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How To Rock Your Polo In The Proper Way

Polo shirts are some of the most popular and versatile types of clothing that can be found in any man’s wardrobe and it is so for good reasons too.

It is simple and easy to wear, added to the fact that it fits almost every man irrespective of size. However, there are a few things you should put into consideration when wearing polo shirts to get the best out of this male staple wear.

Play Around With Colours
They are meant to be casual tops and you should never be scared of adding a little bit of colour, whether it is blue, pink, yellow, green, purple or burgundy hues as they are bold options that will look good on you. You can also choose to wear more muted neutral tones, which are much dressier. You should also choose to Keep the logo of your polo shirt muted. Everyone gets it that you’re wearing Ralph Lauren or Calvin Klein. No need to have a polo player on horseback or a huge CK sign occupying half your chest as a reminder.

Select One With The Right Fit
Polo shirts are basically classified by Big clothing manufacturing companies into three categories — the looser-fitting classic cut, the slimmer custom cut, and the even snugger slim cut. As such, it is best you choose from the categories available the size that suits you. If you’re more particular about comfort, you can wear a comfy cotton top that has a more relaxed classic cut to the beach and on simple dates. If your plan, however, is to show off your abs and well-sculpted arms, a slim cut will hug your body and help you flaunt those bulging body parts.

Never Wear An Undershirt Beneath
The fact is Polo shirts were originally designed for sports as can be deduced from the name. As such, they are meant to be lightweight and look trim. Wearing an undergarment will add bulk to it and totally undermine the shirt.

Know The Right Time To Tuck In
You buy a polo shirt that has a longer hem at the back, it suggests that you should tuck in your polo shirt. You should, however, ensure that you make use of a good leather belt, a nice pair of trousers, and be blessed with a flat stomach. On the other hand, polo shirts that come with a shorter cut and even hem are meant to be worn untucked and can be paired with shorts, to have a more casual look.

Avoid Popping Your Collar
Popping your collar should be avoided as doing so is similar to wearing graphic Tee shirts, bogus necklaces and fedora hats that belong to the era of douche fashion. More so, you may just pass for a teenager that still has his clothes purchased by his parents.

Never Wear It With A Jacket
This is something you should never do as if the occasion is formal enough to require you to wear a blazer, then it is too formal for you to wear a polo shirt along with it. Polos are not acceptable for semi-formal events, and you should instead go with a simple white button-down shirt which will always look better with a jacket, any day, any time.

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