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How To Purify Water With Moringa

Have you ever thought about a naturally healthy way to purify water?

Or maybe it never occurred to you, that there are naturally healthy ways out there to do just that, and moringa powder is one of them.

Today we shall be talking about the moringa powder water purification process.

Hopefully, it might be useful to you, if not today then one day in the future.

There are many people here in Nigeria and Africa as a whole that don’t have access to clean water that is naturally healthy for consumption.

So I am guessing this post on moringa water purification would have great utility value for them.

If you are like me then this is another opportunity to get your hands busy by following the process that I am about to outline.

As they say, “knowledge is power” and who knows when circumstance might require a naturally healthy way to purify water and you are the source that makes it happen.

Shall we begin?

1. Allow the Moringa seed pods to dry naturally on the tree before harvesting them.

2. Remove the seed husks, leaving a whitish kernel.

3. Crush the seed kernels to a powder with a stone or mortar.

4. Mix the powder with a small quantity of clean water in a small cup.

5. Pour the mixture through a tea strainer or sieve into a cup. It’s best to cover the strainer with a piece of clean cloth.

6. Add the resulting milky fluid to the water you wish to purify.

7. Stir quickly for 30 seconds, then slowly and regularly for five minutes.

8. Cover the water and do not disturb it for at least an hour.

9. The clean water may be siphoned or poured off the top of the container. Source

And that’s it!

Another fact to take home is that 50–150 mg of ground Moringa seed treats one litre of water, which is also dependent on the clarity of the water being used.

I hope it is not too complicated? But when it comes to moringa and water purification, that is the naturally healthy way to go.


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