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Neck Scarf: Five Rules To Remember When Wearing It

The neck scarf is a fashion trend that has stayed around for a while and with the cold season coming around, a lot of us will be wearing one. Whether you’d be wearing one for the first time or you’re a regular user of the neck scarf, here are some things you should know and put into use.

Choose The Right Material
If you’d be rocking one during the warm season, go for linen. When the weather is cold, wool is a good option while satin, silk, cotton and cashmere will do well with suits.

Thin scarves that come as paisley or geometric patterns are modern choices. Also, ensure that the thickness of your scarf reflects the thickness of the rest of the outfit i.e, a thin knit scarf would look good with a T-shirt or a thin hoodie.

Learn How To Tie One
If you’re wearing a casual outfit, a more casual knot will blend in well which you can either wear as a loose once-around loop or with a casual toss over your tour shoulder. If you’re wearing with a suit, however.

Ensure that you make use of a sleek silhouette that comes as a simple overhand knot, or as a drape tucked into your lapels.
Be sure to keep the texture of the scarf into consideration when you’re making your knot.

A Parisian knot is best for a thin and short scarf, just as a big chunky scarf would be best for a nonchalant shoulder toss.

Use The Right Size
Whether you’re wearing the traditional long Efik/Ibibio neck scarf or the short European style, it is best you get the right size. It should never be too long or too small.

The rule of wearing neck scarves is to ensure that they sit roughly on your waistline when it’s draped around your neck — about five foot, or 150cm, long.

For European styled types, it should be about six inches wide or twice that size if the material from which they are made is thin, to allow it to be folded over.

Contrast Your Outfit
Match your scarves with your outfits and know which goes best together. Navy blue tends to go along well with tan jackets, just as wearing colourful knitted scarves can help liven up a dark suit.

Wearing black with black can be edgy, but eye-catching because of the monochromatic appearance. In all, remember that scarves are accessories that give you the option of contrasting different colours and textures of scarves and your outfits.

Choose The Appropriate Style For Occasions
Different styles of scarves are suitable for specific occasions. If you’re opting for streetwear, scarves that come as big chunky wools are suitable.

Suits and business wear best go with satin paisleys when you’re out at work than when you’re out for a casual Friday night at the bar.

Pay good attention to maintaining the sleek silhouette blend of your scarf with your suit. Stick to a thin scarf that you can simply drape over your coat or tuck into the lapels of your suit.


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