had in your childhood. Just rely on nature, and you will see that the original tone will match your eye and skin tone.

Best Realistic Wigs

You know that a wig cap is a construction repeating the shape of your head and housing the wig hair. It can be compared with a swimming cap. The hair may be attached to the base in a different manner.

Also, the cap itself may differ, being made from various materials. You should be aware of these details, and we are going to tell you about the most natural-looking caps.

HD Lace Wigs

HD Lace Wigs are made from the so-called Swiss lace (or film lace), which is extremely thin. This is an advanced version of the regular lace. That is why it is even more see-through to melt into the scalp.

As a result, a wig looks much more natural. The hairline with such lace will be perfect! You’ll hardly identify it even when you look at it steadily.

They can be dyed easily if there is a need, but usually, they match the skin perfectly without any processing and enhancement.

They have appeared on the market recently and gained popularity in no time. Everybody wants to have an invisible cap on a wig. This lace is soft and comfortable.

The only restriction we’d mention is the fact that it is not recommended for a beginner. You should be skilled at wearing wigs to handle HD lace. But if you master this trick, you will appreciate its convenience. 

Transparent Lace Wigs

Transparent Lace Wigs are also known as regular lace wigs. They are made from French or Swiss regular lace. The material is almost transparent, but it can be colored to choose an even closer tone to your skin.

The producers offer four standard variants: transparent, dark brown, medium brown, and light. The laces look natural, but still, the above variant is a more advanced solution. 

V-part wigs

A V-part wig is a half wig that comes with a cap with an opening in a “v” shape. The opening is made at the top, and that allows you to arrange a very natural hairline. You can leave out small strands, use some accessories, and style them as you want.

The price for this item is lower compared with the cost of a lace wig. Another benefit is that they can be easily taken off and put on again.

Choose only quality wigs of any type, size, style, and color with a cap you prefer and experiment with your look. Be sure that nobody will understand that the hair on your head is not your own!

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