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How to Help Someone Who Has Suffered Abuse at a Nursing Home

Nursing homes and assisted living communities are home to elderly residents with varying degrees of need.

These should be safe spaces where the senior community can live in peace while being looked after properly, though what this entails may look different for each resident.

However, sometimes nursing abuse happens and the senior is left at risk and vulnerable. If your loved one has suffered as a direct result of professional care in this environment, here are the ways you can help them.

Remove Them from the Home

After an allegation is made, it is recommended that the resident is moved to avoid coming to further harm.

The investigation stage will be a distressing procedure, so when there is the option for them to be relocated somewhere they feel safe, it should absolutely be taken.

This could be with you or another close family member, or even another nursing home until things can be resolved. If this is not possible, then there is a call for increased monitoring and supervision so the resident is not left alone with the accused at any time. 

Collect Evidence

Evidence can be anything from photographs to witness statements. Anything that documents the alleged abuse should be locked down and manifested as concrete evidence for any future conversations about holding people accountable for their actions. 

Seek Medical Attention

For some types of nursing home abuse, medical intervention may be necessary. The resident may have suffered from a fall and become injured as a result of neglect. They could have bedsores because someone has failed in their care duties.

Whatever the reasons, there have to be steps taken to ensure the senior is able to make a full recovery. A doctor will be able to advise on the best course of action for treatment and recommend the next steps to pursue health wise. 

Lend an Ear

Though it will be a difficult thing to talk about, let them know you’ll listen to anything they need to talk about. This is an important part of kickstarting their healing process, and it will help you understand what has happened as well.

Often, having someone to speak to is a crucial part of working through a traumatic event like this, and it is a great way to put the pieces together to see a clearer picture. 

Find Compensation Routes

When the dust has settled a little and you are finding ways to move forward together, a nursing home abuse consultation will give you an idea of what compensation you are able to seek.

Where abuse has been proven, the process is straightforward and compensation will help your elderly relative rebuild their lives and find better accommodation where they can feel safe.

Speak with an expert attorney to see what the process demands of your relative, and hold their hand through it all.

Suffering abuse at a nursing home is a deep violation of trust for both you and your loved one. It is vital that you listen, respond and put those thoughts into action to protect your relative from further harm coming their way.


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